Alas! Netflix Down for Over 11000 United States Users

Netflix Down for Over 11000 United States Users

Yesterday on Sunday, Netflix Inc. was down for more than 11,000 subscribers in the United States of America. The website trails outages by organizing status rumors from numerous sources, counting users.

This Netflix glitch was gotten from 5 am and finished by 6:49 am. The malfunction overdue the stream of the much-anticipated television show Love is Bind: the Live Reunion.


This television show Vanessa and Nick Lachey presented was to stream from Los Angeles preliminary at 5 pm. Netflix users could link a waiting room for the show 10 minutes earlier than the jolt time. But those who did were still there an hour far along.

However, the show’s ongoing airing apparently went live at about 6:16 pm, even though some Netflix users still stated problems opening the television show Love is Blind: the Live Reunion.

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