The Premium Features of Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

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Microsoft 365 formerly known as office 365 comes with some amazing premium features to enable an astounding experience. Office 365 is combined with the cloud creates amazing ease of access through the internet. Microsoft 365 can be accessed through any device including PC, Mac, Tablets, and Android smart phones.  Many of the applications like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Skype are free for students, but what about purchasing the premium version and availing themselves of extra features. In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of the premium features of Microsoft 365.

Business Email

Using Microsoft 365 has many perks and 50 GB of email space and 150MB of outlook storage space through the outlook web application is amazing. Therefore, buying a premium package of Microsoft office 365 is not a bad idea at all.

Online conference calls

Online conferences have become an integral part of meetings and daily life. Whenever you are not available in person and need to make calls to more than one recipient then use Microsoft Teams and join with more than 200 people at one time.

Team Sites:

Do you want to share documents online? With a 1 TB storage capacity for premium members, you can access and share unlimited documents with everyone. Furthermore, you are eligible for another extra 500MB of storage space. The documents are secure with the policies of Microsoft.

Convert PDF To Word:

Another amazing premium feature of office 365 is the ability to convert PDF documents to Word documents. Use the documents for adding creative and rich content and data. Create and customize the marketing collaterals and create brand communication documents for business promotion and marketing.

Access from Anywhere:

Microsoft office 365 is an online application that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device whether it PC, android, or iPhone. That’s not it, it also gives 5 installations per device whether it’s PC, Android smart phone, or iPhone.

Use Skype:

The free instant messaging application developed by Microsoft can be used with premium applications it is used for video and voice calls. It is used for one-on-one detailed meetings for business calls and family meetings. Skype also allows you to share screens, presentations, and online classes.

Share Calendar:

Make planning speedier and simpler by sharing your schedule and your free/bustling openings. Utilize the schedule to impart the contact data to all colleagues. Keep your messages, schedules, and contacts adjusted progressively.

Online Access:

Office 365, as stated earlier, can be accessed from anywhere and from any device in real-time. Documents can be created, edit, and share documents, excel sheets, and power point presentations and can be viewed in a browser.

Final Words:

Microsoft office 365 is a premium application that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. There are a lot of perks and benefits. A free version of office 365 is available for free for students but, there is a premium version of office 365 available and can be purchased for Microsoft.

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