How To Become A PUBG Champ (10+ Effective PUBG Tricks)

Can you guess what is the 3rd most popular game, in terms of player count ever? No? okay. Try again, guess which game had recently over 341 thousand players at the same time in a month? Ring any bells? Okay, last try. Picture a game where players parachuted off the plane to different places of a map to eliminate other players while surviving at the end will make you the winner? Now you get it: Player Unknown’s Backgrounds or simply PUBG. Find out all PUBG tricks to become a PRO.

Just before going into spelling out the Pro PUBG tricks. A wee bit of background on the game would be good, wouldn’t it?

The insanely-popular Player Unknown’s Background aka PUBG was not the first multiplayer battle royal game. Debuted in 2017, the shooting game has swiftly caught the attention of many Counter-Strike enthusiasts.

PUBG’s insane popularity can be rightly explained by its number which speaks for itself: On PUBG mobile version, almost 1 billion times the game was downloaded and netted $6.2 billion as of 2021.  While on PC the game has sold nearly 70 million copies.

So, back on the effective PUBG tricks which not only will let your chicken dinner in every game but also make your GAME stand out everywhere.

1.      Avoid Pochinki or Heavy-Players’ Zones

When you are parachuting off the plane—always remember not to land into the Pochinki or any other place where the majority—of the player’s land. The plan is to avoid maximum fights to survive till the end. Because remember PUBG is not merely a ‘shooting game.’ Heck, if you don’t kill anyone still leads you over the finish line. So, PUBG is more of stealth than a shooting game.

2.      Always On the Move – Stealth PUBG Tricks

What does that mean? It means whenever someone locked aim at you; never PRONE; it will only make you a duck ready to be roosted or simply an easy target. In these situations, when the bullets started to drain your life move zig-zag to make the shooter uneasy to target you. Zing-zag until you find the right cover to save yourself from his/her burst.

3.      Remain Vigilant

After landing in a fewer players’ area, you go on to find a building whose gates were open. What does that mean? It means somewhere is or was in the building. So, stay vigilant. You can also make a deadly ambush plan by following this. Means: While entering the building you closed the door and take a position to wait for someone to come. Anywhere nearby come across the building as an abandoned with full of loots. By doing so, he/she will walk straight into your trap and regret it later.

4.      Don’t Rush from The Safe Zone Soon

This is the option that many think of as ‘drove nuts’ but if you want to be a PRO you gotta do things a little bit unorthodoxly. The idea is to remain on the fringes of the map like in the safe zone than in the blue zone to avoid firing dualsand wait there for your enemies to cut down each other. But isn’t it blue zone means Blue Death? Yes, but with the right medical supplies, you can survive there for a while to get ahead of the competition.

5.      For Cover Use Terrain – Hiding PUBG Tricks

Everyone’s preferred place to hide in PUBG is Buildings. But they have some shortcomings. For one, a grenade slung through the window can end your life in seconds. Also, if someone spots you hiding in the building—it will only take him/her to wait till you showed up to spray bullets on you. Instead, buildings, use terrains. Whether ridge or hill. It will give you an edge over your enemies as you can camouflage in the atmosphere.

6.      Pick Weapons Smartly

In PUBG, you have vast options of weapons you can pick. This is where smart selection comes into place. You may be tempted to pick sniper or other fancy guns. But the only rifles which will take you to your chicken dinner are AKM or M416. Shotguns, too, are lethal in the final round to dispose of your opponent in a one-shot kill. So do not discount them either.

7.      Look For The Level 3 Helmet & Vests – Survival PUBG Tricks

Helmets are the ones who are gonna save your heads from the infamous ‘headshots’ in the game. While good vests will make sure to get you to the end of the level. So, you have to find the most-upgraded helmets and vests to strong your chances of reaching the last round unscathed.

8.      Hide Instead of Fight

You can never survive in the PUBG doing open fire in the center on everyone (unless you are godV or Summit 1g the GOAT of PUBG who can kill their way to the final without being bruised). So, your best option is: to hide. Wait into your hiding till the end, (you can also take a good, clean shot in hiding), then resurface to eliminate the rest to achieve chicken dinner.

9.      Keep Your Health Always Full

In the game, whether your health is a bit low from the full; the first thing you will do is to pop your medical supplies to boost you to the fullest. Because different players have often lethal weapons which can make drain your health in a few bullets. So boosting your health to the fullest, though low, is the safe option to stay alive.

10. Final PUBG Tricks: You Can Not Win The Game Without Patience

Patience is key here. PUBG is not for trigger-happy players. Because sometimes, shooting someone exposes you to the other players, (despite you hiding in your perfect hide spot), who can easily target you from there. Rack-up kills sure sounds good but at the same time, it comes at the expense of making your target of the bullet, too.

So, in PUBG, smartness trumps bravery. Use the former one to become a PRO.