What Is A Magnet Link And How To Use Magnet Links For Downloads

Magnet Link Search
Magnet Link Search

Everybody has used torrent websites and still using them for downloading movies, images, books, software, or other applications then you must have used the magnet links for torrent downloads. Magnet links are famous for downloading movies from torrent websites and people have started using the magnet links even more than using torrent files lately. But what is a magnet link and how do magnet downloads work, we will answer these questions in this article.

Magnet Link Download
Magnet Link Download

What Is A Magnet Link?

A link is typically a hyperlink that directs you to another link or document or file by connecting you to that address where the targeted file is saved. A magnet link, however, contains the information of the targeted file and the hash to magnet instead of the computer of server location over the internet. In this way, downloading becomes extremely easy.

Moreover, the torrent files are tiny files that have a complete list of files and metadata of all the pieces of the downloading file and also it optionally has a list of trackers with it as well. So actually, when you are downloading a torrent file from a torrent search engine, you are downloading all the information and data about the original file you are downloading.

Magnet link skips the entire process of downloading the torrent file to the system since the links already have complete information of the download within the link. Therefore, whenever you use a magnet torrent link and paste it into your BitTorrent client, the client already gets all the necessary information and data about the file to start the download and it starts instantly after selecting what files to download by checking them in the window.

Magnet Link Downloader Online
Magnet Link Downloader Online

How Does A Magnet Link Work?

A typical torrent download file has a data structure with two superior keys in it:

  • Announce, is used to identify the tracker to initiate and use for the download.
  • Info contains the filenames and hashes related to the file for the torrent download. The Info hash is the hash code of the encoded Information data of the file.

Whenever you paste the magnet link in your BitTorrent download client, in the beginning, it may not know anything about the torrent download file except for the infohash attached to it.

The very first thing your torrent downloading client needs is to find is the other peers in the network that are downloading the same torrent file. The torrent client finds this by using a different P2P network by using DHT (distributed hash table).

A DHT is a massively distributed index of the torrent files that direct torrents to complete lists of peers that are identified by IP address and the ports on the network that are taking part in the download of that particular download.

Magnet Link To Direct Download
Magnet Link To Direct Download

How To Use A Magnet Link?

Now that you have learned that what a magnet link is, and how exactly the magnet download work, I believe you might want to start downloading torrent files using the magnet links. To use the torrent magnet link you use the steps below:

  • Open the torrent website 13377x. Use a VPN if this website is geo-restricted in your region.
  • Select any file or movie to download and click on it.
  • After the link is open, see at the right side where different links will appear with options like “torrent Download”, “Magnet Download”, and “Anonymous Download”.
  • Click on the Magnet Download option.
  • Select the files that you want to download in the window, and click on OK.

 Final Words:

A magnet link is a fine and suitable substitute to the torrent files that enable users to initiate and download torrent files from the famous and most used torrent search engine 13377x.com for magnet download. The process of using a magnet link is simple and easy as a piece of cake. However, if you do not know how the magnet torrent link work, do not worry, you do not need to. As far as privacy and security are concerned, the magnet download links are absolutely secure.