How To Transfer Messages From Android To iPhone

how to transfer messages from Android to iphone

How to transfer messages from Android to iPhone? Over a decade, we’ve seen a change in our way of conveying messages. However, people used to send messages through letters or telegram services in the 80s. But as we evolve, we keep evolving the technology with us too.

However, sending and receiving a message through the digital system nowadays is far easier than we can’t even think and is a major revolutionary step taken by the tech expert. Android and iPhone are the two big players known for their services over texting.

IOS & Android collide in several aspects because of their different operating systems. However, the outcome of this is the issue of transferring messages from Android to IOS.

But don’t worry – we have some quick solutions that will surely push you out of this situation.

Transfer Messages From Android To iPhone Through (Move To IOS)App

This technique is the legitimate way to transferdata from Android to your iPhone. Move to IOS is an android app you can download from the google play store. Follow the procedure below after you download this app.

  1. Open the Move To IOS Application on your android device and press continue.
  2. Read the terms and condition page and press Agree from the bottom right.
  3. Tap on automatically send from the pop-up that appears. After that, press the continue option.
  4. Then it’ll ask you to enter the code. For the code, pick up your iPhone, go to your iPhone’s settings and tap general.
  5. Scroll a little and press the transfer or reset iPhone option.
  6. Then tap Erase All Content And Settings.
  7. Then press “continue” and tap the erase iPhone function. However, you need to reset your iPhone to get that code in return.
  8. Once your phone has been reset, tap the iPhone home button and select your language and country, then press setup manually and tap Continue.
  9. It’ll ask you to enter your wifi. So after you put a wifi, follow the on-screen instructions.
  10. Once you set your passcode, it’ll take you to the App & Data page – from there, select the option Move data from Androidand press continue.
  11. It’ll give you the code which you’ll need to enterinto your android phone, and it’ll give several transfer options. Select the messages >Allow>Continuewhen it has been done, set up your iPhone, and done.

Is move to IOS app safe or should I go for another one?

Move To IOS is the safest and most legitimate quick way to move data from Android to iPhone. However, it is totally safe, so there is nothing you need to worry about. You can read the upper section to learn how you can transfer data using the Move to IOS application.

Phonetrans: Transfer your Android messages to your iPhone without erasing Data

Instead of Move To IOS with the help of PhoneTrans, you have the benefit given that you don’t need to reset your iPhone to transfer messages, but it’ll transfer your Data without erasing it. You can free download PhoneTrans software from google by going to the imobie website, and we’ll tell you the further process after downloading the PhoneTrans.

  1. Run your PhoneTrans software on your computer and connect both the Android& IOS devices via USB cables.
  2. On the right-hand side, choose the phone backup option, select a selective backup, and press Start Backup.
  3. From the Source Device,confirm your android phone and press Back up in the middle.
  4. A window opens from their select messages, and press back up now. From the left side icons, go to phone restore once done.
  5. Select PhoneTrans Backup and press Start Restore.
  6. From PhoneTrans backup blue tick the android device you added, and tap restore.
  7. Select messages and press restore now. It’ll take a few moments, and your messages will successfully transfer to your iPhone devices, and you can practically check it on your iphone.

Instead of transferring messages, PhoneTrans also transfers other data like contacts, call history, calendars, music, videos, documents, books, etc.

Is PhoneTrans safe to use or not?

Phonetrans is a third-party software associated with the imobie software company. It is safe so far and very effective that it’ll never make you erase all of your iPhone data but share android messages to your iPhone without any need to reset the iPhone.

How to Transfer Android messages to your iPhone with AnyTrans

Anytrans is the third alternative to share your data from Android to iPhone. However, you’ll find uncountable software like this if you search around, but we’ve defined the most trusted one among all. This is what our perception is either is up to you to determine what you would go for. The method to exchange android messages to iPhone with AnyTrans is as follows.

  1. Download and run AnyTrans on your pc and connect both Android and iPhone devices to your computer through a USB cable.
  2. Select the phone switcher from the left option bar, then tap on migrate now option under the phone to iPhone.
  3. Check your source and target device and tap Next under the android device you’ve chosen.
  4. Uncheck the select all function. Select the messages option, and press Next.
  5. It’ll take some time to transfer. After it’s done, check your iPhone all your android messages you’ll be found present on your iPhone.

Is Anytrans free and safe?

According to several people’s reviews, it’s completely safe from malware and viruses. However, It’s also free software. But if you want to take full advantage of Anytrans, you’ll need to buy their plans. It’s easy-to-use software where you can transfer your messages in a couple of seconds.


You bought a new iPhone and replaced it with your old Android. The first hurdle you’ll face is how you can transfer your Data from Android to iPhone because the operating systems of both don’t allow you to share directly.

So there are software and apps out there in the market that helps you out in this scenario. Just like we describe three of those in the article where Move To IOS is the most trusted one.

You can also transfer other data from your Android to your iPhone Instead of messages, like music, audio, documents, videos, etc. I hope you find this article helpful. Now it’s up to you whether you select which one.

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