Palworld Game: The Most Played 3rd Party Game Pass (Easy Explanation)

Palworld game

Eat, sleep, game repeat! Yes, with thousands of games being released every year worldwide, and here we are with the recently launched Palworld game which is taking over the gaming world.

Introduction to the Palworld Game:

Palworld, a Japanese developer, Pocketpair’s recent launch in January 2024. This company is based in Shanghai, Tokyo It is an action-adventure game that is populated by these animal-like creatures called “Pals.” These creatures can be captured, trained, tamed, and utilized to help with multiple tasks like farming, construction, and combat. This game was announced in 2021. It was released on 19th January 2024 and became accessible for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

The popular game “Palworld” can be played online solo or with more than 30 players. Palworld emphasizes the relationship between players and their pals, creating an interactive and dynamic gameplay experience for gamers. The game’s comedic premise involves using firearms and equipping Pal with them, which has earned the name “Pokemon with guns.”  

Elements of Palworld Game

There are other elements, such as using these Pals for food or as manual laborers in factories and mines. Palworld has sold eight million units in the first six days of early access and has reached over 2 million players on Steam, which makes it the second-highest-played game of all time on the platform.

The designer for the Pals was rejected during a recruitment drive for illustrations in October 2020 but was hired when she reapplied in February 2021.

User Engagement Before the Palworld Game Release

When the Palworld game trailer was revealed, it got so much attention and engagement from social media users. It also got mixed reactions from internet users, ranging from excitement to disgust. So, even before its release, everyone was talking about the game. Some were excited about its release, and others were criticizing the developers for their unfinished work for their popular game, Craftopia.

Moreover, Palworld game has also received some positive reviews from critics like PC Invasion, and IGN has praised it for its fun combat and engaging gameplay loop.

Players of the Palworld Game from All Around the World

By February 24, it has already sold 19 million units, 12 million on Steam and another 7 million on (via Game Pass) Xbox. It is said to be one of the most selling PC games. Palworld has also emerged as the third-most played game on Stem. It is a 40 GB game and requires additional if it is multiplayer.

It is a survival game. Players can control a customizable avatar that too from a third-person perspective and can explore the open world of Palpagos Island. Palworld Game players must manage their hunger level, gather materials, and build bases that act as fast travel points.

Furthermore, Palworld allows users to craft and use weapons, decorations, and structures. As mentioned above, there are over 100 animal-like creatures populated on the island. These Pals can also be bought on the black market through non-player characters or traded with other players. Each pal has a Partner Skill that allows utility by using them as mounts or weapons.  


Q. Why is Palworld so fun?

Password game makes it a fun game because it allows the user to feel that they are part of this living and breathing world of animal-like creatures.

Q. How violent is Palworld?

It looks like a child-friendly game with its cute creatures. However, it does contain some bad language and moderate violence as well.

Q. Why isn’t Palworld coming to PS5?

The developers state that for now, the Palworld Game is only exclusive for Xbox Game pass.