Maximise Your Instagram Efforts: Download Media to Schedule with GetInsta

Instagram Efforts
Instagram Efforts

Growing your Instagram can be done in several ways, and using specific tools to enhance the processes involved in this growth is one good way to do it. 

A great way to use tools is using Instagram to schedule content posting alongside an Instagram downloader tool that lets you download Instagram videos and other media files. In this article, we talk about Instagram scheduling tools and GetInsta video downloader.

Scheduling Contents on Instagram

Learning to schedule your content has many merits, which include freeing up more time to do other essential management activities such as strategy building, community engagement, and more. 

Instagram app allows users to schedule up to 25 posts for up to 75 days. This feature is only available for professional accounts.

Users can activate the schedule option from the advanced setting when creating new media content. You can also manage scheduled content like images and reels. Users can reschedule, share now, or delete scheduled content.

Benefits of scheduling Instagram posts

  1. Scheduling helps to improve your social media strategy by giving you time to diversify content types to engage your audience more. You get to plan your content better and prepare well by taking the time to create storytelling content or edit media without rush.
  1. Managing your time more means you get to post higher-quality content. Creating content on Instagram involves a couple of tasks, such as writing captions, editing images, and applying hashtags. Late posting can lead to burnout. Scheduling posts lets you plan, create batch uploads, and then sit back as you watch your content release in a better way.
  1. Free up your tight schedule so you can engage with your followers better. Scheduling posts saves valuable time, allowing you to engage followers and reply to comments.
  1. Create consistent ad campaigns that go beyond Instagram. Scheduling posts make sure that they go live at optimal time. Certain social media management tools even allow the synchronisation of various channels, reducing the need for real-time publishing.
  1. Scheduling encourages brainstorming and team collaboration. It promotes early planning, allowing the social teams and marketer to refine content well before they are posted.

Great Tips for Scheduling Posts on Instagram

The truth is that you can’t just prepare all your Instagram posts for weeks or a month ahead and expect big changes to occur. Here are some considerations if you are scheduling for the first time or looking to try something new:

  • Always monitor your content calendar. Ask yourself questions like if you are hitting the right publishing frequency, how you promote content to boost engagement, and if there are opportunities to cross-post on other social networks. Answering these questions helps you create more goal-driven posts that perform better over time. 
  • Fully optimise the timing of your post to boost engagements. Times when follower activity peaks can vary based on time zone. Rather than leave everything to chance and assume your followers will eventually come online to see your post, you’ll know the perfect time to post based on overall follower engagement data.
  • Know when you should pause your posting schedule. There are certain periods when content shouldn’t be put out. Sober periods or when tragedy occurs are bad times to release new posts. It is best to adjust the schedule calendar to avoid posting at such times to avoid being insensitive.

GetInsta: Top downloader for Instagram Content

GetInsta is a web platform that allows users to download Instagram posts online and save them directly to their devices. The platform is easy to use, and download can be done in just a few clicks of some buttons. 

The service provides the downloaded Instagram content in its original form. GetInsta is a management tool you can perfectly blend with Instagram post scheduling. 

To use GetInsta, copy the post URL from Instagram, and paste the link on the website, click the download button to generate downloadable content. You can now download your favourite content in high quality. 

Downloading media Content from Instagram with GetInsta

Strategically scheduling Instagram content is key to account growth. But constantly creating fresh content is extremely time-consuming. GetInsta saves you time by allowing you to quickly download any Instagram photo, video, or story in high quality. Having this content downloaded and ready to go streamlines scheduling and planning. Now, you can easily batch-prep posts and stories weeks in advance, maximising your Instagram efforts.