Mobile application for business – whim or necessity

Mobile application for business
Mobile application for business

The modern digital environment is multi-channel, so it is important for businesses to be present at several sites and constantly contact potential customers. Presence in the information field of the consumer and increasing brand awareness is one of the key goals of companies.

You can effectively communicate with the audience in a mobile application. This is convenient because almost everyone has a smartphone, and useful because applications provide ample opportunities. Therefore, a business can increase the loyalty of the target audience if it focuses on a convenient application with useful features. This is why we are recommended to hire custom mobile app development specialists, to build your own app.

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular: in 2021, App Annie, an analytical company, calculated that on average a user spends 4.8 hours a day on various services on a smartphone. In the same year, users around the world downloaded more than 435,000 apps per minute, and spent 25% more on them than in 2020 – $ 135 billion a year. Companies that do not enter the mobile app market are missing out on great development opportunities.

The benefits of a mobile application for business

Let’s look at a few reasons why a company would benefit from making an app.

Increase in sales

Making purchases in the online application is much more convenient and faster. Online shopping is not limited by time or place, it attracts customers with a large assortment and minimal costs. Therefore, clothing brands or stores with goods using the application can increase sales.

Customer acquisition 

The application helps to appear more often in the information field of customers with the help of promotions, discounts, and various bonuses. Notifications, mailing lists and push notifications stimulate repeat purchases and attract new consumers. You can also transfer loyalty programs, bonus cards to the application and make the client’s communication with the brand more comfortable.

Constant communication with the client

The application helps to build strong relationships with regular customers. Few people download applications just like that, more often it is an interested “warm” audience that is ready to make contact. They can become brand ambassadors. Also, if you have questions or problems, the application will help you solve them faster. So customers will understand that the brand is ready to improve and their feedback and trust is important.

Collecting information about the audience

Each company needs to study its audience and know its features. This can be done using the application – ask the user to share their opinion and take a survey. You can also track statistics on actions: how many purchases were made, which products are in the top, and which ones need additional promotion, which promotion strategies are more effective.

Business process optimization

Mobile applications simplify operational processes and communication with the client. In a chat or using a bot, you can set up an appointment for services, changing the tariff plan, paying for purchases, processing applications or returning. This means that this does not require a separate person in the office, and the cost of telephony will decrease. Many features can be added to the app to make it easier for the team to work. But it is important that important questions are redirected to a specialist, otherwise users will not be able to solve their problem and will be less loyal. 

Do businesses need an app?

Not every business needs a mobile app. It depends on what tasks the company faces and how successfully they manage to fulfill them. Here are a few questions to ask before creating an application.

If the site is accessed via a mobile phone

This can be checked through Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics. It is important to understand whether users are choosing a desktop or mobile device. If the first option, the application may be useless, if the second, then the chances of success increase.

If there is a loyalty program

You won’t lose or forget the electronic card – this is a plus. In the service, you can think over a loyalty system, issue a bonus card. The application will make life easier for the client and make the business more mobile.

If there are many competitor apps in a niche

It is important to understand how competitors behave. If your company is the last one that has not yet entered the mobile application market, it is worth considering. If there are no applications in the niche, there are two options: either it is not required at all, or it’s time to become a digital pioneer. In any case, you need to study the market, check the reviews, rating, functionality and content of existing applications. This will help create a better service and stand out from the competition.

If there is a need to develop a business towards a mobile application

What needs of the company do not cover the existing site? Options can be different: convenience, mobility, loyalty, process automation, recognition, functionality. If there are several stable reasons, it’s time to order development.


A mobile application is something that can grow a business. Digital technologies and innovative methods will make it more efficient and productive, so the creation of a mobile application is one of the tools of modern companies.

A mobile application can help a business if you approach the creation with clear goals and an understanding of the need. It is important that management understands exactly what problems the service will solve, who will use it and how it will help the development of the company. If there is confidence in these factors, then the only thing left is to plan the work, determine the functionality and select a team.