12 Best Deep Web Scary Internet Sites

Best Deep Web Scary Internet Sites

You may have heard the stories of the dark web. But did you ever visit the scary internet sites that are so horrifying and disturbing on the dark web? If not, then explore this article and get a complete list of the dark web’s terrifying sites. The Dark Web is a shadowy world where you must deal with a nasty thing you have never seen before.

The scariest deep web stories happen on these websites, which are considered the most horrifying things on the internet.

It is recommended that you refrain from attempting to visit deep websites. Otherwise, you will be scared all your life.

Moreover, there are many precautions you need to take to protect yourself from exploring the deep web. Using the deep web unprotected can make your computer hacked remotely, and all your information is stolen.

Difference Between the Dark Web and the Deep Web

The deep web means that anything on the internet you won’t find using a search engine. It includes emails from your Gmail account, direct messages on social networks, and even your Facebook photos which you have selected as private.

The dark web is a part of the deep web. It is in charge of the deep web’s bad reputation. You might look for gory photographs, fake identities, and internet accounts for sale on illicit markets that deal in drugs and other items. Certainly, there are several reasons to avoid the dark web entirely.

However, the dark web is well worth exploring. During the chaos, you will search for some best websites. The greatest information regarding the dark web is listed below, but there is much more to learn. You can’t discover “.onion” sites on Google.

Use a VPN to Access the Dark, Scary Internet Sites

Use a VPN to Access the Dark

We strongly suggest you protect yourself with a VPN before going to use the dark web. The belief that the Tor browser offers failsafe anonymity is false; you must require to protect yourself.

Which VPN is the best option to choose? There are various options out there, both free and paid version, but one of the best VPNs among all is ExpressVPN, which come along with Tor support and three months free.

Precautions When Visiting Dark Web Websites

To ensure your safety when browsing the dark web, our cybersecurity experts have come up with a brief checklist:

  • Always use a VPN to encrypt and anonymize your traffic. We recommend NordVPN, which has robust security features along with dark web monitoring.
  • You will need to download the Tor browser to access the dark web.
  • You must choose reliable antivirus software. Norton is the best option with amazing security features, such as real-time threat protection and identity theft monitoring. Otherwise, you can choose one of the best anti-virus software.
  • Disable JavaScript on Tor so that hackers can’t use it to exploit security flaws.
  • Must avoid downloading and providing your personal information.
  • Use cryptocurrency for all your transactions. Make sure not to linked card to your bank account on the Internet. You may be heading over sensitive details to a hacker.
  • Avoid clicking on links that seem suspicious or dubious. Usually, anything that sounds too wonderful to be true is.

Top 12 Deep Web Horror Sites

1. Death Sentence

Death Sentence

Inmates are put to death and usually given a chance to say their last words. Those words are recorded and posted on scary internet sites. Rarely enough, these recording websites are fairly famous among deep web users. Many said it is not wrong to listen to these words, as the men saying them deserve death.

Many people look for and desperately search for these words of wisdom. Who else can give better advice than someone who is about to die? Although it is strange that the state is recording these final and last words, it is even more disturbing than how they are now on the public platform and uploaded to the deep web.

2. Demon Hunting

Demon Hunting

It is a website on the deep web entirely dedicated to giving step-by-step instructions on how to summon a real demon. This has prompted demon-hunting enthusiasts to come out and indicate their love for summoning new and old demons. It is still being determined if the practices on the website work, as no evidence has been posted to the webpage. The only way to find out is to practice them yourself.

Other websites are similar to this, but they take it a deep down further by making a buck off of these supposed demon enthusiasts. They provide kits to start summoning demons, which usually include an Ouija board and different tools to start a summoning ceremony. All of this is really an attempt to get rich quickly or play a practical joke on these demon hunters… else, is it?

3. Sad Satan

Sad Satan

It is a game that has made its rounds across scary Internet sites since it was discovered on the deep web a few years ago. A YouTube channel first discovered the Sad Satan game. It is reported that one of the viewers was on the deep web when they came across the game. After being checked the link for viruses, the YouTuber played the horrifying games in front of his audience.

This isn’t really a game only but more of an experience. You simply wander; there is no genuine gameplay. The walls and player views are made up of lights and shadows that create disturbing scenery. Static images can pop in and out as players search their way through the game. However, various images show child abuse, which seems that is the game’s purpose. It is stated that the game will generate text pad files on the player’s computer that read “666” and other demonic messages.

4. Coffin Viewing

Coffin Viewing

This one is self-explanatory. The Coffin Viewing site hosts a massive amount of photos of people in coffins. Before burying the dead body, these pictures have been taken from several places, such as funeral homes, morticians’ offices, and the graveyard. This website will ask questions about who uses it for their own benefit. Moreover, you may also wonder which people are actually posting the photos in the first place.

It further messed things up. A comment section on the photos displays where an observer can pay their respects. Some people comment on how beautiful and amazing the corpses look, and if that doesn’t make a chill down your spine, then what will? That is one of th tame comments so far. The whole site is messed up and is a hub for users who need to find out more.

5. Cannibal tutorial

Cannibal tutorial

You can say it is a unique website. This can be a joke and a parody of many Youtube tutorials that exist. However, when you go into the depth of the webpage content, you will realize this is not a joke at all. These pages explain how to eat human beings. Even though it has exaggerated which part of a human being will make delicious meals.

Moreover, Cannibal Tutorial websites include recipes and demonstration videos. This website is purely created for cannibals. Many forums on the webpage and scary internet sites talk about their experiences when they initially ate humans for the first time. The Cannibal tutorial website is not for weak stomachs; it displays how disturbed some human beings are…

6. Scary For Kids

Scary For Kids

As per the suggested title, Scary for Kids is a website created to frighten children, but I am sure that some of its offerings will also cause considerable fear for certain adults.

