Our Favorite Titles for Creative Gamers

Creative Gamers
Creative Gamers

Minecraft is your imagination

Those who think particularly creatively can often feel a bit constrained by the linear path that many games follow. There are usually obsessives to complete that allow you to progress to the next stage, then, once you’re at the next stage, there’s rarely an option to go back and explore how things could have gone differently. Many creative gamers prefer the freedom that comes with games that aren’t strictly goal oriented. So, we’ve come up with a selection of titles that let your creativity run wild. There could be some checkpoints to keep you motivated, but generally, it’s entirely up to you how you play these games. There are options for a variety of consoles too, so nobody need feel left out.


The Sims

First up is a game that is so long standing and successful that it has not one but two Guinnes World Records to its name. The first it was awarded was “Most Expansion Packs for a Videogame Series”, which comes as no surprise as the fourth instalment in the series now has twelve expansion packs released for it and counting. The next and perhaps most impressive accolade was the Guinnes World Record for “Best Selling PC Game Series”, with sales estimates ranging from 36 to 50 million units at the time the award was given. If this isn’t reason enough for you to splash out on this classic simulation game, then perhaps hearing a little about it will be. You begin by creating a ‘sim’ that is, a person who you’ll be in charge of for the rest of the game. You can choose hair styles, body type, skin colour and clothing for numerous occasions, plus, their personality traits.


Next up is one of the most successful cross platform titles of the past decade, Minecraft. Released in 2011, Minecraft took a little while to really get going, but once people discovered the limitless possibilities of this open world game, they couldn’t get enough. Just like The Sims, Minecraft doesn’t have any set goals for players, but rather presents them with a world full of materials and opportunities. If you want to build an underground mansion and fill it with chickens then that’s up to you. If you’d rather a lava filled swimming pool then that’s fine too. The materials at your disposal are your only limits and that’s what makes this game so unique.

Stardew Valley

This game had such a strong following on PC that they made it available for Nintendo Switch too. The story begins with your character, who you get plenty of chance to customize, moving into their own little section of homestead. Once there, they need to work out how to till the land and grow crops in order to make some money at the local shop. When you’ve figured out how to grow parsnips, you’ll be well on your way to making a productive farm. Mining for precious metals, seeing what you can catch in the lakes and the ocean, foraging for seasonal fruits and nuts, it will all become second nature as you make Stardew Valley your home. We love this game for the cottage core vibes and the feel good music.

Planet Zoo

Finally, if you enjoy the world creating in all of these games but wish that there were just a few more animals then Planet Zoo might be the game for you. Like The Sims, this game has enjoyed plenty of expansion packs, each bringing a new set ok scenery and animals to your zoos. Some come with new scenarios that help you take abandoned, underfunded or badly performing zoos to new heights. There’s Sandbox mode too, where you can create the zoo of your dreams without any additional tasks such as keeping guests happy or animals amused. There’s a big focus on conservation in this game too which we love. Teaching guests about the animals that they’re viewing, as well as educating them on conservation topics that affect the planet are key elements of the game, just as they should be.