How to Void a Check in a Few Minutes

How to void a check
How to void a check

If you are confused about voiding a check.Look at this article, and you’ll find the answer to your question, i.e., How to void a check?

It’s the easiest process, and anyone can do it anytime. You have to keep in mind a few things, and you will be able to void a check. Just write the VOID on the front of the checkin big letters, which cover the information visible on the check, and try to write with a marker or pen. The word ‘VOID’ should be prominent and unerasable.

What is Void Check

A VOID check is a canceled check thatanyone can’t use anymore. VOID checks can’t be deposited or cashed in any bank. The word “Void” means that you have nullified or made it empty, which is of no use anymore. It means that if you have a written check containing a certain amount and then after you void it makes it financially empty.

However, A check is a document or paper on which the owner sign to allow the recipient to withdraw the amount mentioned on a check from the bank’s checking account. A void check makes all the things unable for the recipient.

Why You Need to Void a Check 

You should use a voided check to set the electronic link to your checking account. You’ll most likely need to set up this link to get your paychecks through direct deposit or set up a recurring payment like your monthly bills. 

·         Direct Deposit 

Paper checks have all the information about your account (the name of your bank, account title, account number, etc.). A voided check can help the recipient establish the link to the bank account information. However, the check is void, so they can’t use it and withdraw money.

·         Automatic Payment 

For automatic payments, voided checks can also be used. Autopay is usefulfor staying on top of recurring bills like rent or credit card payments. Autopay will help you when you forget the payment of any of your bill and saves your late fees. It also hits your credit score.

·         Stop a Check Payment 

Sometimes you realize after sending the check that you can only cancel a check payment.

·         Mess Up 

If you write a check in error, you must cancel the already-issued check and start over. It can happen if you accidentally write the wrong amount on the check or misspell the recipient’s name.

For example, you might want to write a check to a newlywed couple and a check to Mr. Wilson. and Ms. Jonsson. It can be a problem for them when they cash a check if the bank account they want to use for that check is in Jonsson.

How to Write a Void Check for Direct Deposit 

Void Check for Direct Deposit
Void Check for Direct Deposit

1: Contact your bank or credit union to get a checkbook at your home.

2: Utilize the blank check from the checkbook linked to the checking account or account where you want to make deposits.

3: Write the word VOID on the front, and you can also write the void in small letters on the key parts of the check. A checker must write a VOID in the payment amount box or over the payee or signature line. All the ways are perfect to use for voiding a check.

4: The huge part of the check covers the VOID word. However, it doesn’t cover the check numbers at the bottom. Check numbers linked to the bank account and required to establish the electronic link.

5: Use a marker or pen which is unerasable. Do not use a pencil, as anyone can erase the word VOID and try to use the check to withdraw the payment.

6: Make sure you keep a record of your VOID check in the check register, as it will help you remember why you voided a check. You can evaluate the balance of your account as well.

How to Void a Check You have written

Sometimes you write a check, and the information goes wrong, or you don’t need the check anymore. You realize after writing it or want to change something on it.

In these scenarios, you can accidentally void the check to use it by someone in the future. Voiding a check is the safest method of destroying the check.

Keep the voided check in your checkbook or store it in your bank files. 

How to Void a Check You Have Sent

Sometimes you write a check and send it to the recipient. You realize later that you messed up the information, the check was lost in the mail, or you don’t have enough money.

If anything from the above occurs, you must immediately stop the payment order. A stop payment order is a way of voiding a check you have already sent.

Voiding a check you have sent is the same as bouncing a check. If you know the check you’ve written is wrong, cancel it before the recipient depositsit, as it can arise severe consequences and fees. But canceling fees for the check payment will be applied in any case.

If you want to stop the payment order, the bank will require the information of the check you want to cancel. That’s why it’s better to document your check transactions in your check register to save the information for later, like the amount and account number.

How to Get a Voided Check

To get a voided check, a customer needs to talk to their bank and ask them to send a checkbook. All banks do not provide a checkbook facility, and some give this facility. However, others require you to purchase the checkbooks from the bank.

How to Send a Voided Check

If you want to send a voided check to your employer, you have to ask for their mailing address and mail them the void check. You can also bring the void check directly to the office.

How to Void Checks from Different Banks

It doesn’t matter which financial service you use; it can be a bank or credit union. However, voiding a check from any financial organization is the same as mentioned.

Suppose you have voided the check, then there is no need to cancel the check. No matter which financial system you use, you can contact them directly. They will assist and stop the payment.

1.       Bank of America

Bank of America
Bank of America

If you are willing to set up a direct deposit and have an account in Bank of America, then you don’t need to void a check with them.

Instead, you can use online banking to download the direct deposit form and use it the way you use the void check.

2.       Chase

If you have an account on chase, you don’t need to use a void check to set up direct deposit. Please fill out a form instead of it; this is all you need. The direct deposit form is your routing, account, and check ID number.

3.       Wells Fargo

Voiding a check from Wells Fargo online, by phone, or from the store is the easiest and most time-saving. You can get information about the online process from their site and contact them on the phone.

Requirements for Voiding a Check

Before voiding a check, you have to keep in mind a few things that should be done properly.

  • Firstly, write ‘VOID’ on the front of your check to void a check. When you are writing, ensure one thing that it’s well-spaced and the word is prominent enough on the check. However, banking information should be visible on the check and cover the whole check.
  • The word VOID should be written with a dark marker or pen. The goal is to write the letters in a thick format to make it impossible for the scammers to mark or erase them. However, a signature isn’t required on the check.
  • You can do a few things if you don’t have a check to void. Firstly, sort out whether the letter from your bank is acceptable. People can ask the bank for a counter-check. Mostly, branches print the check on demand. However, there is a small fee that customers have to pay for counter-checks.


So it is understood that voiding a check is an important concept in the banks. People need it in their worst-case scenarios. However, it’s easy to do just by writing a one-word ‘VOID.’ Void checks help to transfer the information to another party. Voiding a check is better than deleting or canceling it.