Monetizing Your Website with Adnimation – A Comprehensive Review

Monetizing Your Website with Adnimation
Monetizing Your Website with Adnimation

In this review of Adnimation, I will give you the rundown of being an Adnimation publisher.

I’ll cover everything from the publisher’s point of view, including the results, application process, what I like best, and what could be improved.

Let’s start with an overview of the company.


Adnimation is a website monetization platform that helps online publishers manage their programmatic ad sales process and maximize their website’s ad revenue.

One of the things that I like most about Adnimation is that it only works with publishers and not with advertisers. That means publishers don’t have to worry about Adnimationtrying to get good deals for advertisers at their expense.

Another thing I really like about Adnimation is the human aspect. I’ll explain more below, but they have a very hands-on approach to monetization and have real people actually working with you and reviewing the data.

Adnimation is also a Google partner, so you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Added Value

Let’s face it, most ad monetization companies are similar and will get you comparable results. There are, however, several key factors that makes each company unique – for better or worse.

Here’s the added value that Adnimation brings to the table:

Human Involvement

As I briefly mentioned above, Adnimation’s monetization approach is unique because it has an element of human involvement in addition to great technology.

I’ve come across monetization companies that only use “AI” to serve ads, and from my experience, this method always results in way too many ads and poor UX.

Adnimation sends you a mock-up of the ads for approval before going live, allowing you to request changes.

In addition, their monetization team performs regular audits and optimization, and notifies you if they think something should be addressed.

Great Customer Support

The human involvement element also ties into their customer support.

We’ve all been there before – you call, but no one answers; you send an email, but days go by before a reply. There’s nothing more frustrating.

Adnimation gives the complete opposite experience. Their customer support team is incredibly helpful and responsive, and you can talk to them through email, phone, WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype.

For me, this is a huge plus.

Advanced Technology

Adnimation utilizes all the latest ad tech, but what sets it apart is its hybrid header bidding.

For those who aren’t familiar, header bidding is the technology that allows multiple advertisers to bid for a publisher’s ad inventory. Doing so increases competition among advertisers, which results in higher revenue for the publisher.

There are two types of header bidding: client-side, which is done on the users’ browser, and server-to-server, which is done on an external server. Each method has its pros and cons.

Adnimation developed a technology that combines both of these methods. This gives publishers a significant advantage, resulting in higher fill rates and RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions) for publishers.

Gross Revenue

Another thing I love about Adnimation is its transparency. By default, it shows publishers their gross revenue. This means publishers can see exactly how much they are earning and how much they are paying in revenue share fees.

Most monetization companies only show publishers their net revenue, which means that the publishers have no idea how much they are actually earning.

In such a case, monetization companies can manipulate the numbers because the publishers have no idea how much they are actually making.

No Lock-In Contract

Another added value of Adnimation is that there’s no lock-in contract.

When I see a company trying to bind me for an extended period, it triggers a red flag in my mind. A trustworthy company should provide quality products and services to retain customers, rather than relying on restrictive contracts.

With Adnimation, there is no commitment so you can decide to part ways whenever you want.

No Tiered Plans

Some monetization companies have tiered plans, in which they don’t provide their best tech solutions and demand partners to everyone.

In my view, this defeats the purpose of a monetization company. After all, the morepublishers make, the more the monetization company makes – so why withhold revenue frompublishers?

Adnimation doesn’t have tiered plans. If you are accepted to work with them, you will be privy to all their technology, services, and support.

Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is simple and quick. After signing the contract, you are assigned an account manager and will be requested to fill out information about your website.

Once that’s done, Adnimation will send you a mock-up of the ads on your site. You can either approve, or ask them to change something.

Once the mock-up is approved, your site will already be live with ads in a day or to. All in all, the onboarding process can take as little as a few days.


Adnimation pays on a net 60 basis. Their payments are always on time, so you never have to worry about receiving your funds.

They issue their payments from an American bank, so if you’re in the US it’s a simple ACH payment. If you’re outside the US, it’s an international wire transfer. They also offer additional payment methods like PayPal if needed.


Every publisher will see different results, because the RPMs depend on the quality of traffic and the niche, but my results with Adnimation have been great. Switching from AdSense, and having tried before both Ezoic and AdThrive, I more than doubled my revenue.

This growth in revenue has been tremendous for my business, and before partnering with Adnimation, I couldn’t even imagine that it was possible.


Admination’s dashboard is simple, easy to use, and gives you a breakdown of all your ad earnings, but it would be an improvement to also have some additional SEO tools in the dashboard.

Adnimation also has strict eligibility criteria and only accepts publishers that produce original content, have a majority of organic traffic, and have more than 150,000 monthly pageviews.

Overall Experience

My experience with Adnimation has been nothing but positive.

I have heard horror stories about so many different monetization companies, so at first I was a bit hesitant to make the switch from AdSense, Ezoic, or AdThrive.

But from the very outset, the Adnimation team has been professional, helpful, and accommodating. I am happy to be one of their partnering publishers and highly recommend them.