PlayStation 5 Review: An Exceptional Gaming Console

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is coming out two years ago, demonstrating as widespread a console as ever. No wonder this exceptional gaming console bids a true generational dive concluded the PS4.

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Below we have shared a detailed review of this PS5 gaming console. So, don’t waste your time, and let’s navigate to the detailed examination.

Technical Specifications of PS5
Dimension39 x 10.4 x 26cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight4.5 Kilograms
CPUAMD ZEN 2-based CPU with 8 Cores at 3.5GHz (Flexible frequency)
GPU10.3 TFLOPs / 36 CUs at 2.23 GHz Ray Tracing Acceleration
Memory16GB GddR6 / 256-bit
Internal Storage825GB SSD
Audio3D Audio technology
VideoHDMI 2.1 Out port, 4K / 120Hz, VRR
Input/OutputUSB Type-A port (Hi-Speed USB), USB Type-A Port (Super Speed USB 10Gbps) x2, USB Type-C port (Speed USB 10Gbps)
NetworkEthernet, Bluetooth 5.1

PlayStation 5 Console Design

PlayStation 5 Console Design
PlayStation 5 Console Design

Sony’s PS5 gaming console is measured to be around 39 x 10.4 x 26cm (H x W x D). However, it is not light either, and it weighs in at 4.5 kilograms, giving it an obvious bulk when you pick it up. With these measurements, it is easy to grasp how the PS5, the largest console Sony, has been eternally announced.

Moreover,something is sophisticated about its shape and splitting, enhancing its design. The white faceplates serve as innovative shields for the console unit wedged between. And it is definitely different from its other new generation rival in the Xbox Series X and S series.

The plates can also be detached and even replaced with different colors. Under the plates, the fan units lie, which helps the console not to get overheating issues. Plus, there is also contain concealed ports that offer easy access for vacuuming dirt away. The exhaust struts are placed between the main unit and plates to support the heat away from the gaming console.

The system’s subtle lighting effect generates a soothing hue when the console is switched on or off from the central unit. When it is operating mode, the light turns blue to white; in rest mode, the light turns orange.

However, the white part of the console looks shimmering to its finish, and the glossy midsection contrasts against the matte white fins, which are outlandishly elegant.

Because of its curves and tall physique, users must look up its attachable stand. It has a small compartment to hold the console. However, the console can’t be placed horizontally without the stand, so don’t lose it, as you will need it when placing it vertically.

Sony PlayStation 5 Hardware and Connectivity

The PS5 users get enough power to present games at their very best. Sony selects the center black spine of the console. That’s where you will see a naive collection of buttons and inputs. At the front, single USB-A 3.0 and USB-C ports are available. When you move the descendant, you will see the power and eject buttons.

Meanwhile, the power input is around the back, and an Ethernet port and two extra USB 3.0 ports are available. PS5 supports Wi-Fi 6 technology, perfect for charging cables and connecting ports fitting to a Bluetooth headset or other accessories. While the Sony PlayStation 5 Wi-Fi 6 increases by 9.6 GBPS.

Note: The ports are not exclusive, which is a bonus if a user requires to put in the odd cable. 

Furthermore, there is an 825GB SSD (solid state drive) for storing all the games, only 667GB of which is available to the users. Also, there is an eight-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 main workstation, Radeon RDNA 2-based GPU with 10.3 teraflops of influence and 16GB of GDDR6 RAM.

There is an M.2 extension port when you remove the plates. Users can enclose an optional high speed SSD card, but unfortunately, the rate for compatible cards is unaffordable over 1TB.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Performance Review

The trademark of Sony Corporation PS5 is a remarkable technical gaming console for those who like to excavate specifications. Such as, its octa-core AMD Zen 2-based CPU has 3.5GHz speed.

There is a new norm RDNA 2 GPU that can force 4K resolution at 120 frames per second. This console has some extremely notable storage specifications, pitching in 16GB of GDDR6 memory and an 825GB NVMe SSD. That is an ultra-high speed and skilled in producing 8k resolution.

Altogether technology exclusive PS5 makes a smooth gaming experience. PS’5 Console can go around 4K texture at high and solid frame rates, which deliver advanced effects of ray tracing for complexity and HDR for color enthusiasm.

Sony PlayStation 5 uses a new VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) option. It feels smooth when users play games, as any unpredictable frame striding is flat.

DualSense Wireless Controller

DualSense Wireless Controller
DualSense Wireless Controller

The dual sense controller of PS5 has incredible features, such as support for haptic feedback, a built-in microphone, a speaker, adaptive triggers, a touchpad, and a motion sensor. When a gamer plays a game using this controller, it can bring the action to life.

For Example

  • Shooter Returnal uses the adaptive triggers to bid two weapon modes per trigger.
  • The racing game Gran Turismo 7 vibrates across the pad with different strengths depending on the road surface.
  • Deathloops rival Juliana will talk and criticize you directly over the controller speaker

However, many gamers find stroking even painful for prolonged epochs to vibrations and grumbling. In this situation, you can turn these features closed in the console’s menus.

The controller design imitators the drift of the console itself and features the same two-tenor color combo with a matte white case and shiny black body. The same touch of light exploded when it switched on. Furthermore, the DualSense wireless controller handles are a little longer.

PlayStation 5 3D Audio

PlayStation 5 3D Audio
PlayStation 5 3D Audio

PS5’s storm engine allows it to transport 3D audio for supported games. That allows users to hear game sounds with higher directivity than standard stereo. Its 3D audio is designed to work with most existing headsets.

Though the 3D audio feature of the PS5 console also makes it informal to pick out at which place cars, planes, and rivals were coming from when fluctuating around in Spiderman Miles Morales.


Users can access to find pretty much every entertainment application on PS5. Including Apple TV, Disney Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Hulu, Twitch, ESPN, Vudu, WWE Network, and NFL Sunday Ticket.

However, every application loaded rapidly and streamed constantly. At the same time, the PS5 streaming applications are easier to access because of a convenient Media tab. Users just have to press a button and reach the home screen. That is a fair and nice update from the PS4.

PlayStation 5 Games

PlayStation 5 Games
PlayStation 5 Games

There are some outstanding trademarks of Sony interactive that launch video games on PS5’s console. That includes Demon’s Souls Returnal, Deathloop, Hitman 3, Devil May Cry 5, Forsaken, Witch 3 remake, Final Fantasy XVI, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the Dead Space remake, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

However, some games have to play through cloud streaming, for instance, Syphon Filter 1 and 2.

Our Verdict

PS5 is an assured development of Sony interactive entertainment IIC for gaming. It features a simple, reckless user interface and connects games to social channels—furthermore, it’s evolute across graphics, hardware, and gameplay buying off for PlayStation gamers.

It is also a speedy and powerful console that supports 4K and 120fps gaming, and the DualSense is a masterpiece of design. Simply put, the PS5 is one of the exceptional consoles you can purchase immediately.

Below we have mentioned some plus and cons points of PlayStation 5 to keep in mind these points when you buy it.

Fast SSDGigantic Design
Incredible 4K visualsNo Dolby vision Atmos
Clean InterfaceOnly 667GB available for users
Impressive backward compatibility  
Eagerly creative DualSense controller 
Immediate game download