HTML5 Games: A Complete Overview

html5 games

Over time, a lot of websites have featured the production of HTML5 games, but do you know what kind of games these really are? These games have grabbed the attention of gamers worldwide because of their compatibility in nature with browsers with a wide range of various devices, which includes desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

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What Is HTML5?

Since HTML1 was developed in 1993, a common text-encoding system, HTML, has been improved up to HTML4, which was released in 1999.  Cleaner code, mobile application development frameworks, and HTML Offline Web Application API are just a few benefits of the 2014 HTML5 specification, which enables apps to function even when there is no Internet connection.

However, all of these elements combine to make HTML5 a common and essential tool for web development. On January 28, 2021, HTML5 as a standard was phased out and replaced by the HTML Living Standard.

Moreover, the abbreviation “HTML5” stands for three closely related languages: JavaScript (JS), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). These languages collectively make up the majority of the current Internet.

Furthermore, the majority of websites combine all three: JavaScript for functionality, CSS for style, and HTML for structure.

Why Number 5?

The beautiful thing about these languages is that they are constantly being developed, even though web standards were only sometimes the best approach to creating video games. Quality games are now feasible thanks to the addition of several key capabilities in HTML5, the fifth version of the HTML standard.

Moreover, Using an HTML canvas element, which generates a place where graphics can be inserted and modified using JavaScript, is how we’ll begin adding graphics to games. One of the new features in HTML5 that was not included in HTML4 is the canvas, which is crucial for creating games with intricate graphics and motion.

However, since most browsers now support WebGL, your device, whether it’s a computer, console, smartphone, or tablet, can use its graphics card to render things on the canvas. With the right implementation, WebGL enables you to quickly animate thousands of objects simultaneously. At Brinkbit, we think that the greatest approach to creating video games right now is with HMTL5.

What are HTML5 games?

HTML5 games are browser-based video games created with JavaScript and HTML5. Users don’t need to download games or register, so they may play without being concerned about running out of room on their PCs or smartphones. It is possible to create HTML5 games without having to create apps by getting the source code from online GitHub repositories.

However, it necessitates knowledge of browser and server technology, unlike native game production using Unity or other technologies.

Disclosure Of The Background In HTML5 Games

Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight were replaced with HTML5. The latter was notorious for having performance issues and security problems. Moreover, due to the discontinuation of Flash at the end of 2020, JavaScript SDK demand has surged, which has aided HTML5’s spread.

Furthermore, this has caused a boom in HTML5 games created with the most recent JavaScript. Full-fledged HTML5 games are being created by a huge number of companies, which has caught the interest of the tech sector.

How To Search For HTML5 Games?

In essence, you can launch an HTML5 game by clicking a URL that has been integrated into a website. You can find them through specialized portals rather than the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Furthermore, a variety of games from various genres can be found on them because individual games can be downloaded from several websites. Here are only a few illustrations of these portals:

  • Games DMM
  • G123
  • Enza
  • d game
  • YouTube Games
  • Instagram Games

HTML5 Games

Something great about HTML5 games is that they also run on modern browsers like Android and iPhone. Some of the HTML5 games are listed below:

1.      Pacman in HTML5 Canvas

Pacman in HTML5 Canvas

A developer from Switzerland developed this game, and under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, it has source code licensed. It is the original Paceman game of an HTML5 clone.

2.      Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Using Vue.js by Tim Rijkse it is built. It is a web version of the famous tic tac toe game. You can play the game on CodePen and also see the source code.

3.      VueChess


Gustavo Crespo Sanchez developed VueChess game. This is an online chess game for multiplayer; with Vue.js and Node.js, it was built. It utilizes Mongodb, Socket.IO, and Express for its multiplayer capabilities and server logic.

4.      HTML5 Casino Game Wheel of Fortune

HTML5 Casino Game Wheel of Fortune

It is an HTML5 game based on a gameplay Wheel of Fortune style. With the library CreateJS, this game has been developed and is compatible with very popular mobile games. Furthermore, this game also allows your WordPress website to create an arcade section very comparative with CTL Arcade.

5.      HTML5 Board Game Snakes and Ladders

HTML5 Board Game Snakes and Ladders

A board game in HTML5 with 100 squares chock full of traps and trickery is called Snakes and Ladders. You take a chance by rolling the dice, where you can climb using ladders and fall using snakes! The source code is entirely included in the download, making it simple to modify the game.