Leaked GTA 6 Footage Confirms Real-Life Miami Locations in the Game

Leaked GTA 6 Footage
Leaked GTA 6 Footage

The developers of GTA 6 Rockstar Games are hitherto to authorize whether or not the game will take place in Vice City Miami. But fans have been getting compact leaks about the game map and locations.

Moreover, let us not forget that the most important leak of September 2022 has given us much material about the game. The leaked footage is still being looked into, and enthusiasts are determining newfangled information.

For instance, on Sunday, April 16, 2023, a fan account on Twitter X likened the buildings of the leaked GTA 6 footage to real-life buildings in Miami, Florida. Remarkably the comparison established that both match in pretty much each means.

leaked GTA 6 footage to real-life buildings

Furthermore, the fan account entitlements in the game building are almost similar to their real-life compliments and their sites. According to the user, they used Google Earth to find the buildings and exposed that the leaked GTA 6 gameplay depicted the same sequential order.

As the leaked videos showed, Twitter X users shared images listing the following buildings and locations in Miami, Florida.

  • Quantum on the Bay Condominium
  • 1800 Club
  • New Arena Apartments
  • Marina Blue Condo
  • Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay
  • Bay Parc Apartments
  • Opera Towers
  • 112 North Krome Avenue and various buildings in the surrounding area

As per the Twitter X fan account, a police hunting can be seen in one of the GTA 6 leaked videos, which can take place in a game comparable to North Krome Avenue, with all of the shops and buildings similar to real-life maps and locations.

However, the leaked video disclosed locations, including the areas where the real-life buildings were. All this material means the game could bring a higher level of preoccupation. A player senses like driving on the real roads of Miami while playing the game.