SaaS Product Development Obstacles You Should Be Aware Of

SaaS experience
SaaS experience

The days of installing software on our computers and contacting the program developers for updates and maintenance are long gone. Nowadays, most businesses forego conventional offline software in favor of software as a service.

The pandemic’s impact has significantly increased the use of SaaS in the work-from-home culture. More businesses are choosing SaaS because SaaS has altered the overall look of software during this time.

Integrated Design for Third-Party Payments

An integral component of a SaaS experience solution is the payment capability. It is frequently accomplished by integrating a system with a third-party payment service. The integration moves in two directions: one that is simple and the other that is more difficult. 

Payment services offer excellent integration assistance. A little more difficult approach, however, requires the development team to look into the technical issues and difficulties surrounding payment integration and to design the necessary application components to smoothly integrate the external payment service.

Database Protection Through GDPR Compliance

Along with regular tenant protection, the GDPR regulations are sweeping the globe. Therefore, creating a successful SaaS application requires a secure database. The market for SaaS is anticipated to be worth around 152 billion dollars in 2021 and rise to 208 billion dollars by 2023.

However, things don’t finish here. You need to take extra precautions with American organizations, particularly those in the medical sector. To prevent the data about your patients from leaking, for instance, HIPAA restrictions must be followed.

To prevent any issues, the GDPR or HIPAA regulations must be developed and applied from the first phase. Enforce unit and integration tests throughout the development process to determine the data access limitations. 

Perpetual Commoditization of SaaS

The SaaS industry has gotten rather congested as seen by the increasing number of SaaS organizations being launched each year. There are 42 major categories and 2017 subcategories if you use the exclusive categories taxonomy (sic!). It implies that a different marketing automation CRM may struggle to find a market.

They are no longer the popular kid in school thanks to NFTs, blockchain contracts, web3, quantum computing, and the metaverse. Even if the software continues to generate more economic value than any other industry in the world, you already use cloud technologies on a daily basis.