How to Remove Reading List from Chrome (An Easy Guide)

remove reading list from chrome
remove reading list from chrome

Want to remove the reading list from Chrome?

But do not know how to?

Well, here in this article you will get the whole picture of how to remove the reading list from Chrome?

Google Chrome is the success story of Google. The tech giant has maintained its crown jewel i.e., Chrome stays effective in terms of efficiency and functionality. Not so long ago, Google decided to add the option of a reading list to its browser extension. The new option was aligned with the already-Bookmarks option to facilitate people in saving the pages they ought to read for later. For someone, it was beneficial to divide the features into two separate links. But for others, it was a non-starter from the start.

So, this desire to feel this needless feature needs to go brings you here to this article to learn how to remove your reading the list from Google Chrome.

Though, a Reading list is a welcome move by Google in Chrome. Because Bookmarks can be sometimes hard to follow through. Which left the reader to fend for themselves in the cave of Bookmarks. However, in Reading List, one can easily add the web page by simply clicking on the icon of the star present on the address bar.

Anyway, here is how to remove the reading list from Chrome?

How to Remove the Reading List from Chrome

This can be done with a total of 3 options in which you can remove the Reading list from Chrome.

Remove Reading List from Chrome Settings

There will be a Bookmarks bar present below Google Chrome’s address bar.  There you can see your links Bookmarked side-by-side on the Reading List. So, to get this option off from Chrome, follow these below-mentioned options:

  1. Go to the Google Chrome
  2. On the bar of Bookmarks click-right anywhere
  3. Search for the option of ‘Show Readings List.’ Locate it and look for the tick mark beside it. Click on that tick and your Reading Lists will cease to exist

If you change your mind and want to bring back the option, it will be no problem. By simply clicking back on the Bookmark bar it will show up again in the Reading Lists.

how to remove reading list from chrome
how to remove reading list from chrome

Add To Reading List Option Disable on Chrome

If you want to disable the option of ‘Add to Reading List’ for the reason of adding more web pages to the list of existing reading web pages. Below are the steps to perform this:

  1. Go to the Google Chrome
  2. Chrome://flags/ paste this in the address bar
  3. Two options will show up to you: Temporarily unexpired either the M94 or M95 flags
  4. Select the option of Enabled in the drop-down menu. However, in case of not finding these options the first time, just type ‘temporarily’ in the search bar of ‘Search flags’
  5. As soon as these changes come into place then the option of relaunching the browser will appear
  6. When the Chrome opens, the option of Add to Reading List will be greyed out

How to Remove the ‘Add to Reading List’ From Chrome Option

To remove the option of ‘Add to Reading List’ and only want to retain the settings of Bookmarks each time you open the Chrome then click right on the icon of a star and follow the below-mentioned process:

  1. Go to the Chrome
  2. Chrome://flags/#read-later paste this on the address bar
  3. Follow the same method as mentioned above in the drop=down where the Reading List Flag was present
  4. Select the option of Disabled from there while opening it
  5. Now the Reading List will be removed and the only thing you will see is Bookmark


Q: How to distinguish between the Reading Lists and Bookmarks

A: The difference between the Reading Lists and Bookmarks is that in Reading List you can easily save the articles to read for later, whereas, in Bookmarks, you can club together websites and can bookmark several tabs at once.

Q: Why does Google Chrome Have a Reading List?

A: The reading list is a useful addition by Google Chrome to save web pages to read for later in the offline mode. Google Chrome typically provides ‘Pocket’ and ‘Instapaper’ these third-party services are the only services it offered. The feature of Reading List availability is on each device. Though worked ditto same as the Bookmarks option, it has some additional features to offer in the categories of ‘read and unread.’ Apart from that, the Reading List feature saves your time by saving the web pages you want to read instead of letting you consume your time in finding one.

Q: How does Reading List disappear on Google Chrome?

A: In the above-mentioned article, we have explained how to remove the reading list from Chrome from your computer. Apart from that, the dual instructions on how to enable and disable the Reading List feature were also discussed. In it, how to add or remove pages from the Reading List in dual devices of computer and phone was also added. However, there is one good thing about this feature it can easily restore if one wanted to.


In this article, we have explained how to remove the reading list from Chrome. It was explained in easy-to-understand words to let the concept understand you. Enable or removing the feature is simple and easy and can be done without much effort.