How to Turn off Apple Watch: Here’s How You Can do it

how to turn off apple watch

If you do not want to use your Apple watch for quite a few months, it would be best to turn it off. Hence, turning off the iOS watch conserves battery life in an emergency or helps you take a break from technology. You can turn it off by holding the side button until the slider emerges on display and dragging the slider to the right to switch it off. This guide will teach you how to switch off your iOS smart Watch and turn it on again to restart the watch.

However, the iOS watch is quite useful as you don’t need to raise your wrist to see the time; you only need to look at the screen. But, sometimes, people want to switch off the iOS Watch to make it run properly, as it becomes unresponsive and also does not have a restart option, so you can only switch it off entirely and turn it back on. However, the process will not remove your files and data. Now let’s dive into the details steps.

Simple Steps to Turn off Apple Watch

Whatever your reason for switching off the Watch, you can easily do it. But keep in mind that your Watch should not be charging it is it cannot be turned off. So ensure to disconnect the Watch from the charger.

  • First, you must hold the side button until three slider options emerge:s Medical ID, Power Off, and Emergency SOS.
  • Now, slide the power off the option to the right to switch off the iOS watch.
  • After that, hold the side button again until you see the logo.
  • That’s it; you have to turn off the Watch successfully.

How to Switch on iOS Smart Watch

The process of switching the smartWatch back on is pretty simple. First, ensure that your iOS watch has sufficient battery to switch on; if not, then charge it for at least ten minutes to add juice to the battery easily.

  • First, hold the side button until the Apple logo emerges in the middle of the screen.
  • It may take a moment for the iOS Watch to switch on fully, but you will see the watch screen when it does. You may be provoked to unlock the watch if you have already set the passcode.

Now, you know how to switch off and turn it back on again. This can be done by doing a soft restart on your watch and resolving some software glitches. Hence, switching the watch off can also help preserve the battery or give you a break from technology.

How to Force-Restart Apple Watch

If you have tried the above ways of turning off and on the Smart Watch, but still, if your watch is unresponsive, then you have to force restart instead. Apply the below troubleshooting steps to force restart your iOS Watch.

  • If your iOSWatch is not responsive and not updating anything (specified by an Apple logo and a progress wheel), hit and hold the side option and Digital Crown simultaneously.
  • Now, release both the buttons as you see the Apple logo for about 10 seconds. It means the device is restarting, and you can now power down it.

Keep in mind that you do not have to force-restart the Watch during updating. You will see the logo and loading wheel if the Watch is updated. Wait a few minutes to finish the update and complete the update before powering off or restarting your Watch.

How to activate the Apple Watch Display

how to turn off power reserve on apple watch
how to turn off power reserve on apple watch

When your iOS watch is switched on, you will wish to wake its display to check the time, read notifications, and access all other smartwatch features. Apply the below steps to do it.

  • If you raise your wrist as if you were checking a standard watch. The sensors will detect the movement and wake the screen, and the Watch directly goes back to sleep when you lower your hand.
  • Then, click on the watch screen or hit the Digital crown.
  • Now, switch the digital crown upward and watch the display slowly glow to life. Then, the user guide notes that this choice is present only on iOS watch series 2 and afterward methods.

Set a timer for how long the Watch Displays after Waking up

You can also customize the setting to wake up the screen for your preferred time. So let’s move to the steps to customize the settings.

  • Open the iPhone watch app, launch the My Watch tab and choose General.
  • Next, choose Wake Screen.
  • After that, choose the wake screen for 15 to 70 seconds per your wish.

How to Disallow the Wake Screen Raise

Whether you wish to preserve battery life or want to wake your Apple Watch only by clicking the display or tapping the digital crown, you can disable the wake screen on the wrist raise feature in your iPhone watch app settings using the theater mode. Let’s move on to the steps to do it.

On the menu of the wake screen in the watch app (Under general, picture above), and now switch off the wake screen on wrist raise.

To switch off this feature for some time, enable theater mode on your Watch by moving up on display and choosing the icon with two masks. Once the mode is activated, you will see the mask icon at the peak of the watch screen. When you lift your wrist, your iOS Watch will be silent, and the display will not turn on.

Final Thoughts

The iOS Watch is the most loved device by users, as it is tiny and can perform various functions. But what can you do if it crashes or freezes? No worries, you can read the above guide to help you turn off the device and resolve the unresponsive issue. Now you are aware of the basic guide to turning on/off and restarting the Apple Watch. If you still face a problem with turning off the Watch, you can perform a hard reset of the watch.

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