Roomba Won’t Charge (Reasons & Solutions)

Roomba won't charge
Roomba won't charge

iRobot’s Roomba vacuum is used to clean the dirt from the floor, which is fully robotic and can also detect when its battery is low. However, the Roomba robotically docks in a charging position. But sometimes, the Roomba vacuum won’t charge itself for some reason.

In this guide, we will look at several reasons and the solutions that cause issues in charging.

Roomba isn’t Charge – Reasons

Roomba isn’t Charge - Reasons
Roomba isn’t Charge – Reasons

Here are the common causes that might be wrong with Roomba, which would not be charged.

Malfunctioning Charge Docks 

Sometimes robot vacuum battery won’t charge due to a nonfunctional charging dock. If plugged into a malfunctioning power outlet, it cannot spot any power and also can damage the contact points.

Filthy Charge Contact Points of Roomba

The robot vacuum and charging station have contact points that transfer power via the charging station into the robotic Roomba. The charging station and contact points both look like two little metal tiles. To charge the vacuum, these two metal tiles must touch each other to charge it.

However, another cause for charging glitches is the dirt and dust gathered on the Roomba electrical contact. Though when the dirt exists on the contact points, it will need additional struggle to the charging.

Filthy Caster Wheel

At the front of the Roomba, the small wheels are placed called the caster wheel, which is to keep the Roomba raised appropriately. When this gadget is used over an extended period, these wheels become blocked with filth. Suppose plenty of filth and dirt gets in there. It may result in the caster wheel presence being pressed more than its usual place.

As you know, the caster wheels are close to the charging contacts, so the dirt lifts the robotic-Roomba upward to the electrical contacts. And the charging contacts are not able to touch the charging status.

Damaged Roomba’s Battery

Roomba uses regeneratable (nickel metal hydride) batteries. However, the establishment that produces Roomba vacuum iRobot states that the battery life is about 400 charge and discharge cycles.

Primarily Roombas need to charge and then supply power to the vacuum. Sometimes the battery will injure when it gets too old. Also, when a vacuum battery becomes too much heat up, this can probably cause a mess up on the batteries.

Moreover, the battery life becomes damaged if the brushes get blocked up with dirt; the motor-powered that opens the brushes will come across much more struggle. That means more power is needed to turn on the brushes, and it will decrease the battery life of Roomba.

Roomba won’t Charge – Software Bug

Suppose you encounter that the Roomba’s battery is not charging, which could be a reason that there may be some software glitches or bugs. Moreover, this malfunction can remove by rebooting the device. It will take away all the user data and bugs from the Roomba.

Unsuitable Battery Yellow Pull Tab

When you have never used the Roomba, you are uninformed that the battery pull tab needs to pull before starting it. This pulls tab aims to wedge the contact points of the battery, stopping the Roomba from turning on itself.

Inappropriate Battery State 

Roomba’s vacuum arises with a lithium-ion battery which you can take out and place whenever you want. But when you use this battery over an extended period, therefore it might cause glitches, and unfortunately, it is incapable of charging itself.

Roomba won’t Charge or Turn On – Solutions

Roomba won't Charge or Turn On
Roomba won’t Charge or Turn On

Do follow the instructions to fix the issue when your Roomba is not charging.

Check Another Power Socket

When the Roombas are plugged into a malfunctioning power outlet, they won’t charge. So, check the socket from a power tester and see if it has power. The wall outlet has power if you see a flashlight in the tester.

Meanwhile, if you don’t see the blink of light in the tester, it means the power socket has an electrical issue. Accordingly, plug the Roomba into another power unit to solve the charging issue.

TIP: You can also just check the home base unit of the Roomba to a different wall outlet instead of checking the power of the entire gadget.

Cleaned the Charging Contact Points

Roomba’s Vacuum helps to clean your house; consequently, it also requires some devotion.

Contact points are managed for charging and linking the robotic-Roomba to the base. These contact points are two little metal strips at the bottom of the gadget and the other two at the bottom of the charging docks.

These contact points flow the power, and if they become filthy; hence the electrical power won’t stream. So, it is good for you to clean the Roomba daily to prevent problems and glitches.

Roomba will charge when the contact points on the Roomba and its home base are clean accurately. You can use a dry cloth with relief alcohol, a microfiber cloth, or a magic eraser to clean all the dirt on it.

