Link’s Awakening Boomerang: The Legend of Zelda

boomerang link's awakening

The Legend of Zenda series has a barter system for trading items. Link’s Awakening Boomerang was the first game in which this tradition began. It featured one of the game’s most prolonged trading sequences, spanning the entire game and bringing you closer to the bizarre inhabitants of Koholint Island while also granting you access to the highly desired Boomerang.It is an optional item in “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” that allows you to attack and shock enemies from afar.

The best way to finish in Link’s Awakening Boomerang

The mandatory completion of specific stages to advance the story distinguishes the “Link’s Awakening” trading sequence from the previous versions. Furthermore, the reward for completing the game is hidden knowledge that will assist you in reaching the final dungeon, as well as the Link’s Awakening Boomerang item.

As a result, you’ll need some pointers and tips on how to get started in the game because knowing where to go next isn’t always obvious. You can get stuck if you miss a piece of dialogue or a clue, and you can’t get through it all at once because it’s so intertwined with the game plot.

zelda link's awakening boomerang
zelda link’s awakening boomerang

Link’s awakening boomerang quest has several stages

We provide the following valuable guidelines for trading quests in “Link’s AwakeningBoomerang.”

Getting Yoshi Doll

The first item that you need to get in Link’s awakening boomerang is the Yoshi doll. Then, starting with a visit to the popular game store in “Mabe Village,” you must face potentially the most difficult challenge on the entire island: Winning a crane game. “Mabe Village” is the grass-encircled building south of the field. The popular crane game is incredibly picky, with slight deviations resulting in the crane dropping your Yoshi prize.

Handover Ribbon to CiaoCiao

In the following level of Link’s Awakening Boomerang, you must determine the purpose of Yoshi Doll, but in the switch version, the child outside the Trendy game informs you that his mother can use the doll to calm her new baby. To exchange Ribbon for the Yoshi Doll, go to Papahl and Mamasha’s house in the northern village and speak with Mamasha.

You must go to Madame Meow-Meow and her Bow-Bows house in the village center. Then turn right and ask Ciao-Ciao what she wants for an accessory to adorn herself. Then hand over the ribbon in exchange for some dog food.

Handover Bananas to Kiki: Link’s Awakening Boomerang

The next journey in Link’s Awakening Boomerang takesback to Toronbo Shore. You continue in the northeastern part of the area until you arrive at the alligator’s home. It would be beneficial to speak with him because he sells bananas. He can exchange a bunch of bananas for dog food.

Link’s Awakening Boomerang tale linked closely with banana trading. You can’t get to Kanalet Castle if you don’t start the trading sequence because there isn’t a way across the bridge. You’ll then need to return to “Mabe Village” to begin the trading sequence, which will allow you to progress through the game gradually. You can find “KiKi,” the cheeky monkey, near the Kanalet trench if you want to give him the bananas. He will then assemble a team of monkeys to construct a moat for you and leave a stick behind.

Give Stick to Tarin

At this Link’s Awakening Boomerang stage, you might have noticed Tarin wanderingaround on UkukuPraireif you have completed Key Cavern before this point.  Tarin wants honey in exchange for a stick used to knock a beehive out of a tree. Tarin had no idea that bees would come after him once the hive fell. Luckily, they leave their honeycomb behind for you.

Give Honeycomb to Chef Bear

Another necessary step in the quest of Link’sAwakening Boomerang is the exchange of honeycombs. Go to the Animal Village and talk to the bear chef. In exchange, he can give you pineapple and tell you how to move the Walrus that is blocking your path to Yarna Desert by bringing Marin along to sing to Walrus.

Handover Hibiscus to Christine: Link’s Awakening Boomerang

Papahl once told you that he would get lost upon Tal Tal height later on your mission to uncover the Angler’s Tunnel, the game’s fourth dungeon. You will run into him. He was not only lost but also hungry so that he couldn’t move. Once you’ve given him the pineapple, you’ll be rewarded with a lovely Hibiscus to relieve your pain.

Return to Animal Village to see Christine, the goat, in the village’s north part. Give her Hibiscus, and she’ll ask you to deliver a letter to Mr. White.

Deliver Mr. White a letter

To access Mr. White House, you must return to Mysterious Forest on the upper left side of Koholint Island using this Link’s Awakening Boomerang. First, he’ll be delighted to hear from Christine and show you Princess Peach’s picture. Following that, you’ll get a broom.

Deliver Grandma Yahoo a broom

It would be helpful if you returned to Animal Village and handed over the broom you obtained from Mr. White. Grandma Yahoo is in desperate need of a new broom. She’s attempting to broom the sidewalk in front of her house. Because it isn’t working correctly, giving her a broom will be pretty beneficial.

Grandma yahoo is so pleased with her new broom that she offers you a fishing hook in exchange. Unfortunately, the following segment of Link’s awakening boomerang is complex.

Give fisherman a hook: Link’s Awakening Boomerang

It would be advantageous if you met a fisherman at Martha’s Bay. He works beneath the bridge that connects the mainland to the small island. He says he’ll give you anything he catches next. As her following catch, he receives a necklace. A mermaidwanted this necklace.

Bring mermaid scales to the statue

You must locate a mermaid in the Catfish Maw dungeon and return a necklace to her. In exchange, she gives you her scale. Take the mermaid scale to the mermaid statue south of Martha Bay to the catfishs Maw.

Final Stage: Link Awakening Boomerang and the Magnifying glass 

The statue will shift, and you will be able to enter the cave through the revealing stairway. Finally, it led to the significant payoff in “Link’s Awakening Boomerang”: The Magnifying Lens.

The magnifying lens enables you to read a previously unseen book in the library. The book will point you in the direction of the wind fish’s egg. Knowing its route will undoubtedly aid in selecting the best course from the four paths.

Before you may acquire Link’s Awakening Boomerang, you must first discover the magical magnifying glass. It means that you must use barter to complete any deal. You can meet a Zora at Zoodorf’s northern house if you have a magnifying lens. Zora is surprised that you can see him with the magical magnifying glass, so he bestows you with a magic shell. He also gives an essential tip: look for a cave at Toronga Beach. So go to Toronga Beach, which is south of Movendorf, and then set your sights on the coast to the left, which is where you got your sword. A cracked wall implies that a bomb will be there.

Goriya will exchange your Boomerang for any of your cave stuff. You can barter any item in your inventory at the time. For example, you can exchange your shovel, but you must pay him 300 rubies if you want it back.

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