Love Babbar’s DSA Sheet – Here’s everything you  need to know!

Amazon coding questions
Amazon coding questions

Software developers, programmers or computer graduates who are aspiring to learn data structure and algorithms or to crack a tough coding interview surely need a good resource!

While there are plenty of resources that prove to be fruitful, not all of them are effective.

But worry not! We have picked one of the finest resources that has said to help many programmers crack big companies’ interviews – Love Babbar DSA Sheet.

Love Babbar’s DSA sheet is known for its precise questions that are commonly asked in interviews.

 Moreover, the solutions and the solving methods are also explained in tutorial videos for better understanding.

In this guide, we will have a thorough glance at what the Love Babbar DSA sheet is and how you can be benefitted.

What is Love Babbar’s DSA sheet?

Love Babbar is a sheet that comprises 450 questions related to data structures and algorithms. If you’re a person searching for, say, Amazon coding questions to crack an Amazon interview, Love Babbar’s sheet is an amazing resource.

The reason why we consider it a great resource is because, the founder of this DSA sheet handpicked commonly repeated questions related to diverse topics like arrays, graphs, trees, linked list, strings and more!


Who is the founder?

As the name suggests, the sheet was found byLove Babbar, a famous YouTuber who is well known for his videos on coding and career guidance. Love Babbar is a graduate from NSUT, Delhi and currently he is posting his YouTube vlogs for the benefit of coders. Apart from these, Love Babbar was recommended for SSB, and is a former employee of both Microsoft and Amazon.

How has Love Babbar made this sheet?

  • The problems are hand-picked by Love Babbar and taken from top-rated coding sites.
  • The questions he picked can all be answered within 2 to 3 months by professionals or freshers who have a strong knowledge of DSA.
  • If someone is completely new to DSA, this sheet can be completed within 4 months.
  • The questions are mostly repeated in various interviews conducted by reputed companies.
  • All the solutions are available on YouTube with detailed walkthroughs by the founder himself.
  • He has provided questions ranging in difficulty from easy to hard.

This sheet will help you with…

The 450 coding questions on the DSA sheet from Love Babbar will aid with

  • Recognising each and every DSA concept and idea.
  • Passing the DSA round for the interviews in major companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.
  • A thorough full-fledged practice with just one resource, all at one place.

How can one solve the Love Babbar sheet?

As mentioned above, it will usually take 2 to 3 months for someone to finish all 450 questions at a regular pace. But the main prerequisite is that the learners must have basic data structure and algorithm knowledge.

Moreover, they must also have knowledge of at least C++, Java, or Python. If a programmer has knowledge of both the programming languages, it will be easy to solidly complete the sheet within 2 months.

Additionally, the learner must know how to use STL, as it will help with implementing data structures easily.

How are the questions distributed?

In this sheet, the questions cover almost every DSA concept and are distributed as,

  • Arrays (36 questions)
  • Matrix (10 questions)
  • Strings (43 questions)
  • Searching and Sorting (36 questions)
  • Linked List (36 questions)
  • Bit Manipulation (10 questions)
  • Greedy (35 questions)
  • Backtracking (19 questions)
  • Dynamic Programming (60 questions)
  • Stacks and Queues (38 questions)
  • Binary Trees (35 questions)
  • Binary Search Tree (22 questions)
  • Graphs (44 questions)
  • Heap (18 questions)
  • Trie (6 questions)

How would the questions be?

In this sheet questions will be direct and will come with a practice link and solutions. Some example questions are,

  • Print elements in sorted order; use row-column wise sorted matrix
  • Find all pairs on integer array whose sum is equal to given number
  • Find pivot element in a sorted array
  • Why are strings immutable in the case of Java?
  • Write a Program to Move the last element to Front in a Linked List.
  • Divide two integers without using multiplication, division and mod operator
  • Minimizing the cash flow for a set of neighbors who have lent food to one another.
  • Print all possible paths from top left to bottom right of a mXn matrix
  • Count Derangements (Permutation such that no element appears in its original position)
  • Implement a method to insert an element at its bottom without using any other data structure.
  • Program for generating possible valid IP addresses from a given string
  • Check if a Binary Tree contains duplicate subtrees of size 2 or more
  • Count pairs from 2 BST whose sum is equal to given value “X”
  • Rearranging characters in a given string so that no two adjacent are same
  • Find shortest unique prefix for every word in a given list

There will be many questions as such and if you work on them all, then it surely means you now have enough practice to crack a DSA interview!


Every programmer who is aiming for a job role at a big firm would definitely be nervous when it comes to cracking a DSA interview.

 We can surely say that with the help of top-notch resources like Love Babbar 450, one can surely improve their skills in an efficient way.

We hope you’ve got all your details in this blog and are off to start the Love Babbar Sheet. We wish you the best of luck!