iOS 16.4 Reintroduces a Page Turn Effect in Apple Books

iOS 16.4 Reintroduces a Page Turn Effect in Apple Books

Apple Company released 16.4, an update to iPad OS that reintroduces a page-turn animated feature in Apple Books. Right after its classic design with 16 last falls, the upcoming release seamless transitions from one page to the next. Using this turn-page effect, you can curl the page while reading eBooks. This also allows peaking and seeing what’s showing on another page.

This feature is particularly special for people who use Apple’s Books app. As they now have three possible patterns to turn pages in books. In which the “curl” animation is older one which is being added back. Another is “Slide, “which comes by default and is the only option in iOS 16. And finally, you can choose “none” to eradicate any animation collectively from the page-turning process.

Try the Page Turn Animation in Classic Apple Books

Below we have outlined how to get a page-turn effect in Apple books by following the instructions.

  • Launch the Apple’s Books app on your iPhone.
  • Then Select “Curl” by tapping your screen when reading a book.
  • Choose the menu button in the lower right corner.
  • Now pick Themes & Settings, and from there, tap the page turn icon
  • Select the animation “Slide” or “None,” or stick with the new/old “Curl” default.

People who had previously stopped using Apple Books due to the disability of page turn animation can now enjoy this core Curl page effect integrated into the app when it was first launched about ten years ago.

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