Reddit Faced a Huge Outage but Now Back After 6 Hours

Reddit Faced a Huge Outage but Now back after 6 Hours
Reddit Faced a Huge Outage but Now back after 6 Hours

A major system issue took Reddit offline for several hours on Tuesday, but now it has been restored. Around 3 p.m. EST, people started claiming the Reddit outage; users also shared that the website and the app were unreachable.

Although the homepage is accessed by users who are not signed in, videos and images are loading. But, logged-in accounts cannot access the site completely. A popup appears “something went wrong, don’t worry.”

When users report the issue, the Reddit status page shows the website actively determines the issue on Tuesday. “Reddit is currently offline” is a notice on the Reddit page, and the team is working to resolve the issue, but there is no time frame. 

On Tuesday at 3:18 p.m., Reddit status on its page, saying it was offline and the problem was being determined. At 3:56 p.m., the status was updated to announce that an internal system error was causing the outage, but a fix has still not been resolute.

Again, Reddit updated on its page about the Reddit states that a fix has been identified, but it would take time to execute it.

However, as per the other update, the issue has been resolved and restored for some users as of 7:18 p.m. It will take time to restore fully.

Now, an update of 8:24 p.m. EST says that “Reddit has almost returned to its normal operation. Now users can access the app and website.

Hence, the Reddit system outage issue was resolved after 6 hours.

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