Must-have online sites and services for students

services for students
services for students

Online resources have revolutionized education and simplified the learning process. They are convenient, accessible, and often free to use. The list below includes amazing services that improve the life and studying of an average student. 

Evernote – all your notes in one place

Evernote is a handy app for taking and keeping notes. Students can easily process the hand-written text or extract it from images. With this app, you can take audio and image notes, record videos, and clip the text from web pages. Evernote allows various formats like PDF, docs, photos, and even handwritten pieces. Evernote is a great tool for collaborating with other students. You can easily share your notes and ideas with each other. For example, it’s convenient for essay help or geometry homework help to your classmates or group mates. Doing homework together becomes so much fun. This app has limited functionality for free, and you have to pay to upgrade to the Pro and Premium plans. 

Coursera – unlock the power of learning

Coursera is a go-to option for many students and is one of the most popular learning websites. You can learn nearly anything on this website. It fits all academic levels. One of the biggest benefits for students is that the courses have a relatively fair price. The courses are offered by reputable universities. They don’t take much time to receive a certificate. 

The interested student can complete an unlimited number of courses in Coursera. 

Purdue OWL – find sources with ease

Purdue OWL is a website where students can find sources to cite according to various academic styles. It is free to use for anyone and essential if you want to become a more skilled essay writer. Here you can find instructions on how to cite sources according to various formats, including MLA, APA, and ASA. IT answers typical writer questions about different types of sources and their citing. If you have an important paper coming, we definitely recommend this one. 

Grammarly – service that simplifies your editing

Proper grammar is the first thing teachers pay attention to. This service highlights grammar mistakes and typos. Grammarly is an essential service for writing that eliminates the need to proofread your pieces for grammar mistakes or typos. This service is a great essay writing helper for all academic levels. It is suitable for any writing piece – from simple one-page essays to long research and dissertations. It also shows what style your piece has and how it sounds. Moreover, it is convenient not only for learning purposes. You can use it in daily life to proofread your emails and messages. While the core functionality is free to use, you need to upgrade to a paid version to receive more advanced writing suggestions. If you want to become a better essay writer, this service perfectly meets your needs. 

Canva – appealing visuals and images

If your area is somehow connected to visuals, Canva is an ideal tool. You can make anything there – illustrations, posters, logos, presentations, and even website designs. There are lots of ready-made templates that simplify your work. It is usable and full of interesting images, icons, and graphic elements to enhance your individual design. Most features are available for free, but the advanced ones are included in a Pro plan. 

Kahoot – learn and play

This online game is so common during online education. Kahoot is an excellent tool to make your online lectures and classes more fun. You can make your own quizzes and online games to increase productivity and interest. Kahoot is a great way to refresh information you received during the class. On top of that, you can make games and quizzes in any language. 

GoToMeeting – A New Level Of Online Learning

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing platform for holding online classes and enhancing student collaboration. Students can record videos and store them safely in the cloud. Make transcripts of your recordings if needed. GoToMeeting helps students keep up with the program even if they miss the online lectures. Other features involve sharing files, messaging, and sharing screens. It is available on all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. This is a decent competitor for popular video conferencing apps like Skype or Zoom. 

Udacity – a platform for job-focused learning

Mainly, these courses are in computer sciences but there also are a few in business and marketing. So if you feel that you need coding homework help, you know where to work on your knowledge. The key of the Udacity platform is that it offers Nanodegrees. Nanodegrees means specific, job-oriented knowledge and skills. This platform suits people who want to deepen their expertise or start a new career path. There are also some services related to job seeking. You can get your CV and other materials reviewed by professionals. 

Quizlet – a great flashcard learning app

Quizlet fits any age if you are in the process of learning a foreign language. It helps learn and review words using flashcards, games, and quizzes. You can create your custom deck of words or search for the ready ones based on your book, topic, or proficiency level. This app offers fast and interactive learning which is substantial English homework help. The free app version includes limited functionality. You need a pro account to unlock all the decks. 

Improve your education today

There are lots of opportunities to sharpen your knowledge online.  We wish you good luck in classes and studying, and wherever this new knowledge may take you.