Snap Loading Issues (How To Fix it)

snap loading
snap loading

Snapchat is a fun app where you can share instant moments with your friends and family by sending them snaps. However, it is used by millions of people to share snaps, make streaks, and keep in touch with their friends, and a glitch in Snapchat causes a problem for people who love to stay linked with their friends. But sometimes, it’s really frustrating when Snapchat creates issues while loading a snap. People complain when they tap on snaps. They only see the black screen without error messages, and they cannot load any images or videos.

Despite the difficulties, people prefer to stay connected with their friends on Snapchat. Moreover, it is the most downloaded application worldwide, downloaded by millions of people. Thus, to overcome the Snapchat loading problem, we will explain some fixes and methods.

How to Fix Snaps Loading Issues In Snapchat (8 Fixes)

Snapchat is the most loved application among people, but sometimes it causes a problem loading the app, images, and videos. There are so many reasons that Snapchat is not loading the snaps and videos. So here, we will discuss all the possible methods that help you remove the glitches.

snap chat loading screen
snap chat loading screen

·         Fix 1: Ensure your Network Connection

If you see that Snapchat is not loading any snap or videos, check your internet connection. Because snaps do not load due to poor network connection, if your wifi does not work on your Phone, convert it to mobile data. However, try to restart your device or come close to the device to send the snap. If the internet does not create any bugs, then move forward to check the other causes.

·         Fix 2: Check the Server Status of Snapchat

When you see that Snapchat is giving an error in loading images, first check the status if the Snapchat server is down from the down detector. If the server is not down, use other methods to fix the issue. The down detector page helps you tell whether or not Snapchat is having issues. Moreover, you can check it from Twitter as their team is quite active and informs their users about the problems.

·         Fix 3: Restart your Phone

Whenever we face an issue, we always restart our phones as it is the easiest way to reboot our smartphones. So, whenever Snapchat does not respond, restart your Phone. If the problem occurs due to the Phone, it will be resolved by restarting it. If not, try to use another method to fix the snap loading issue. Other than that, you can also put your Phone on airplane mode and turn it off for 1 minute to correct the problem.

To reboot the device on Android, you can hold the power button and Volume down button together until the next screen appears. After that, follow the prompts and then restart your Phone. To apply the reboot on the iPhone, you have to press and release the Volume up button and then hold and release the Volume down button. Next, hold the power button to wait to see the Apple logo.

·         Fix 4: Clear the Cache Of Snapchat

Some files are corrupted whenever we download any file or application and cause issues. So when your Snapchat is not open, try to clear all your cache files. Deleting the cache will not remove your data. Go to your Snapchat account and open your profile to clear the cache. Select the setting option and then tap on “clear cache.” So follow the method below to clear the cache on Android to fix the snap loading issues.

To Clean the Cache on Android Phones

Clear the corrupted file cache on your Android phones. Follow the steps to clean the cache.

  • Select the apps and notifications. If you have recently used Snapchat, it will appear on the other recently used files page. After that, choose the app whose cache you want to clear.
  • Go to the other page and select Storage & cache.
  • Next, click on the clear cache option.

·         Fix 5: Check & Update your Snapchat App to Avoid Snap Loading

If you feel that your Snapchat is creating a problem with loading snap, check if there is any update of Snapchat. If yes, then do it right now to avoid bugs and errors. Here, we will explain some steps on how to update Snapchat on Android and iOS.

Update Snapchat on your Android Phones

If you want to update Snapchat on your android phones, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the play store and select the Hamburger icon. Next, click on “My Apps and Games.”
  • Then, see the app of Snapchat and check there is any update. If yes, then update it.

Update Snapchat On your iOS Devices

Update your Snapchat on your iOS device. So, here are the few steps you should follow to update Snapchat.

  • Go to the App Store on iPhone and click on the profile on the top right of the app store homepage.
  • Move down a bit to see updates on the application of Snapchat.
  • Then, tap on the available update and click on the “update” option of Snapchat.

·         Fix 6: Delete Conversations to avoid Snap Loading Problem

To avoid the glitches and bugs in Snapchat, you have to clear the conversations. If you are still facing a problem loading the images, try to delete a friend’s Conversation. Now, follow the below steps to remove it.

  • Open your Snapchat account and go to the profile.
  • Select the setting gear option. Then, you can delete the Conversation by clicking on the Account section.
  • After that, choose the cross mark on a friend, clear the Conversation, and tap on clear.

·         Fix 7: Ensure the Storage Space in Your Phone

If the above methods do not work, make sure that your Phone has enough space to cover more images from Snapchat. Moreover, Snapchat does not work when the Phone does not have enough space, so try to free up your mobile space to avoid the bugs.

·         Fix 8: Uninstall & Reinstall the Snapchat to Resolve Snap Loading

If you have tried all the above fixes and they did not work, the other alternative is to uninstall the Snapchat app. So go to the settings, then choose the uninstall option. After that, download Snapchat again from the play store. Hope it will resolve the issue of loading snaps.


The most popular app, Snapchat, allows people to instantly connect with their friends and family to share their moments. But sometimes, it may cause bad errors and not load any photos or videos. So, now you can quickly solve the error problems with the fixes mentioned above, which are commonly used to resolve snaps loading issues. If these methods do not work, you must contact the Snapchat customer support team.