7 Obvious Reasons Why Is TeraBox Safe to Use?

is TeraBox safe
is TeraBox safe

Do you just delete your precious data because your device does not have sufficient storage? We all have memorable clicks, videos, and important files that we don’t want to delete and keep safe at any cost. You can consider cloud storage like TeraBox, which offers you up to 1024 GB of free data storage.

However, people are concerned about their privacy, data protection, and many more, and they raise the question: Is TeraBox safe to use? Therefore, if you are making mind to use TeraBox, you must read this article to understand how secure it is.

What is Terabox?

TeraBox is a Japanese application that offers users 1 TB(1024 GB) storage for free. This service is the topmost cloud storage service that truly provides free cloud storage. However, their paid plans offer cloud storage of up to 2TB each, and the pricing is very reasonable, and concerns arise over the privacy and safety of TeraBox.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks of this storage in the file size, ads, strangle bandwidth and number limitation, pushing away TeraBox app from the market to be the best service provider of cloud storage. It is essential to use TeraBox for storage safely and sensibly, as it provides the best services at affordable prices.

7 Obvious Reasons Why Is TeraBox Safe to Use?

Nowadays, Millions of people have been using TeraBox cloud storage to save their important files. Millions of other individuals may be willing to use it but may be worried about their privacy. Is TeraBox safe and secure to use or not? The answer to your query is, forunately, it is completely safe and secure to use TeraBox cloud storage. Below, we mentioned the reasons why TeraBox is a safe and secure cloud storage app.

1. Advanced Technology and Security

TeraBox uses cutting-edge technology and security to take care of all user’s data and ensure they always remain safe. This advantage technology includes encryption for managing the files and making them inaccessible for those who don’t have the decryption key. Moreover, the app uses robust security protocols to fight against any cyber threat.

2.  SSL Encryption Protection

For the protection of data sent over the Internet, TeraBox uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect it. SSL secures the data as you upload and download it to and from TeraBox, significantly wrapping it in the safest layer as you upload and download it.

Because of SSL encryption, even if an interceptor intercepts the files while it is being transmitted via the Internet, it cannot decrypt them unless the encryption key is added.

3. Security Team

People are concerned about security and ask, Is TeraBox safe app to store data? To ensure the protection of users and their precious data on TeraBox, the platform has a highly dedicated security team of skilled people. The team keeps monitoring all the activities on the app with the user’s files. They also keep an eye if there is any hacking, malware, or any other cyber threats to user’s data. However, if they find any suspicious activity, they immediately take action and protect the data at any cost.

4. Security Measure

The TeraBox security team does not only stop with these security measures but takes them a step further by conducting daily security audits and making updates.

They also execute some restrictions on the platform, like who can see or modify the data or share or access it. So, don’t worry about your data being misused or leaked, as the platform itself does its best to protect it.

5. ISO Certifications

After the IOS certifications, you all answered whether is TeraBox safe to use or not. TeraBox has achieved three IOS certifications, including IOS 27701, IOS 207001, and IOS 27018. The International Organization for Standardizations (IOS) ensures that the TeraBox app offers safe and good quality services to users.

6. Endorsement by Trend Micro

TeraBox is endorsed by Trend Micro, one of the most honorable cybersecurity firms all over the world, and this cloud storage app has a sense of credibility regarding security manners. This endorsement shows that TeraBox has undergone high scrutiny by cybersecurity experts and has been found to meet security standards.

7.  User Trust and Growth

Millions of individuals trust TeraBox to store their important personal data in it. You won’t believe that after a few months of the app’s launched, it had already reached approximately 10 million downloads globally. Currently, this app has over 100+ million downloads on Google Play Store. This means the users are satisfied with the platform’s performance and its security structure.

For all the above reasons, you got your answer to your question:: is TeraBox safe to use?

Final Verdict

In this article, we have fully described your query regarding is TeraBox safe choice to use. By the time we finish our investigation of whether is Terabox safe or not, it is clear that it is completely safe and secure to save your important files and memories.