Microsoft Threatens Companies using Binge’s Search Index to Power their AI Chatbots

Microsoft Threatens Companies using Binge’s Search Index
Microsoft Threatens Companies using Binge’s Search Index

Microsoft currently warned its rivals who are using Binge’s search index to power their AI Chatbots services, as per the reports from Bloomberg, in which the company reportedly threatened two anonymous Bing-powered search engines by saying “if such companies do not stop using Microsoft as the foundation for their artificial intelligence chat products, Microsoft will cut access.

The search index is an online map that a specific search engine can easily reach while looking for outcomes necessary for a particular query.

Since when Microsoft integrated OpenAI’s AI-powered chat engine into Bing, the opponents quickly started using Bing in their products. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft granted a license to use Bing’s search data to other web searches engines, such as DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and the artificial intelligence search engine Both and Neeva debuted in 2021, also use some of the results from Bing, helping to save some of the time and resources required to crawl the full web, while DuckDuckGo, for instance, uses a combination of Bing and its web crawler to offer search results.

Yet, it appears that Microsoft is restricted when using Bing’s search index as conversational AI Chatbots. At the same time, Bloomberg reports that according to sources, Microsoft considers this usage of Bing’s data to be a breach of its contract and may choose to sever ties with the search engines accused of misusing this data. And the success of the company’s chatbot depends on Bing. It might soon come to an end. Although nobody knows which search engine Bloomberg’s report refers to as DuckDuckGo, have launched its own Ai tools. You may come to our website for more updates

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