PS3 Review [A Gaming Console by Sony]


The PS3 was officially launched in 2006. At that time, it was a prominent gaming console that motto was sufficiently popular in its halcyon day. But nowadays, it has been well thought-out, a leftover of the past. Do you want to know why?

In this detailed review post, we have shared the analysis of the PlayStation 3 hardware design, gaming performance, interface, and media applications in aspect with our audience. So let’s hover to the examination of the Sony console.

About Sony PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3, correspondingly acknowledged as PS 3, is basically a video gaming console successor to PlayStation 2. This PlayStation 3 console was established by Sony Computer Entertainment and officially proclaimed in 2005.

However, it was authoritatively released at the end of the year 2006. On November 11 in Japan, in North America on November 17, 2006, and on March 23, 2007, in Australia and Europe.

It is the very first console that uses Blu-ray Disk technology. Furthermore, the PlayStation 3 is also the initial console to integrate social gaming services along with the first console that can be controllable from a handheld console.

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PS3 Slim Design Review

PS3 Slim Design Review
PS3 Slim Design Review

The actual base component is huge, with dimensions of 1.28 (width) x 3.8 (height) x 10.8 (length) and 4.99 kilograms of weight. The device has a lustrous, glossy black body, attractive curvatures, and no puerile swappable faceplates.

Moreover, a user does not need one of those enormous external power adapters that we all know and deride. Users just have to insert the power cord and then go on. At the same time, the space covering is likely to collect dirt, hair, and fingerprints.

However, it does quite a good work of enclosing the internal electronics and giving this device a respectable home theatre component presence that you might find in any modern single swab. Although moving this console requires a lot of work.

While a user will still feel far more comfortable with the unit, spread horizontally. Even though the vertical placement is an option. The console has cooler and quieter than the 360 and comes studded with vents stabilizing pads, and supports.

[Near the disc drive, there is a rotating PS logo].

A Video Game Console: PlayStation 3 Interface

PlayStation 3 Interface
PlayStation 3 Interface

The PS3 has a classic user-friendly interface design with an XMB (cross media bar) and inward at a radiantly colored song and dance of an OS with continuously cheery incarnations.

The system navigation is pretty easy. A user can easily play discs set in into the machine-made striking picture slideshows, organize network settings enjoy music, accomplish game saves, and generate user profiles.

Moreover, system updates, customizable video settings communicating end-user agreements, and Bluetooth connectivity are made simple to pact with consideration of on-screen prompts. The console correspondingly had no trouble finding the home wireless network, supporting encoding.

However, there are no deviations in the matter of aesthetics. Meanwhile, many things are altered under the cap to let a user play with home cinema setups, which keep your downloadable content separate from the PlayStation One games.

PlayStation 3 Media and Apps

Sony PS3 adds a tone of function as a Blu-ray player, making it simple to set up a multi-speaker audio system and produce smooth 1080p movies. The Blu-ray disc player is convenient for watching movies. And can also use streaming services like HULU, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, and others.

Amazingly, it also makes a great DVD and AVI playback device. The smart Cell processor in Sony’s PlayStation 3 AVI videos that would be deadly to watch on the PC appears significantly better. So, using this console needs no effort as a media player.

Suppose a user has a PC in the other room with the obligatory sharing authorization indicated. So, they can stream the entire movie or drama without leaving the couch. Or check their housemate’s assortment of alone time.

PS3 Hardware

There is no disagreement that the PlayStation 3 has some horsepower for processing data, with approximately 40 stints better than the juice of the PS2 CPU. The multi-core blueprint allows for accurate analogous processing that boasts the ability to handle almost 75 billion shader operations per second with a clock speed of 550MHz.

Moreover, the device adds 256MB of XDR RAM and 256MB of GDDR3 VRAM, which is enough impudence to compete with its opponents visually.

The actual benefit for Sony can be initiated with its storage standard. The Blu-ray and hard disc initiatives ship with every system it, giving the developers lots of waggle planetary for content. Regarding downloadable extras, virtual memory caching, and various other perks.

Additionally, the Blu-ray has advantages like extra audio and language options, higher resolution qualities, streaming, etc. plus, users can play Blu-ray movies without requiring any add-on.

PlayStation 3 also gives a technical boost of 1080p support and has the capability to connect through WIFI for 60 gig systems. And the option to use multiple Bluetooth devices for mouse, keyboard, and headphones. The substantial backward compatibility with PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 is great for creating your virtual memory card and switching between the ports.

PS3 Games Performance

PS3 Games Performance
PS3 Games Performance

Don’t forget that this console is actually designed for video gaming. The PlayStation 3 hardware has the Nvidia RSX GPU powering graphics, a 3.2GHz Cell processor, and a 12GB SSD model. The performance advantage a user will discover in gaming is in loading times.

The 12GB SSD solid state storage setbacks the traditional hard disk. In simple words, when a user installs a 5GB game or loads up a save game. This console storage will knob the chore at hand more quickly.

However, there is a massive assortment of games on PlayStation 3. if a user loves to play solo, there are countless RPGs for them, and multiplayer is free. This commands the games like God of War Ascension, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Thief Auto V, Romsforever, and Call of Duty: Ghost, still having widespread user seats.

PS3 Price $499

This system is meant to govern the video game industry. But till now, it is a premium purchase primarily intended for high-end home theater fans or dedicated gamers with serious cash to burn.

When considering all these mentioned points and combining them with a slightly substandard listing of initial software, the under develop functionality, and some other minor issues.

+  SSD Storage– Hard-hitting Price
+ Blu-ray Drive Disc– Low-priced Drive Mechanism
+ Free Online Multiplayer– Blot Exterior
+ 60 GB Hard Drive– Fingerprints-loving Casing
+ Great Audiovisual Performance 
+ Multimedia Functionality 
+ Wireless Networking 


In the end, we just say that it all depends on which school of thought you contribute to, your gaming preferences, and the amount of cash you have to burn on this PS3 console.

Let’s clear up one thing before you spend the entire night camped out in front of the electronic store, hoping to snag one of the hazardously low-stocked consoles.

Furthermore, as per our team research, anyone else who goes into trouble preference one up now is just asking for a world of disappointment. So, it’s all up to what you want.