Remember these points when cleaning

  • Ensure you have unplugged the home base from the contact points to protect yourself from the electrical shock.
  • Use soft material to wipe and clean the charging points moderately.
  • Dry for a second before boosting to charging the Roomba.

Clean the Caster Wheel

Above the reasons section, we already tell you that caster wheels gather filth because wheels are placed near the charging contact points. The caster wheels collect dirt when you hygienic your house using the Roomba gadget.

  • To clean the filth from the wheels and around them, you must eradicate the wheels from their case. Then clean and wipe all the filth and dirt using a cloth.
  • After dusting, place back the caster wheels back into their case.
  • Next to cleaning the dirt from the wheels, they push upward, and the electrical contact points make a protected connection to start the charging procedure.

Change the Roomba Charge Battery 

After applying the above instructions and you encounter that the Roomba is not charging, it probably occurs that your Roomba’s battery is damaged. In that situation, replace the battery with the new one.

But remember that Roomba has different models, and to transform the battery, the steps are slightly diverse from those built on the Roomba models. Let’s hover to the step to replace the battery in different models.

Replace the Battery: Roomba 600

  • First, remove the damaged battery to turn the down section of Roomba upside, eradicate the side brush, and unscrew the bottom cover that protects it.
  • Now eliminate the old damaged battery, put the new one, and replace its cover to its actual place by squeezing the screws.
  • To prepare the Roomba for working, put the side brush and cover to its location. Now charge it overnight.

Roomba 700, 800, 900 Models – Replacing charge Battery

  • These series of Roomba have a detached battery door. To replace the battery with a new one, turn the down section upside and remove the screws of the battery cover.
  • Then remove the injured battery, insert the brand-new battery, and ensure that the logo of iRobot is upward.
  • Now replace the cover in its place to enfold the screws and charge properly before using it.

Remove the Battery of Roomba (S) Models

  • Turn the down section upside and remove the six screws covering the bottom segment. Now unscrew the battery cover.
  • Now eradicate the battery, put the new one, and stiffen the battery bolts. Replace the bottom cover and secure it by tightening the screws.

Replacement Battery of Roomba (i) Models

  • At first, turn the down section upward, remove the side brush, and put it aside.
  • Now remove the bottom concealment by removing the five bolts. Then press the release button to eradicate the battery.
  • Now insert the new one to its location and place the bottom cover by tightening the five screws. Put the side brush in its place and then squeeze the screw. Now charge the Roomba overnight.

Roomba Not Charging – Reboot the Gadget

Occasionally the charging gadgets have a software bug and troubleshoot to charge the battery. Here is the direction for the different models to factory reset the Roomba.

Reset the ‘i’ & ‘s’ Models of Roomba

  • Tap and hold the clean button on Roomba for 20 seconds.
  • When you release it, a light will start to spark to reset the gadget.
  • The process will take a minute to complete, and the light will stop sparkling.

Reboot the Roomba 700, 800, and 900 Series

  • Press the clean button and hold it for ten seconds.
  • Roomba will produce a snap to start the reset.
  • The process will take a few minutes to complete.

Reset the Roomba 500 & 600 Models

  • Tap the spot clean and Dock Button and hold it for ten seconds.
  • After releasing the button, a light will spark on the Roomba.
  • Resetting the Roomba will take a few minutes to complete the procedure.

Pull Out the Battery Tab

The Roomba will not charge the battery when the battery tab does not pull out. To tug out the battery tab, check the Roomba and see if the yellow tab is in place. If you encounter that, it is at its place, so pull it out. Then check whether Roomba works well or not.

Contact iRobot Support

When all these solutions do not work for you, we recommend contacting Roomba. Then determine whether your robot vacuum needs service or replacement. However, if the vacuum is fairly new, you may get a free replacement.

Best Roomba’s Vacuum (Review)

Best Roomba’s Vacuum
Best Roomba’s Vacuum

iRobot offers a variety of Roomba vacuum that helps you pick up the daily filth. However, the best Roomba has good skills and delivers the tech like self-emptying base, object restructuring, dustbin capacity, good battery performance, and affordability.

Per our team’s analysis, the iRobot Roomba S9 has a remarkable performance in all perspectives and is correspondingly inexpensive for the budget.

Conclusion: Charge the Roomba

Suppose the Roomba’s vacuum is not working because it won’t charge the battery. In those circumstances, there could be various reasons for that. However, you can fix the issue on your own. In this article, we explain the cause and solutions for this problem.

Tell us in the comment below which fix works for you in this state.