10 Best B2B SEO Experts in the UK

SEO Experts in the UK
SEO Experts in the UK

The UK’s bustling market, brimming with rivals, necessitates a well-crafted optimisation strategy to prevent your venture from sinking into the abyss of internet anonymity. This is the conundrum – a tangled web of SEO intricacies that can appear overwhelming, particularly when your primary skills reside elsewhere.

The consequences of missteps are severe. Each slip in your SEO approach can erode precious visibility, propelling you further into the depths of search engine rankings. The rivalry is relentless, and the game’s rules are in perpetual flux. It’s akin to aiming at a shifting target shrouded in darkness.

Now, envisage having a seasoned navigator, a luminary in B2B SEO expert, steering you through this digital labyrinth. A maestro who comprehends the UK market’s nuances, ready to arm your business with the competitive advantage it craves. Look no further, as, in this article, we unveil 10 of the best online marketers in the UK.

1: Viktor Bartak

With a laser focus on boosting rankings for over 15 years, Viktor Bartak has sharpened his skills to a fine point, becoming a master in his field, especially in B2B SaaS SEO. Currently, he serves as the Head of SEO at NUOPTIMA, where he crafts and implements strategies that drive web-based visibility and organic growth.

In his role as the Head of SEO at a top-tier agency, Viktor Bartak has an impressive track record of industry recognition. His excellence in the field of SEO was highlighted when he clinched the Best B2B SEO Campaign 2022 title at the prestigious UK Search Awards.

Alongside this impressive accolade, Viktor’s multi-faceted SEO capabilities have led to him being named as a finalist in several other prestigious categories. His nominations for Best SEO Campaign, Best Use of B2B Search, Best Use of B2C Search, and Best Use of FMCG Search at various awards functions are a testament to his expertise in enhancing the digital footprint and customer reach of numerous brands and businesses across diverse industries.

One of the unique aspects of Viktor Bartak’s approach to SEO is his ability to identify and leverage quick adjustments that can significantly boost traffic in a short period. A case in point is his work with a client where he identified a category of pages that were not being indexed by Google. By making the necessary technical fixes and publishing high-quality content on these pages, Bartak and his team were able to achieve immediate results, with the pages generating an additional 1000 keywords in just a few days. This led to a 45% increase in traffic compared to the previous 28-day period.

Moreover, his insights and experiences, shared on social networking apps, provide a glimpse into his deep understanding of SEO and its pivotal role in business growth. Viktor Bartak is also a valued member of the Alphawell Brands team, a group of passionate professionals dedicated to building and scaling global brands. 

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialisation: SEO, Digital Marketing
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /viktor-bartak

2: Alexej Pikovsky

Alexej Pikovsky holds an impressive track record, including the acquisition and scaling of 96North, a venture that, under his leadership, achieved annual revenue of $1.2 million. This is not all, as Pikovsky’s business acumen extends to NUOPTIMA, an SEO agency that continues to thrive with a seven-figure run rate and healthy profit margins. This success has not gone unnoticed, with the agency being awarded the Best B2B Agency in SEO at the prestigious UK Search Awards.

But let’s rewind a bit. Pikovsky’s journey in digital marketing didn’t start with NUOPTIMA. Alexej is an investor turned operator. Alexej started his journey in Investment Banking at Nomura in London, followed by many years as an investor in venture capital (Delin Ventures) and private equity. That time allowed him to study different business models, understand different growth levers, and also grow his ability to fundraise. 

At the end of 2019, Alexej started a marketplace in the CBD industry, an industry where SEO is key to success. On the back of the success story with the marketplace, NUOPTIMA was born, and subsequent rounds of capital have been raised to create alphawellbrands.com – a holding of profitable internet businesses. 

Moreover, Pikovsky’s LinkedIn profile is a rich source of insights, reflecting his deep understanding of business growth and strategy. His posts offer a glimpse into his journey of scaling businesses from millions to tens of millions, sharing valuable lessons along the way. Simply, Pikovsky’s passion is unmistakable, as is his dedication to his ventures and his generosity in sharing his expertise with others. This was particularly evident when he and his team hosted an SEO Accelerator program, revealing their industry secrets and securing new clients in the process.

