Legendary Fish RDR2: A Comprehensive Guide

rdr2 legendary fish locations
rdr2 legendary fish locations

The legendary fish RDR2 [Red Dead Redemption] is one of the fanciest tasks you will indulge yourself in as a top angler. It has some notable legendary fishing spots, and thanks to [Red Dead Redemption] RDR2, you can test your fishing skills.

Legendary fish in RDR2 allows you to locate various fish species in lakes and waterways that pique your interest across the landscape. If you’re excited about finding legendary fish in RDR2, let’s explore and hunt your prey.

Legendary Fish RDR2: Hunting Quest

Let’s learn to embark on a mission of each legendary fish in RDR2. Most importantly, you’ve to equip yourself first with the necessary tools you want, such as a rod and bait. Fishing rods acquired in the recent journey could help you get your desired prey in the RDR2 lakes and rivers. Searching your Red Dead Redemption RDR2 locale can assist you in obtaining your notable hauls. You want to try different fishing areas for your legendary fish RDR2. The chances of seeing such legendary fish in RDR2 vary depending on where you go fishing.

Jeremy Gill is the most likely person you’ll meet before embarking on your fishing adventure. In the southeastern Flat Neck station, you can find him in the lakeside hut along the north coast of Flat Iron Lake. Meeting him will allow you to enter the fisher of fish quest with the help of an introduction from a fishing world celebrity. The pursuit of “Pouring Forth Oil” in the main narrative of the second chapter lets you get aligned with John Marston. As the game progresses, you will get the quest after conversing with Abigail. As you get your conversation done with her, the journey to legendary fishing starts to unwind, taking Jack along with you. A map appears as well, so you can navigate to your location conveniently for hunting legendary fish RDR2.

rdr2 legendary fish
rdr2 legendary fish

A Legendary Lure as Bait for Prey: Legendary Fish RDR2

Try to get the chance to explore about 14 legendary fish in the RDR2 deep-water dredge. The map navigation is quite helpful as you can find it anywhere in the deep water.

Flat Iron Lake, located in the northeastern lake, is where you can unlock your fishing task, thanks to Jack Marston’s fishing abilities. As a collector in the “fisher of fish” quest, Jeremy Gill can assist you in navigating the map. “Legendary lures” are another way to attract your legendary fish RDR2. You can select from various lures ranging from 9 traditional lures to 4 unique lures.

As you may know, traditional lures will not suffice to entice such unusual and legendary fish RDR2, so you will need to get some unique lures. It costs $20 each at a fishing bait shop in bayou Nwa town around the Lake Lagras for $60. Special lake, swamp, and river lures are three attractive baits to hunt your prey, like all the 14 legendary fish. Without baiting these lures, players will not catch any legendary fish. The likelihood of seeing the legendary fish RDR2 increases with the pertinent lure for each fish type.

Explore the legendary fish in RDR2!

To facilitate navigation in the gameplay experience, starting hunting for legendary fish in RDR2 is outlined in the comprehensive guide to the article’s next section.

Legendary Fish RDR2: Blue Gill

Begin your search for BlueGill in the eastern to the southwest corner of Flat Iron Lake, where the west of “Rhodes” appears near Gill’s pier on the map. Find your east collection island towards the southern end of a small bay in the lake.

Legendary Bullhead Catfish

It is one of the most irritating fish to hunt. On the landlocked island that surrounds Sisika Penitentiary Island off the coast of Saint-Denis, you can find it across a large body of water. A rowboat is required to cross to its northern Saint-Denis, positioned between two Western Penitentiaries.

Legendary Fish RDR2: Perch

Perch is the easiest legendary fish to prey on RDR2. The unique lake lure helps to catch it in the Elysian pool. You can find it in the northeast corner of the Emerald Ranch at the Perch.

Legendary Chain Pickerel

The legendary Chain Pickerel is a tiny and easy-to-catch, legendary fish found bubbling in the northwest of the Flat Neck Station. You can locate it in the lowest region of the Dakota River.

Legendary Fish RDR2: Large Sturgeon

It’s on the railroad bridge southwest of Saint-Denis. You can catch such fish with little effort because it lives amid a body of water. Try to stand on the railroad bridge’s brink. It is significantly faster to catch it while paddling out in a rowboat. Keep yourself out of the way of approaching trains that could send you plunging into the abyss. If you let the fish pull the line beneath the bridge while fishing, it will snap quite immediately, so be careful following such fish.

Legendary Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass is an easy-to-detect monster among the tiny fry in the clear water at Rio Del Lobo. Prepare to dunk your feet in shallow water and entice your largemouth bass with Special Lake Lure.

Legendary Longnose Gar

Look for Longnose Gar at the Lagras northwest of Saint-Denis. You will need a unique swamp lure to allure such legendary fish as RDR2. You pick it up from your closest bait shop once you can look for it in the swamplands. It is not that big, but you need to be careful of nasty alligators lurking around your ankle. Be cautious about nearby beasts; they might scare you or ruin your painstaking effort.

Legendary Fish RDR2: Muskie

Muskie lives in the most inconvenient place of a lighthouse south of Van Horn. To allure your legendary Muskie, you can use a unique river lure. To gain a significant position on the specified range of cliffs, you should scramble across the rocks. The most challenging part of catching a Muskie is placing it on your horse to transport it back to land. Try to keep your horse close to the cliff or face defeat while riding in the waterway.

Legendary Fish RDR2: Redfin Pickerel

Redfin Pickerel is not such that you can search it with your naked eyes. It is pretty tricky to catch, so it says to keep an eagle eye to locate it in the murky water. Cast off your pier lines on the creek’s north side to get the best chance to bite it.

Legendary Rock Bass

It is one of the legendary Aurora basin fish that resides in the west of Manzanita post. Grab it with the effort of a unique lake lure. It is one of the easiest preys with casting your line close.

Legendary Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Another legendary fish that you can find near the Owanjila Lake in the west of Strawberry is Smallmouth Bass. Unique lake lure is an enticing creature for catching on to it. Let’s go to Owanjila Lake, just off the Owanjila Dam Road. Because of the existence of such a beast beneath the sea, you may notice a swarm of bubbles.

Legendary Sockeye Salmon

You can find sockeye salmon in Isabella Lake, located to the northwest of Mount Hagen. Get as close to this brilliant red beast as you can. There is no ice to get in your way. A special lake lure is quite handy for enticing sockeye salmon.

Legendary Fish RDR2: Steelhead Trout

Giant steelhead trout live in Willard’s Rest. It is quite challenging to catch due to its gigantic size. Unfortunately, the Willard riverbank is not worthy enough to make the smooth way to the stream islands. To keep your house close to the shore, be cautious when grabbing it downstream. You can lose it if you don’t drag it to the coast.


Once you’ve caught all 13 legendary fish and mailed them to Jeremy Gill, you’ll receive an invitation to enter the last fishing expedition, “A Fisher of Fish.” I feel it is worthwhile for you to get your shins wet on a fishing excursion, leaving it to you to avoid any spoilers. So, hopefully, it will benefit from getting through the fish hunting adventure.