Samsung Employees Accidentally Leak Sensitive Company Data Via ChatGPT

Samsung Employees Accidentally Leak Sensitive Company Data
Samsung Employees Accidentally Leak Sensitive Company Data

From March 11, 2023, Samsung banned employees from using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, concluding data privacy apprehensions.

According to reports, the ban has been boosted since there have been 3 distinct occurrences of Samsung employees accidentally leaking sensitive data associated with its semiconductor division to ChatGPT in 20 days.

However, the ban initially projected to defend company data so engineers at the semiconductor division could use ChatGPT to solve issues with the source code, progress production, and be alert of up-to-date technical fluctuations.

In just a month, 3 such happenings were stated. The employees misguidedly entered topmost secret data like source code for a new plug-in and core meeting notes connecting to their hardware. Hence these trade confidences from Samsung are in the hands of OpenAI.

To dodge such blunders in the future, Samsung Semiconductor is allegedly working on its individual AI: Artificial intelligence for the core use of employees. That will be restricted to processing prompts under 1024 bits in size.

In one of the occurrences, an employee used the AI chatbot to progress the test arrangement for recognizing faults in chips that are private to corporations. The employee imitative the source code of a semiconductor folder download program entered it into ChatGPT, and questioned about faults.

In another instance, an employee used ChatGPT to change core meeting notes into a presentation. These notes supported sensitive information, not hypothetical to be public with third parties.

In the third instance, an employee struggled to know the device yield and other data, so he shared the code with the ChatGPT and demanded code optimization.

Due to these occurrences, Samsung’s CEO cautioned employees against such blunders. If an analogous accident happens even after reserve information defense measures are taken, access to ChatGPT may be gridlocked on the company system.

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