Solitaire fun: How to Play Solitaire Without Ads

Solitaire fun
Solitaire fun

If you are searching for how to play Solitaire without ads, I can feel you. You are not alone. No matter which game you play, it is too annoying to encounter an ad when you are so indulged in playing a game. And when it’s about everyone’s favorite game oh-so-loved Solitaire, then the annoying feeling increases manifold. Obviously, who would like it when you have finally cracked the winning move and suddenly an ad pops up? To avoid this troublesome situation, let’s see how we can dodge ads to have amazing Solitaire playing fun. Let’s begin! 

Love for Solitaire is Alive — Without Ads

Solitaire games are one of the most popular games without any debate. Google introduced them with Windows 3 and after 30 years if people still play these games despite having so many other games options, then Solitaire is undisputedly reigning in people’s hearts without any doubt. In fact, now things have become a lot easier for Solitaire lovers with the introduction of online gaming options.

You don’t need to stick to a chair for hours to play solitaire. You can lie down or go anywhere, but still, you would have the liberty to play Solitaire — all thanks to Solitaire websites and app versions. But with ease also comes difficulty and in this case, the rage is all about annoying online ads. Just imagine how irritating it feels that you are at the climax of the game and suddenly an ad captures your screen. Too annoying, right? That’s why we have come up with some inside secrets to playing solitaire without encountering any teasing ads.

Here are a few secret tips to make your Solitaire playing experience more fun:

  1. Find Out Games with No Ads

There are many solitaire game options and you can cherry-pick the right one that comes without ads. Downloading ads-free games is undoubtedly the best way to get rid of infuriating ads. For example, SolSuite and BSV Solitaire are a few examples that give their players an ads-free experience to indulge in Solitaire playing saga.

However, what if you want to play Solitaire on your favorite website but without ads? Don’t worry! There is a solution to appease that desire as well, and yes, without any ads. 

  1. Use Adblock Option

So, if you want to play Solitaire on a particular website, your favorite one, without any trouble with ads, then you can use adblockers to get rid of ads. For example, if you are a Solitaire Bliss fan like me or love playing MS Solitaire, you just have to download Adblock, and the rest will be an easy-breezy experience. Here is how to use an ad blocker:

  1. Write on the search tab ‘download ad blocker.’ If you are an Android user, write ‘for Android’ and if you are an iOS user, then write ‘for iOS.’ 
  2. Once you click the search, you will find various options to fulfill your wish. Check out reviews, stars, and people’s comments to download the best option.
  3. Once you choose your fighter against ads, follow the process given to download the app. 

Once you download the app, life would become a lot easier for you because you would be able to play games for unlimited time without expecting any ad to destroy your fun. So, if you have not downloaded any ad blocker, it is time you download it now to ease your life and fill it with more fun.

3. Upgrade to Ad-Free Version

Another way to free your life from ads is to upgrade your game to an ad-free version. Some websites and apps give you the option to spend some bucks and in return make your life a lot happier by upgrading it to an ad-free version. Solitaired is one such example where you can use this option.

You can play 500 games on Solitaired, including various versions of Solitaire, and other old games, like Yahtzee, Mahjong, and a lot more. So, playing Solitaire on Solitaired is a lot of fun and this fun increases a lot more when you don’t have to face any bugging ads. So, don’t wait at all and upgrade it right away. 

  1. Buy Premium MS Solitaire

Going back to where this Solitaire Mania started can also give you relief from unwanted ads, but only if you buy the Premium version. Now Microsoft Solitaire doesn’t come as it used to come with Windows. It is now called Microsoft Solitaire Collection, having Solitaire games. After downloading Microsoft Solitaire Collection, you will not get ad-free games unless you get a subscription.

Here is how to download MS Collection:

  • First, go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Search Microsoft Solitaire Collection.
  • Once you find it, download it. 
  • After completion of the download process, click install.

After the installation process, you can play Solitaire Spider, Free-cell, Pyramid, TriPeaks, and other signature games. However, they will come with 30 seconds of ads. You have to get a subscription of $1.99 monthly for an ad-free experience. Yearly, this subscription amount jumps to $9.99. But, come on, it is not a bad idea if you can get an ads-free experience after paying a small amount of money.

Final Words

Remember that app developers are not unicorns or ninjas. They have to invest a lot to make websites or apps. Their ultimate goal is to earn through these digital products. That’s where ads come in. Ads give them opportunities to keep their passion for development running and earn back what they spent. However, from a user’s perspective, things are totally changed.

Users can’t wait to re-catch a game after watching an ad for 20-30 seconds. That time is like waiting to eat pudding after finishing a meal (I can seriously relate to it because I am one of them). That’s why instead of ruining your game-playing experience, it is better to find out ways to live an ad-free gaming life. Follow the above tips and have a hassle-free gaming experience without stumbling upon an ad. Try it and thank me later. Happy Solitairing!