Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Seems to Be Missing Some Quality Features

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Missing Quality Features
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Missing Quality Features

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are apparently removing a couple of amazing features found in previous Pokémon games.

When the first Pokémon scarlet and a violet gameplay trailer was in June, a wave of leaks about the new Pokémon generation started to flood online. With all the escape information eventually proven correct, it means that scarlet and Violet could be planning to ditch a beloved evolution category that has been present in every Pokemon region earlier.

The Pokémon company gave us the first appropriate gameplay of Scarlet & Violet, launched the region of Paldea, and a host of new Pokémon. However, a reaction to most of what was shown has been positive, but some gamers aren’t happy to see that Scarlet & Violet hasn’t brought over some of the amazing features in legends: Arceus.

The removal of some quality features is an embarrassment considering how positively received they were in legends: Arceus, but it’s likely to try and maintain the two gameplay styles separate from one another. Not all of the amazing improvements work in classic Pokémon, such as being able to throw a Pokeball before combating a Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet may have just been released, and the review scores are the worst, as fans are so disappointed. Players have recorded enough errors, glitches, and other issues to fill a Wailord. Some of scarlet and Violet’s technical problems are fairly consistent; players have also discovered a few random issues that make them frustrating.