10+ Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 Beautiful, Amazing Worlds

Best Minecraft Seeds Ps4
Best Minecraft Seeds Ps4

Here are the best Minecraft seeds for PS4, when playing Minecraft on Play Station 4, understanding some seeds that can set you up for the rest of the game might prove to be of great help. Whether you’re an adventurer, a miner, a builder, or merely a survivalist, you require the best resources to play the game. And what great way to make sure that you generate at a great location?

There are various Minecraft seeds that players keep seeing and posting in forums to let others know. We have selected our top five picks for the best Minecraft seeds for Playstation 4 right here to assist you on your way to a new adventure. Here are the some of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4:


Best Minecraft seeds for PS4

Here, we will explain 5 best Minecraft seeds that will help you in a new venture.

Village at Spawn and Mesa Biome (Seed: 2109369554) 

This useful seed helps you spawn much close to a village, where you can set yourself up well with the iron armor and swords at the blacksmith. If you move away from the town, you can spot a few different biomes, including forest and mesa.

If you jump directly down at 114, 12,-463, and then you can see a cluster of 8 diamonds, all ready for the plucking. Minecraft players can attempt out this seed on their PS4 faster.

Survival Island (Seed Code: 2109231493)

Everyone likes a good past survival island spawn to live out their Castaway fantasies, albeit without the reliable ball named Wilson. If you’re up for a survival challenge, then this tiny island seed is the perfect one for you.

You spawn on a relatively more minor island with a few trees to help you get the necessary gear. If you travel to one side of the island, amongst the sugar canes, you will notice a monument that can provide you many resources to fuel your game.

Rare Stronghold (Seed: 284175251)

This might be an excellent seed for people who love trying speed runs in Minecraft. When you spawn in this world, you can quickly find the cave entry that will lead you to the stronghold at 149, 70, 1499.

The stronghold itself is pretty loaded with helpful stuff, like two libraries where you can find six enchanted books. It also previously has 5 eyes of Ender ready so that your hunt for Endermen is a bit comfortable.

Temple and Ravine at spawn (Seed: 194699705)

Temple and Ravine is another useful seed that steers you right near a temple that is loaded with some handy loot. When you run away from the temple, you will also come across a ravine right in the center of the desert biome.

The ravine is tricky, but if you go on watching, you can find a few valuable ores inside. Finally, there’s also a village right next to the ravine in the desert biome, with a few more resources to help you with your Minecraft game.

Witch Hunt, Swamp Biome, and Shipwreck, (Seed: 2379729)

This Minecraft seed benefits you spawn near a rather resource-rich spot, with a shipwreck, a witch’s hut, and 2 villages with 3 blacksmiths each, all within a few hundred blocks from the spawn.

You can also spot a broken portal and a shipwreck at the scene. Once you explore a short, you will discover the two villages with three blacksmiths each, full of resources.

These are the great Minecraft seeds that players can use for their Sony PS4.


The greatest Minecraft seeds Java Varient- PC

Weirdo Living in a Hole (1.13)

Seed: 1413498379

Do you know the saying living under a rock? The phrase’s about this guy. His title is Bruce, he’s a librarian, and he survives in a villager house which, for some reason, is in a ravine. I once asked him if he thought Apex Legends is better than Fortnite, and he told me he’d never heard of either of them. Arranging a house to spawn in a ravine is much rare, so if you want to evict him, no one will hold it against you.

Swampy Village (1.13)

Seed: 1869731787

The great thing about swamp spawns is how even a crappy 4/4 wooden hut will seem amazing in them. What performs this generates even better is the nearby village located to the right. Unhappily there isn’t a Greggs there, so you’ll have to please your hunger by eating brown swamp mush, or as they call it in the real world, McDonald’s.

The Snowpocalypse 1.13

Seed: -986625532

Post-Christmas blues got you down? If you’re over 30, the reply is ‘no.’ If not, this seed is a wintery wonderland packed with creepers to sleighs, but only if you’ve perceived the jingle bells to face them head-on. If you’re viewing to suit up before the Christmassy carnage starts, there’s also a rather handy igloo whole of old Christmas puns to loot.

It’s High Noon…

Seed: -676194426

There aren’t enough cowboy-themed builds in Minecraft. Sure there’s the much superior Dustville paid map on Bedrock, but players tend to stick to modern or medieval themes when building. If you feel a bit anarchistic and want to go against the grain, this seed spawns you right next to some badlands that would be perfect for creating a blockier version of Rockstar’s cowboy simulator.

Jurassic in the Dark 1.12

Seed: -999595225643433963

Remember when everyone was excited about fossils? Me neither, but if you’re feeling the urge to become a paleontologist, this seed spawns you right near a ravine. Carefully scale down said ravine, and when you reach the darkened area, you’ll spot yourself a pearly-white fossil. Just make sure you bring torches with you if you want to see what you’re doing.

Lonely Landscape 1.12

Seed: -7056348340120162299

File this one under ‘Island Retreat.’ What creates this such a great pick is the size of the island – not so big that it finishes up being just another clump of land and not so tiny that all you can put on it is a piddly little clay hut. Plus, having that many trees available are also pretty handy.

Ravishing Ravine 1.13

Seed: 2728538

How are you finding Update Aquatic? Good, yeah? Cool. We’ve included a few different aquatic seeds so far, but for the ultimate challenge, this seed puts all your skills to the test. Can you sustain the (really, really) deep ravine and live to tell the story? Will you surrender to the seemingly infinite darkness that haunts the depths? But it’s still worth trying.

How can we use seeds in Minecraft?

If you do not know how to use seeds in Minecraft, don’t worry. Here we will explain how to use the seeds and how to make a new Minecraft world by using seeds. Let’s go ahead.

  • When you go to the screen of Minecraft, you will see the single-player mode. Tap on it.
  • Then, it will guide you to a list of your accessible worlds. So, tap on “Create a New World” to make a customized world.
  • After that, you have to tap on “More World Options” on the right side of the screen. Here, you can set the trouble and other settings as per your own choices while setting up the world.
  • Next, you will see a black textbox at the top where you can enter the seed number. Then, enter the seed code for the world you want to discover. Next, tap on “Create a new world” to complete it. While typing the seed code, make sure to include the negative sign in the value. If it has someone else, you will have to enter a world different from the one you want to join.


we have mentioned the best Minecraft seeds for PS4, now you can enjoy your game and create the best and new worlds of Minecraft. if you have any queries related to the topic feel free to comment us.