Project Free TV Back In Action!

free tv project
free tv project

Trust me when I say that I can relate, it’s a pain in the arse to get a free movie. I mean, sure there are sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. but what about the free ones? They cost something and don’t always have what you are looking for. This is a problem when there’s a movie and you couldn’t go to the theatre for whatever reason, and now you can’t even find it online. Well, worry no more! Because just when I found out about the Project Free TV, I was relieved.

This site went down after maybe a decade or so when it was the biggest thing in the world of free movies. Not anymore, the thing is that you always have a counterfeit when there’s an original. Same happened to Project Free TV, now there are a ton of counterfeits as it was gone.

But Today Is The Day Of Project Free TV

Now that the original creators got back together to make everything put together again, we might just have it. The free movies and the shows are on the website with the help of teams around the globe. They made it possible to access Safe, Secure, and Accessible movies and series within a few clicks.

The original fans that knew Project Free TV are going crazy over this stuff. This is the Free Netflix you have in your hands. There are more than 10,000 movies and 60,000+ episodes from 1600 series.

That is a lot of room for you to go and look for your favorite movie. They have precisely kept the quality as per the standards of the original version from years ago. But everything is modern now, you know how it is with modernism and putting it in everything.

Why Do We Trust Project Free TV?

If you have read this far, by now you should know that this is not a modern gimmick but what you “revival of the king” kinda thingy. If that still doesn’t make sense, let’s walk you through it, shall we?

The site is precisely kept safe and secure for the users to be able to browse without being distracted by the noise of all these sales-pitch-yelling ads. The number of ads has been kept really low to keep the credibility they’ve built from all those years.

The site loads fast, so there’s waiting on a blank page for those three minutes. How did they do it? Well, they simply don’t have the movies on the website at all. They’ve used another source from where the movies searched can be requested. So, more movie time and less waiting on movie time.

project free tv alternative
project free tv alternative

Some Cool Features On Project Free TV

One of my favorite features is their calendar on when your favorite shows’ episodes are out. See? Easy peasy on how to getcha hands on your stuff without the headbutting of going through all the options.

Wanna see a show you heard about?

Well, Project Free TV gotcha covered with that too. Go ahead on the search bar and search for your shows, the search results will show all the related movies and shows. Not only that, they also have IMDB ratings of the movies and say for example your searched movie has other related movies, it’s gonna bring in all of em’.

Don’t Know What To Watch?

They’ve thought about everything already, haven’t they? Lemme tell you they have a section of the top trending movies they’ve picked for you. This is what makes us believe that they really are back. The movies that are trending all around the globe will be listed and you can see the print quality mentioned on them. The results will show the release so you know the new ones from the older ones. Regardless of the release date, the movies list from most popular to the least.

Too Much In Front Of You?

Look at only what you want to on the Project Free TV, how? You might assume. Well, let me tell you the feature of choosing your favorite genre, yup, this is how far they’ve thought of it. Choose your favorite genre from the 19 genres listed, so you can land directly on movies that are made for your choice.

How Updated Is Project Free TV?

Thankfully this is not like Netflix at all where they take ages to put on new shows on when they should do them as soon as released (okay I know they can’t do that but still…). Project Free TV got all the released movies in best print qualities on the website ready to download.

project free tv
project free tv

How Can You Help Project Free TV Bring More For You?

Yeah, you can really help Project Free TV bring you more by making their services better. Since they’ve kept their focus on your satisfaction, it costs them more to keep it that way. But don’t worry they’re not asking for payment, instead simple gestures of gratefulness that can really help Project Free TV go ahead with their vision to provide for you.

Project Free TV Doesn’t Ads Either

Ads are stupid, yes, we know that and this is why Project Free TV have kept them too minimum. But this is the only source of their earning and make the platform keep running plus make it better. Many of us get annoyed and put up an ad blocker to keep those stupid ads at bay.

But if you really appreciate their services for you, all you can do when using their website is turn off the ad blocker. Little gestures can help them grow and bring more for you. By disabling the ad blocker, you are kinda paying them without paying them, fair cause.

Help Them Grow!

Moreover, you can help Project Free TV grow by spreading the word and help them reach more people who can help them grow. Everyone needs movies that are not normally available, so go ahead and share with your friends to help us and your friends.

It’s always nice to put on a show that just released and now when it’s cold, Project Free TV can really help families to sit together to watch their favorite shows without being able to pay anyone to do headbutting of borrowing DVDs.