Spotify Help to Make Novice Podcasters like Sound Professional

Spotify Audio Enhancement Feature
Spotify Audio Enhancement Feature

Spotify is helping newbies clean up their audio with a new background noise declining tool in the Anchor podcast app. The feature is known as Audio enhancement, which takes the form of a new button on Anchor’s recording screen.

As per the announcement, all you need to do is record a podcast as usual and when you are listening to the audio, choose the feature to mute the background noise, which also makes your voice more significant.

However, during playback, you can turn the on/off feature to switch back and forth to evaluate the two. Despite what the preview video tips on (open in a new tab), you can use a pair of headphones with a mic to record if you don’t wish to hold the phone to your face.

Hence, Spotify’s audio enhancement feature is amazing and a valuable editing tool. You can have an incredible-sounding podcast even if you record in a “noisy coffee shop, on the subway, or with babies howling in the background. We advise you just not to clear up your home recording studio.

We test the feature, and it does silent surrounding noise, but not by an ample margin. Conversations and background music are still audible, though there is more focus on your voice. Certainly, the phone used in the test was not a high-end device. The quality of audio enhancement may depend on the kind of mobile phone you use. However, as a portable, it is considered a great tool for newbies who don’t have access to multiple equipment.

However, Spotify spent last year expanding its amazing offering feature beyond music. Not long ago, the long-awaited audiobook support now reaches US users, giving them access to over 300,000 titles with more on the way. Additionally, video programs have also appeared for limited programs, but it is not yet confirmed whether this feature will expand. Still, people are waiting for the many features from Spotify that the company promised its users. Maybe soon, they will officially reveal the features.

Note: Try to use the audio enhancement feature yourself on your smartphones, as it’s already available on iOS and Android.