This spine-chilling website contains scary bedtime stories, such as many movies, videos, games, and other whatnot. Its content compilation is very frightening, and as mentioned above, it can be scary and horrifying to both kids and adults.

7. Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting

There is a huge variety of TV episodes, movies, podcasts, terrifying videos, etc., on this completely awful web.  It also contains a community where lovers of horror will communicate, sell, or purchase terrible artifacts.

This scary deep-web site updates you about the world of horror: While it is a horrifying website to explore, especially if you are all alone. Moreover, it also provides multiple humorous effects that will help you eliminate your boredom.

8. World Births and Deaths

World Births and Deaths

Did you ever wonder what would happen after you died?

It is as terrific as it may be to believe… but the world holds on to ticking.

Nothing displays the importance of time and says, “Life goes on,” like this live world births and deaths clock.

It is quite numbing to turn births and deaths into statistics. When you see death after death appearing in front of you and the volume of deaths you hear within a very short time. You will eventually think about the destruction and impact behind each death. Hence, it seems too traumatic and scary.

9. Red Rooms – Human Experiments

Human Experiments

Red rooms are scary internet sites where humans have done experiments and torture on animals or humans. It streamed live video while torturing human beings. Moreover, this scary deep web website puts clips for sale post-recording.

Even the worst part is that you can get it for 0.01 BTC while spectators’ control what happens in the rooms.

For example, there are chat boxes on websites, and people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have torture done on victims. You will request to chop off a toe or a finger, send in the BTC, and your request will be followed up in real time.

Furthermore, you can add on the variation; for example, you can be required to pre-pay and send your “requirements” beforehand.

However, 90% of the websites reported that these are fakes, while on the other hand, authentic sites won’t be revealed or advertised for obvious reasons. Therefore, you either need the URL by yourself or get it by inviting someone who is already an existing member.

10. Final Words

Final Words darkweb

The deep web features a website where you can listen to the last communications on flights destined to crash. Those audio files are from passengers calling their loved ones and telling them the disastrous news. It is quite distracting to know that people find these clips of people right before they die. The Final Words website provides transcripts if you can’t listen to the actual calls.

Additionally, they have one of the most notorious calls before a plane crash. Flight 93 took place on 9/11. Audio files and transcripts can be accessed during this horrifying event in America’s history. It is very strange how such kind of website could have these files, but it is better to leave this mystery.

11. Dark Scavenger Hunt

Dark Scavenger Hunt

The deep web scavenger hunt is the most renowned site on the scary internet deep sites and is shared by many people. The scavenger hunt is unique to everyone, and they will decide to consume it. One of the users was playing an Alternative Reality Game (ARG) called “no deep love web.”

The scavenger hunt website had users who could search for different items. Once the user finds a specific item, they begin to get phone calls with no one on the other end. It is reported that the calls won’t stop until the user quits the hunt. One of the users was so engaged in the game that he drove to a nearby location to use a pay phone. He listened to a baby crying on the other end and nothing else. However, not all users have experienced creepy like this, and there is no real way to know who will be the next victim of this dark scavenger hunt.

12. Best Gore

Best Gore

This deep web scary site is about people being shot in the most barbaric and brutal ways. You may find extremely graphic video content there, which will definitely haunt you for days.

However, it is not entirely extreme and contains slightly mild content like people being beaten in public, dangerous stunts leading to death, etc.

Let me clarify one thing: it is not like a “red room” because the site can’t generate or own the content. They only manage to get the videos and share them with the audience.

The Importance of a Dark Web Browser

You can’t use the dark web without access to an anonymous browser known as Tor. It directs all your communication through a series of relays operated by individuals around the world. It will make your IP address untraceable and unidentifiable. It contrasts with the Tor browser, which works like magic; the overall experience will be slow and unreliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about the dark web:

Q1: Who created the dark web?

Ans: The U.S. government developed the dark web so that their spies could communicate and switch information while remaining untraceable in the process. The technology is called The Onion Router (Tor), created by computer scientists Nick Mathewson and Roger Dingledine and was made available to the general public in 2002.

Q2: Can you be tracked on the dark web?

Ans: No! If you take certain precautions, you can prevent what you do on the dark, scary internet sites from being linked to you. However, if you felt guilty while engaging in serious crimes, then the CIA will stop at nothing to find you!

Q3: Is it safe to visit the dark web?

Ans: As long as you’re only navigating the dark web to find authorized stuff, it’s safe to do so. Cybercriminals operate a large number of websites that provide all kinds of unlawful goods and services. Additionally, you can open a file or click a link that could infect your computer with malware. Because of this, it’s crucial to be cautious about the dark web sites you visit and to use security software like antivirus and a VPN before going there.

Q4: What are onion sites?

Ans: Onion sites don’t appear on traditional search engines like Google and Bing as they seem on the “dark web” part of the internet. If you want to use an onion website, it’s only possible via the use of a specialized browser known as Tor.

Final Words

That’s all for now, folks, in terms of spooky websites. If you’ve viewed even half of the websites on this list, you wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, and I can assure you of that.

So in a nutshell, I’ll say do not believe or blindly follow any of the links on the dark web, no matter how authentic they seem. Most are created to scam you.

However, the clearnet websites we have so far listed on this list of scary internet deep websites are the real deal because they are all free, offer the same spooky content for free, and are also legal.

Please let me know if you believe some other scary internet deep sites should be included, so tell me while commenting below.