How to Use a Portable Jump Starter in 3 Easy Steps

How to Use a Portable Jump

Car batteries die when you least expect it, which can leave you stranded if you’re far from home. Not only is a dead battery inconvenient, but it can also cost a ton of money if you must have your car towed to a nearby garage or back home. 

That’s why all motorists should keep a portable jump starter in their vehicle at all times. These devices ensure you can get out of a jam without incurring huge towing expenses and other costs. Drivers should also understand how to use a portable jump starter, as these devices aren’t much value if you can’t use them effectively. 

This guide goes over a few basic steps to help you jumpstart your vehicle and get back on the road again. Additionally, always consult the device’s user manual if you have any questions about operation and use. 

Ensure You Pre-Charge Your Jump Starter

Your portable jump starter will probably have a small charge when you first purchase it. However, this charge might not be enough to get your battery up and running again. This is especially true if the battery is completely dead. While a quality device can re-start a vehicle within seconds, it must be properly charged in order to do so. 

In this case, it’s highly recommended that you pre-charge the device prior to placing it in your vehicle. That way, you can rest assured that the jump starter is fully charged and capable of helping you out in a jam. In the same token, always re-charge the device after use to make certain it will be ready when the need arises. 

Find a Suitable Place for the Jump Starter

While your car AC not blowing cold air is definitely annoying, it’s not quite as bad as dealing with a dead battery. However, you can’t let the stress of the situation cause you to make poor decisions, such as placing the jump starter directly on the engine where it can come into contact with moving parts once the vehicle starts again. 

Always place the device in a safe, stable location where it won’t fall or be otherwise disturbed. Doing so prevents any potential safety issues while also ensuring that you can continue to use your portable jump starter for many years to come. 

Safely Connect & Start Your Engine

Once you’ve chosen a good location for the jump starter, you can then connect the cables. Consult the manual if you’re not sure of the connection but remember that the black clamp goes on the negative battery post, while the red clamp goes on the positive battery post. 

One of the great things about modern jump starters is that they will give you an indication if you’ve connected the cables incorrectly. Many devices will provide an alert via a warning light or tone that the connection is wrong. In this case, switch the cables and you should be good to go. 

While vehicle accessories like Turtle Wax keep your car or truck looking its best, a portable jump starter will get you out of a major jam if your battery dies unexpectedly. And thanks to this guide, you can rest easy knowing that you have what it takes to safely and conveniently re-start your vehicle. 

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