How to Upgrade Weapons in Cyberpunk: Guide Explained in Detail

How to upgrade weapons in Cyberpunk

What is the science behind upgrading your weapons in the games? When you play the Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt red game for the first time, you might have rare resources to upgrade your weapons. However, there will be iconic weapons that you are going to find throughout your playtime. That’s when you should upgrade them as you get some actual bangers in the midgame.

Players can strengthen their weapons with mods. However, keeping up with tough enemies in the Night Street is not easy. Now, know when and how to upgrade your iconic weapons to legendary ones. Worry no more; we are here to cover you. Here is how you can upgrade them by simply following these steps.

Upgrade Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

Upgrade Weapons in Cyberpunk

For weapons upgrades, here are some of the ways you will follow:

  1. First, access the Game Menu Tab.
  2. Navigate the “Crafting” tab.
  3. Then click “Upgrades.”
  4. After that, select a Weapon that you want to upgrade.
  5. Then, players will be given a preview of the weapon with new stats, showing their information like Attack per Second, Damage, DPS, etc.
  6. Make sure the required Components are available for you to upgrade the weapon. Those components will appear to the left of the player’s stats.

Importance of Upgrading Weapons in Cyberpunk

It is important to improve your performance in the game. You must upgrade your weapons in Cyberpunk. It will help you in the game to increase your other bonuses and will provide you with more advantages, especially if your weapons are already upgraded as Legendary or Epic.

Some of the Iconic Cyberpunk 2077 Assault Rifles

Iconic Cyberpunk Assault Rifles

Here is a list mentioning the Iconic Cyberpunk 2077Assault Rifles that can also be listed as upgrade weapons in Cyberpunk.

  8. M251S AJAX

Modifying Weapons Upgrade in Cyberpunk

Modifications of the weapons can be done from the inventory:

  1. Select the weapon that you want to modify in the inventory.
  2. A new screen will be opened.
  3. It will show individual attachments and mod slots.
  4. All the listed mods and attachments will be shown on the right-hand side.
  5. You can equip or unequip the attachment of the weapons you no longer use or want to put another weapon.

Legendary Crafting Specs and Locations in Cyberpunk

All the legendary items in Cyberpunk and their locations so you can find the

  All Legendary Items in Cyberpunk 2077  
  Legendary Clothing    Legendary Cyberware
  Legendary Weapons    Legendary Crafting Specs
  Legendary Mods                              _____________

Upgrade and Crafting Specs for Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

There are different ways to craft specs for weapons. It has become possible to achieve crafting specifications for weapons through crafting skills, looting during Suspected Organized Crime Activities, or buying from weapon vendors.

Crafting Specs for Clothing in Cyberpunk 2077

You can craft specs for clothes by purchasing from the clothing vendors of current markets or obtain them for the crafting tree via Skill Progression Rewards. Upgrade for specs is automatically added when the legendary armor is picked up.

Know Your Gear in the World of Cyberpunk

In the video game universe of Cyberpunk, various methods exist to achieve the most cutting-edge tools and technology. Remember, even if you are selling or disassembling your items, you won’t ever be able to get them back.

You cannot get something back once you have sold it, so the suggestion is not to sell anything you might want to use later. Some weapons can be upgraded 49 or 50 times if you have reached level 0 since they are level 1. Regardless of your level, you must first understand how to operate your equipment to get the most out of it.

Upgrade Cyberpunk Weapons without Crafting

You will need thousands of components to improve your gear to the level above standard if you don’t craft. Because the crafting tree has no money-saving items, you would not be able to cut down your expenditures. You can prevent the upgraded cost from skyrocketing by not buying or using the equipment you don’t wish to use immediately.

Upgraded Weapons and Katanas in Cyberpunk 2077

They are one of the best melee weapons in the game. These bladed weapons can strike quickly and deal with great damage. Combining these with interesting abilities and weapon mods would make the player a force that can be reckoned with.

There are seven Katanas in the Cyberpunk 2077:

  Katana    Location
  Black Unicorn    It is present in V’s stash after downloading the GOG version of the game.  
  Cocktail Stick    It could be found in Evelyn’s dressing room during the quest “Automatic Love.”
  Standard Katana    Purchased it from Coach Fred or Craft
  Scalpel    You will get it once you complete the side job “Big in Japan.”
  Tsumetogi    “Pisces” is present in clouds in Maiko’s office during the side job.
  Satori    It is indie an AV during the quest “The Heist.”
  Byakko    You will get it after completing all the Wakado Okada’s side gigs.
  Jinchu- Maru    You get this katana when you defeat Sandayu Oda during the quest “Play it Safe.”

 Katanas Mentioned in Detail

You now know the names of all the Katanas in Cyberpunk 2077 and their locations. So here is a detailed explanation of these Katanas mentioned below:

  • Black Unicorn:

The black unicorn is the unique variant of the katana. It has a unique design, and its attack rate is lower at 2.91 strikes a second. Aside from these advantages, it’s a great option for passionate players for The Witcher 3.

It was also updated with more symbols referencing The Witchers, showing how much detail and care the CD Projekt Red has put into its weapons.

  • Cocktail Stick

The cocktail is another interesting katana. It deals a base damage of 63 with each strike and can attack 2.9 times per second. However, it is a bit slow with decent damage. While these may not be powerful, but are still great weapons in the game for Blade builds.

  • Standard Katana

The standard katana can have five attacks per strike second, making it a solid melee weapon. First, the player has to experiment with the blades before settling for one play style.

  • Scalpel

One of the fast-hitting weapons is the surgically precise Scalpel Katana, with five attacks per second. Each strike dealt 145 damage. 

  • Tsumetogi

Tsumetogi also deals with five attack strikes per second, dealing with 150 damages. Comes with nice abilities and perks. It is a great katana to use against a robotic unit.

  • Jinchu-Maru

It is known as the phenomenal katana. It can strike 4.8 per second, dealing 111 damage. Also, if the player is dealing with a strike against a boss, it will quadruple the normal damage. 

  • Satori

Satori has the best katana deals, with 3.85 strikes per second. It is the only katana that comes closer to Jinchu-Maru.

  • Byakko

The Byakko is the katana owned by Wakado Okada. It has a unique modifier. It has a sharp blade and has a 15% chance of increased bleeding.


Q. Can you upgrade iconic weapons without technical?

Unfortunately, no, you have to get to the 18-tech route to craft/upgrade an Iconic to legendary.

Q.  How do you level up a gear in Cyberpunk 2077?

The crafting system will allow you to improve and enhance your equipment as the game progresses continuously. However, some restrictions exist because goods have level caps that prevent you from improving them further.

Q. When should I start crafting Cyberpunk?

You can start crafting. Moreover, you should not spend most of the tech until you are 18. You can craft the same plans when you even out the current set, which is cheaper than upgrading.

Q. Are swords good on Cyberpunk?

Yes, Katanas are among the best melee weapons. With each slice of their beautiful blades, these weapons strike rapidly and can significantly cause damage.

Q. What weapons should I keep Cyberpunk?’

Fenrir, Widow Maker/ M-179E Achilles, Ba Xing Chong, Skippy, Moron Labe, Mantis Blades, and Malorian Arms 3516.

Wrapping Up

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game with lots of players from all around the world. The commonly asked question concerns the weapons, upgrades, and crafting. Therefore, from upgrading and crafting clothes and weapons in Cyberpunk.

If you have questions like How to modify my weapons and what weapons are best to use in Cyberpunk 2077, everything is mentioned in this article to answer queries hope you find it helpful.