What is Hulu Error Code P-DEV320 and How to Fix It?

Hulu Error Code P Dev320
Hulu Error Code P Dev320

What is Hulu Error Code P-DEV320? There are numerous online streaming platforms developed until now in the business. One of them and a popular premium streaming platform is Hulu. Although being the best streaming application, possessing an error on these kinds of applications is normal these days. One of the typical errors which occur most of the time is error code P-DEV320. These Error codes may occur on various devices while streaming online like iPhone, Xbox One, Android, Roku, and Smart TV’s as well. This error arises while a person is watching a film, TV show, or any live event.

The other error codes like p-dev318 and p-dev322 can also relate to p-dev320. This error code can appear on any device that supports running the Hulu program. It is normally linked with an outdated app, playback failure, poor internet connection, or fatal issues from the Hulu community itself.

Causes of Hulu Error code P-DEV320 

This error means a communication problem between the user end Hulu application and the community Hulu server. Some of the obvious causes are:

  1. Network or Connection issue
  2. Outdated Hulu App
  3. A bug from Hulu end

These are the most occurred errors from the Hulu site and the company has confirmed it and announced that they are working on it. If you are still getting these error codes, follow the directions presented below.

Hulu Error Code P Dev320 The Easy Way To Convert Text Between Upper Case
Hulu Error Code P Dev320 The Easy Way To Convert Text Between Upper Case

Solutions to Fix P-DEV320 Error on Hulu

According to the Hulu community, you can solve Hulu error P-DEV320 by some essential troubleshooting. Since it is a communication issue, the moves below might support to fix it.

Clear Cache and Data 

When you use the Hulu app, it saves temporary files and data on your device. That benefits the application’s overall execution. Over a period, the cached data get corrupted, hence heading to streaming issues. You have to delete those files to maintain the app performance. The steps listed below to clear Hulu cache on different devices:

Android Phone, TV, and Tablet

  • Navigate to Settings -> Apps (Applications for TV) -> Hulu -> Storage -> Click on Clear Cache and then Clear Data

iPhone and iPad

  • Navigate to Settings -> General -> Storage -> Select Hulu
  • Delete and uninstall the application. Following, download Hulu, install it and try again.

Apple TV

On Apple TV, you have to uninstall and reinstall the app. That is the only method of removing cached data on the device.

Xbox One

  • Navigate to Menu -> Select My Games and Apps -> Choose Apps -> Highlight Hulu-> Press Menu on your controller -> Select Manage Apps-> Clear Saved Data.
  • Once you remove the corrupted data, it will help to increase app performance.


  1. Press Home on the Main Menu
  2. Now from the remote click the home button 5 times
  3. Then click the UP button
  4. Next, click the Rewind button and Fast Forward button 2 times
  5. The files will be removed.

Internet Connectivity

  1. Un-pair all the other devices which are paired with your home network
  2. Next, clean all the apps that are running in the background on your device
  3. Next, pair your device to the router through Ethernet Cable
  4. Set the router near your system or mobile

Below listed speeds are required to stream or watch accurately on your Hulu application.

  1. Up to 8Mbps for Live streaming
  2. Up to 3Mbps for films, shows
  3. More than 12Mbps is required for 4K Content

With slow internet speed, you can also watch everything, but the video quality will reduce.

Whitelist an Ad Domain

You might have totally blocked ads arriving from Hulu by blocking the ads-e-darwin.hulustream.com domain. You have to whitelist it back on the proxy authentication server and it will most likely resolve the problem.

Check on a Different Device

First of all, review the error code on another device. For instance, if you are receiving it on your computer, verify it on your smartphone. If Hulu works well on other devices, then there is some connectivity issue on your prior device.

Check Official Forums

Check social media profiles and official Hulu forums to know if there is a failure or outage. If so, wait for the issue to get fixed from their side.

Performing Power Cycle

Turn OFF each device in which the error is occurring including your modem or router. Wait for a while and then turn ON your system.

Contact Customer Support

If so far you are still getting the error and you have done all of the methods listed above, the last option is to contact customer support. Tell the possible steps you have performed to solve the issue and they will guide you accordingly.


Q: Why is Hulu’s video quality poor?

A: The video quality depends on your bad internet connection. Remove possible network consuming data on your network provider or upgrade them.

Q: Why is my Hulu buffering so much?

A: Sometimes it is not the app, but your device’s settings. If you are facing continuous buffering problems, verify your device’s settings are up-to-date. For Android devices, head to the Settings then remove the cache and data from the app’s storage.

Q: Why does my Hulu app keep crashing?

A: There are cases when the issue can be generated by a glitch in the Hulu app which is why you should attempt to force close it. This step will refresh the app once you open it again. To force stop the Hulu application on an Android phone, head to Settings -> Apps -> All apps -> Hulu > press Force Stop.

Q: Why does Hulu keep showing connection error?

A: Hulu problems are typically generated by a bad internet connection or issues with either the streaming tool or the Hulu app, so most of them can be solved by attending a few general troubleshooting points like Update your Hulu application, or try reinstalling it. Make sure your streaming device is also completely updated.


Hulu, being a world-famous application requires to maintain its technical excellence in the market. Some problems like PDEV-320 might just embarrass its image and start to fewer subscriptions in the coming times. Hulu error code P-DEV320 sets out to be resolvable and the users should not bother about it.