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialisation: SEO, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /alexej-pikovsky

3: Lisa Mazharova

With a decade-long career in content marketing and an MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland, Lisa Mazharova is a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise. She has worked with multiple UK-based clients and led SEO and content projects across diverse sectors such as cybersecurity, fintech, e-commerce, and SaaS. Her scientific background, coupled with her content creation skills, gives her a distinctive edge, enabling her to craft narratives that not only communicate a business’s value proposition but also resonate with their audiences.

Additionally, as the head of a global team of the best SEO Agency of over 30 talented copywriters, Mazharova fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation. Her leadership style encourages creativity and quality, ensuring the production of top-notch content. Mazharova’s knack for turning words into engaging narratives has helped businesses forge meaningful connections with their audiences. 

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialisation: SEO, Content Strategy
  • Based in: Ukraine (offers services in the UK)
  • LinkedIn Profile: /lisa-mazharova-095a47134

4: Aman Ghataura

Aman Ghataura specialises in driving growth for B2B service providers and SaaS businesses. As the Head of Growth at NUOPTIMA, Ghataura has amassed an impressive portfolio, which includes spending over $3m+ in paid ads, generating qualified 100s of sales calls, and steering an agency from inception to £1m ARR in just 18 months.

Ghataura’s educational background is as impressive as his professional achievements. He is an alumnus of Imperial College London, where he completed his MSci in Physics. This strong academic foundation has undoubtedly played a significant role in his analytical approach to SEO and digital marketing.

Ghataura is also a sought-after professional known for his workshops, where he shares his organic strategies. He regularly contributes to the digital marketing community through various platforms, including his LinkedIn and NUOPTIMA’s YouTube channel, where he hosts informative sessions on topics like forecasting ROI from SEO.

  • Company: NUOPTIMA
  • Specialisation: B2B Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, Webinar Funnels, Ghostwriting, Personal Branding
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /amangrowth

5: Fili Wiese

Fili Wiese is currently an SEO consultant at SearchBrothers.com, a company he co-founded. Wiese spent seven years at Google, tackling both web and click spam and serving as a Google Search Quality team member and Google senior support engineer. His expertise lies in international SEO, backlink analysis, online marketing, Google reconsideration requests, Google penalties, and Google penalty recovery.

Prior to the establishment of SearchBrothers.com, Wiese was extensively engaged in scrutinising web spam signals on a considerable scale, examining linking networks, imposing manual actions (Google penalties) on websites, and lifting them after successful reconsideration requests. He also played a vital role in formulating and executing Google Search Quality policies while aiding webmasters through Google Webmaster forums and conferences.

  • Company: SearchBrothers
  • Specialisation: Technical SEO, Web Performance
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /filiwiese

6: Tom Crowe

Based in London, UK, Tom Crowe is a freelance SEO consultant with a global clientele. He has successfully worked with clients from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Tom manages his projects online, which allows him to offer reasonable pricing while maintaining high standards of optimisation.

With a career spanning over eight years in the SEO industry, Tom’s fervour for his craft is palpable in his output. His expertise encompasses technical and on-page SEO, competitive intelligence, and keyword exploration, among other areas. His professional journey has led him to work across a multitude of sectors, such as healthcare, tourism, education, nonprofits, media, finance, technology, and retail.

Tom’s dedication to his clientele is reflected in the numerous positive reviews he has garnered. Clients have lauded his meticulousness in competitive investigation and keyword scrutiny, his strategic orientation towards SEO, and the measurable outcomes they have experienced as a result of his efforts.

  • Company: Tom Crowe Digital (TCD)
  • Specialisation: SEO, PPC, E-Commerce
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /tom-crowe-freelance-seo-specialist-london/

7: Arek Estall

Arek Estall’s unique strength lies in his ability to understand complex businesses and markets quickly and to identify what makes a company stand out. This ability allows him to provide clear strategic insights that are both industry-specific and fresh. He completed his CIM Postgrad in 2014, a valuable qualification that provides a holistic and strategic view of SEO and UX, a perspective he finds rare in the current, often tactical, industry.

