Sony Reveals New PlayStation 5 User Interface [2024]

New PlayStation 5 User Interface
New PlayStation 5 User Interface

Earlier this year, Sony announced the release of its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. This new game console will feature a completely new user interface (UI), which is set to be much more advanced than previous consoles. This includes features such as Voice Command, a Curated News Reel, and a Variable Refresh Rate.

1.   Variable Refresh Rate

During the launch of the PS5, Sony teased the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) feature. This technology enables the console to change the display’s refresh rate dynamically based on the PS5 graphics output. It helps to reduce screen tearing and improves the visual quality of games, and the Variable Refresh Rate feature is expected to arrive on PlayStation 5 in the coming months.

The Variable Refresh Rate feature is only compatible with HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and monitors. The results will vary depending on the television as well as the game. The feature should improve the visual quality of PS5 games but may also cause some visual problems.

2.   Share Screen

Using the PlayStation 5 Share Screen feature, you can see what your friend is doing in the latest game or watch them play a YouTube video. You’ll get a little pop-up notification, but you can also jump into your friend’s multiplayer game to watch or play as if you were there.

The PS5’s Share Screen has an interesting feature: a “Create” menu, which lets you make your own custom screenshots and images. While the Create menu is the PS5’s version of the “Share” menu, it’s not a stand-alone app.

The PlayStation 5’s Share Screen is much more fun than its predecessor. Instead of just showing your friend’s screen, you can pin your stream to the UI, making tracking your progress easier.

3.   Curated News Reel

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4.   Cards System

During the recent PlayStation 5 showcase, Sony demonstrated its new “Cards” system. The system is part of the newly designed Control Center. The cards themselves show off some of the new features of DualSense, like the Create button.

The Cards system also lets users access news about games they have previously followed. It also gives users access to various media, including videos and photographs.

The PlayStation 5 has also been updated to support mono audio for headphones. It also sports a revamped trophy system with new sorting and display options. The PlayStation Store is now part of the operating system. Loading games faster, and purchases can be made via the store.

5.   Voice Command Preview

Earlier this month, Sony released a beta system software update for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, including new features such as voice commands. The new features include voice chat, accessibility settings, and an updated user interface.

The Voice Command feature lets users control media playback and open games and apps. This feature can be enabled or disabled by selecting Voice Command from the Settings menu.

The Voice Command feature works only if the microphone on the PlayStation 5 is turned on. In order to activate the feature, you must first set it up in the Settings menu. Then, you can say, “Hey, PlayStation!” to open games and apps. However, you can also access the Voice Command feature by pressing the Options button on the controller.