Is File Sharing Secure?

File Sharing Secure
File Sharing Secure

Cloud storage is used for file sharing because it has many advantages. Every company should use secure file sharing. If file sharing is not managed correctly, it can have negative consequences for the business in terms of security. It is important to choose a reliable tool and set up the workflow.

Security of File Sharing

The frequency of file sharing is increasing as remote work becomes more popular. In such cases, businesses are moving to the cloud. It’s important to keep in mind that there are certain security risks involved in this process. Sharing can lead to hacking, loss or access to sensitive information. If proper security measures are not used, the company may face certain risks.

Employees of a single company store an average of 2,500 files in the cloud. Approximately 20% of files are globally circulated through file-sharing services. This information was confirmed after research that analyzed 100 million files.

Shared files often contain personal information that is subject to data protection laws. The files may also contain information that is regulated by HIPA. Corporate data is very important, so you need to mitigate the risks of its disclosure.

Cloud Solution for Secure File Transfer

When a company understands the inherent risks associated with file sharing, management makes sure to use reliable tools. Enterprises need secure file-sharing software products, like GoAnywhere’s solution.This is the way the workflow can be set up. There is also a secure application that customers and companies can use to keep working together. The main advantages include:

  • data security;
  • access control management;
  • shared access to incoming and outgoing files;
  • file tracking.

If you use the right tool, the business will be equipped with modern ways to manage file sharing. It is important to make sure that document sharing is reliable at all times. The tool you choose for this purpose must meet the following requirements:

  • advanced encryption;
  • user authentication;
  • reporting and logging tools;
  • virus scanning and data breach prevention.

The company’s reputation depends on the choice. Pay attention to the tools used. You should not neglect this question because not only the reputation but also the development of the business depends on the right choice of software.

File Sharing Platforms

In your search, you need to consider security. Pay attention to the way files are transferred and the speed at which they connect to internal systems. They must connect quickly and move data according to the basic requirements. MFT solutions can be considered for this purpose. Basic features include:

  • reliable data exchange – MFT solutions are implemented on an unprecedented number of protocols, promoting the expansion of simple file-sharing capabilities;
  • consolidation – enterprises can consolidate different file-based integration processes;
  • dashboards – visualization tools are easy to use and essential for business intelligence, presenting it to different employees;
  • process automation – the MFT solution, used for various purposes for file-based work, is necessary for the implementation of integration processes.

It is important to choose the right file sharing software to get your business up and running. There are times when it is difficult to manage file-sharing processes. Such a problem is faced by companies that use outdated software. If you use a modern tool, then such problems will not arise.

The MFT platform has built-in features for file sharing. The risk of data leakage is minimal. This mostly happens when company employees fail to comply with the agreements.

Corporate File Sharing Tools

When we talk about a secure document sharing platform, the first option that comes to mind is Cleo Integration Cloud. This is a great centralized platform that manages file sharing and protects the user’s needs. It has the advantage of having an off-the-shelf connector that makes it possible to transfer files quickly and securely. A modern file transfer protocol is used. The simple platform offers the complete control that is needed to manage important business data.

Companies have the possibility to monitor important data streams and do not have to worry about security. All data is secure and meets the requirements that are needed at the corporate level. If a reliable tool is not used in a timely manner, the company is exposed to certain risks. Consider mobile file-sharing apps:

  1. AirDroid (Android). It is a multifunctional interface that you can use in your browser. It is a full-featured file sharing and a great tool for viewing photos and listening to music.
  2. Superbeam (Android/iOS). If there is no connection to the Internet, this application will work even in these conditions. You can exchange files using a QR code or NFC.
  3. Pushbullet (Android/iOS). It can be used to transfer photos, pictures, and other files. The app is perfectly downloadable and works between a PC and a mobile device. The advantage is that you can transfer files to multiple devices at the same time.

Use the best tool with your needs in mind. This way you can share your data securely and protect it from hacking.