Initially, Estall served as the head of marketing for a professional services firm, Wolfestone, where digital marketing played a crucial role in its rapid growth and multiple award wins. Then, from 2015 to 2021, he established and ran a boutique digital marketing agency called All Trousers, which specialised in working with fast-growth-oriented companies with strong care cultures. The agency had six employees and around six regular contractors as part of its extended team. 

  • Company: Freelance SEO Consultant
  • Specialisation: SEO, Digital Marketing, Advertising
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /arekestall

8: Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny’s expertise is backed by over a decade of delivering talks and seminars as an SEO expert. He is an award-winning professional, having won Clutch awards in three different industries for his SEO work. He has been featured in various magazines and industry websites, including Forbes, SemRush, CMO, and Brand24. His clients have given him a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, praising his collaborations, technical analysis, and work with website performance.

Moreover, his success in the internet marketing industry has led to his selection as a judge for a number of prestigious search and social media events and awards ceremonies. However, he is more than just a corporate face and a bank of data. Alongside his wife, Parul, Lukasz launched SEO.London, allowing them to spend more time together as a family and contribute to less fortunate families through their Doing Good initiative.

The agency also offers on-page and off-page marketing, auditing, and the implementation of data-driven solutions. Zelezny offers both one-off services for specific events or products and long-term campaigns that involve several complementary strategies. His goal is always to deliver results, which he has a history of achieving.

  • Company: SEO.London
  • Specialisation: SEO, Content Marketing
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /seomanagerlondon

9: Kurt Wood

Kurt Wood has worked with prominent names such as Trustpilot, Calm for Business, LiveRamp, Akamai, and Webhelp, as well as numerous enterprise e-commerce brands. However, as a freelance consultant, Kurt primarily takes up website growth projects of early-stage startups, particularly in the SaaS and other B2B tech industries.

Wood understands the unique SEO challenges that startups face. He has developed specific processes and methodologies to address these challenges, making him a valuable asset to any startup looking to enhance its online presence. Importantly, Wood is not just a strategist; he is also a hands-on practitioner who creates content, makes technical fixes, and generally gets his hands dirty.

Wood has helped a number of businesses achieve significant growth in their unbranded search traffic, increase the number of queries for which they rank in the top three, and see immediate traffic increases through technical improvements. His clients appreciate his strategic, problem-solving approach, his creativity, and his ability to drive results.

  • Company: Freelance
  • Specialisation: SEO, Content Strategist, Content Writer
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /kurt-wood-31b8b0aa

10: Rob May

With over 12 years of experience, Rob May has helped numerous businesses across the UK, US, and Europe to improve their SEO performance and grow their online presence. His services encompass a wide range of SEO aspects, including content strategy, technical and local SEO. He ensures that websites can be crawled and indexed efficiently by search engine bots and optimises them to rank for target keywords. 

Rob also develops Google Business Profiles to show in the local map pack and rank for ‘near me’ and location-based search queries. Through intensive keyword research, he identifies opportunities to improve and produce content to drive a targeted audience that’s more likely to convert to the website.

Rob’s services are not limited to SEO strategy and implementation. He also offers training and development for teams, helping them understand the intricacies of SEO and how to leverage it for their business’s growth. His clients have praised his knowledge, creativity, and can-do attitude, as well as his ability to turn theoretical concepts into practical solutions.

  • Company: Rob May SEO Ltd
  • Specialisation: Local SEO, Organic Growth, Content Strategy
  • Based in: London, United Kingdom
  • LinkedIn Profile: /robcmay90


And there you have it, a comprehensive round-up of the 10 top-notch SEO maestros in the UK. With their proficiency in boosting visibility, these experts bring a variety of strengths to the digital table. Whether you’re a small business craving local growth or an established brand aiming for global prominence, there’s an SEO guru on this list tailored to meet your specific needs. Now, it’s over to you! Explore, interact and choose the best fit for your business. After all, the right SEO expert can make all the difference between simply existing in the vast web-based world and making a memorable mark.