How to Track a Samsung Phone Location with Find My Mobile & Tracking Apps

Need to track a Samsung phone location
Need to track a Samsung phone location

Our smartphones are more than just phones. They are little loyal companions that store a full stack of our personal information, like photos, videos, private conversations, and even payment details. Imagine that one day, you, or your dear one, lose a Samsung phone, and it gets into the hands of a thief. Or, you simply might be worried that your kid doesn’t visit dangerous places. That’s why you might need to know how to track a Samsung phone. In this article, we will break down the most actionable ways to track your Samsung phone or tablet.

How to Locate a Samsung Phone or Tablet with Find My Mobile

If you are wondering how to track a Samsung phone for free, opt for Find My Mobile. This tool is built into every Samsung and can be a real lifesaver in case you lose your phone or it gets stolen. To use Samsung’s Find My Mobile, you simply need to make sure the feature is enabled on your missing phone or tablet.

Then, you can log into the Find My Mobile website using your Samsung account credentials and view your lost phone on a map. The map will show your device’s current location or the last tracked place if GPS is disabled. In addition, Samsung offers a sound play option that will make your phone ring even in silent mode. It is also possible to remotely lock screen or erase all mobile data if you think it has fallen into the wrong hands. These impressive features allow you to securely protect your personal information and prevent misuse of your lost or stolen device.

How to Track a Samsung Phone Remotely with Mobile Trackers

If you want to monitor the location of any Samsung device, there are some handy location tracking tools that will help you fulfill this task. Dedicated trackers like and are developed to collect information about any phone’s location using only a phone number. Let’s see how to track a lost Samsung phone location with trackers. The Best Solution to Find a Galaxy Phone

GEOfinder is an online phone tracker that can locate any device, not just Samsung, in case you misplace it. The tool can track a cell phone location by number and uses various methods to find out the device’s geolocation, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower triangulation.

Core Features

As a leading tracking app, rewards its users with amazing features. Here are some of them:

  • Samsung’s real-time location on the Google Maps
  • IP logging function
  • Wi-Fi a Samsung device is connected to
  • VPN detector
  • Free mobile carrier checkup

The tool more than delivers. So, if you are asking Google ‘how to locate my device’, count on to do the job.

Why Pick GEOfinder?

The real benefit of using is that it works for phones across different brands and carriers. This means you can connect to any Android or iPhone since all you need is a phone number. In addition, the website is accessible via any web browser and doesn’t need to be installed on a Galaxy smartphone.

Steps to Use GEOfinder is your best bet if a native Samsung tracker isn’t set right, but your lost device is turned on and connected to either GPS, Wi-Fi network, GPS, or IP address. Let’s explore how to track a Samsung phone location with GEOfinder. Essentially, there are 4 simple steps you will need to follow:

  1. Go to and register an account.
  2. Choose the SMS with a tracking link and send it to the lost device.
  3. The receiver taps on the link that will activate the location-gathering process.
  4. The tracking service transfers the information to the user panel.
  5. Log in and check the submitted Samsung location info. A Great Samsung Tracker to Find a Lost or Stolen Device

Although not technically spyware, performs very similarly, allowing users to establish remote access to any device’s location. This cross-device tracker doesn’t have any compatibility limitations and works well with Samsung devices. Similar to the above-mentioned tool, can also detect where someone else is by requiring only a phone number.

Key Features is empowered by every important feature to make your Samsung location tracking experience comfortable. To be more specific, the tracker offers:

  • GPS location monitoring
  • IP address scanning
  • Wi-Fi tracking
  • VPN identifier
  • Samsung phone carrier lookup

How to Use

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to track a Samsung phone with, and neither do you need to download anything. There are only a few instructions to complete the setup process:

  1. Head to, create an account, and set a password.
  2. Upload a photo and have a tracking link generated.
  3. Send the message to the target Samsung.
  4. Target clicks a link permitting location tracking.
  5. Check your account to view the Samsung coordinates.

Why Are Mobile Online Trackers by Phone Number Useful?

Above all, a mobile tracker is a great solution to keep your family secure. But the benefits don’t stop here. There are several other ways to take advantage of Samsung online trackers.

Track Children

A mobile tracker lets you remotely monitor your kid’s location and ensure their safety. You can track their school commutes, after-school activities, or every step they make outside the house.

Find Lost Phones

If you lose your Samsung phone, mobile trackers can help you locate your Galaxy by phone number. Whether it’s lost anywhere at home or gets stolen, you may easily track its coordinates by sending an SMS.

Monitor Employees’ Activity

For business owners, tracking corporate mobile devices helps to monitor employees’ performance. You can ensure they are meeting clients when scheduled and don’t leave the workplace without prior notification.

How to Track a Samsung Phone from an iPhone

By now, you’ve got some insight into how to detect a Galaxy phone on the map using different tactics. But what to do if you need to access this information through an iPhone? Let’s learn how to track a Samsung phone from an iPhone:

  1. Open a browser and go to Enter your Samsung account details and get all the information about its geolocation.
  2. If your Samsung phone is signed into a Google account, you may also access Google’s Find My Device via browser. You will be able to check GPS in real-time, see a list of recently visited places if the device is offline, or completely delete the sensitive data.
  3. The best way is to rely on a decent tracker like GEOfinder, which functions well regardless of the device you are using.

It’s always easier to prevent unpleasant outcomes by simply taking a few measures. So, our final tip is to have your Find My Mobile activated and backup your files in case you need to erase them from your Samsung.