Pokemon Go XL Candy Tricks: Let’s Explore It!

pokemon go xl candy
pokemon go xl candy

Pokemon Go XL Candy is the latest edition in the Beyond Update. You must be curious about XL Candy’s exciting gaming experience to power up the Pokemon beyond level 40 until 50. If you are looking for some thrilling experience in getting the XL candy currency. Then go for its level-up guide in the tasks and reward zone.

Pokemon Go now has numerous layers of the Pokemon Go experience, thanks to the introduction of the XL Candies money in November of last year. The level adjustment modifies the player’s preference for acquiring an additional ten levels of powerups. It restricts the trainer to the preceding two levels, differing from its previous version in Pokemon. Up to 40, Candy XL offers enticement for each Pokemon level. However, because it is scarce, you can discover it reasonably expensively even after reaching level 40.

Explore the realms of Pokemon Go Beyond Update

In the adventurous world of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Candy XL is a distinct type of Pokemon Candy. With the Candy XL, the Pokemon will progress from level 40 to level 50. However, it has limitations until level 40. As soon as you reach level 40, you can get the perk of earning the Candy XL as much as you want in one day. Most of the Pokemon gameplay rewards its players with regular candy. Like normal candy, XL drops for almost all gaming activities can be obtained convincingly by catching Pokemon. However, how many Pinap berries you have earned does not affect the Candy XL earnings during the gameplay.

As you are all aware, the Pokemon Go Beyond Update increased the level ceiling to 50. As a result, it pushes its gamers to strengthen their Pokemon while gaining power. You no longer have to wait to reach level 50. You can quickly empower your Pokemon as long as you have enough Candy XL. It’s identical to regular candies in the Pokemon Go game, but with the added benefit of the recently released Mega Energy. It is not a generic item like any other in the inventory. It is Pokemon family-specific, so it will not work on Squirtle, Wartortle, or any Blastoise.

Introducing the Worth of each Pokemon

You can pay 20 XL Candy to raise your level from 40 to 41 in the Pokemon Game. While each Pokemon costs the same, getting the Shadow Pokemon could cost much more than the pure Pokemon. However, you always require the total XL candy to increase your level. Until attaining level 50, you will need to spend 296 XL Candy. Shadow Pokemon cost 360 compared to Pure Pokemon worth 272. They appear to cause a lot of damage in a short time. It creates an effective attack when racing against the time in the game where total damage generation per second is a concern of priority.

On the other hand, Rare XL Candy is something you don’t find that easily. When you reach level 40, you must conduct extensive research. You can get a chance to use it at levels 43, 45, 48, or 50. If you are lucky enough, you can earn a total of up to 12 in your level reward from 41 to 50. Specifically, Niantic doesn’t intend to throw that easily without any laborious attempt.

How to Acquire Your XL Candy
How to Acquire Your XL Candy

How to Acquire Your XL Candy

It is pretty challenging to gather the required amount of XL Candy to boost your Pokemon’s energy. The players must acquire the XL candy necessary to rise to level 50. So, it is not the effort of a couple of days of hard work. Multiple ways are there to gather your desired amount of XL Candy. However, it offers a more significant challenge to acquire a total of 296 for each Pokemon. Now, let’s learn some tricks to earn the XL Candy.

Catching Pokemon

The first and most practical way to get your desired number of XL sweets is to catch more Pokemon. As a result, it gives at least three XL candy for each Pokemon caught. It is one of the most reliable methods of obtaining your XL sweets. It is pretty successful most of the time, albeit it is not relevant every time you grab your Pokemon. You can boost your prize by catching the right Pokemon while seeking it. Pokemon of various kinds offer different rewards for handling them differently.

  • Unevolved Pokemon seem the easier prey. Netting them would reward you with 1-3 XL Candy.
  • Evolved, Legendary, or Mythical Pokémon grant more significant rewards for their players with some candy XL.

Capturing evolved or legendary Pokemon will undoubtedly give you more Candy XL chances. So, when you’re out in the wild, take advantage of the opportunity to catch a red-ringed or yellow-ringed Pokemon.

Hatching Eggs for XL Candy

Secondly, you can also avail different options for attaining XL Candy via hatching eggs. How much candy XL will you receive? Itdepends on the different kinds of eggs classified into three tiers. The lowest possible range could be 2 km to attain 1.6 Candy XL. It gradually increases with a 5-7 km range with 3.2 candies and a 10-12 km range for 4.8 XL Candies. As soon as you catch it, you are required to transfer it to Professor Willow.

Exchange of Pokemon with other gamers

Pokemon trading with another gamer may also provide an XL candy gathering opportunity. While presenting you with different XL candy options, they might not be available to grab for now. However, you can use it immediately as soon as Niantic re-enables it in the future.You will receive one XL Candy for every Pokemon you trade with a buddy or player. The chances of getting a reward increase with the distance caught. A trading distance of less than 10 km will benefit you around 10% of the time. Trading distances of 10–100km will reward you with a nearly 25% chance of XL Candy. For trade distances more than 100km, XL candy will be awarded.

Acquire Rare XL Candy

Finally, I will share the rarest option you get after reaching level 40 of the Pokemon Go Beyond Update. It is about converting your 100 regular candies into one XL candy. However, you can hardly find such opportunities to transform into rare XL candy. Such a rare chance appears once or a mere couple of times, surpassing level 40. So, it is not a great option; therefore, we won’t recommend it for typical game contenders.

Capturing Pokemon is by far the most valuable and well-known strategy to level up your basic wild Pokemon to level 50. Transferring your Pokemon Go XL Candy to Professor Willow will allow you to obtain them. It makes reaching level 50 more challenging for legendary, but Niantic will likely develop new ways to earn your most wanted XL Candy.

With all the excitement of collecting hundreds of XL candies in Pokemon Go, you can take a ride on adventurous events to the fullest. Utilizing these tricks will surely give you a thrilling adventure in achieving your higher levels within a few weeks. All you need to do is play smart and feel free to gather your XL Candy.