Spotify Replaced Its Heart Button With A “+” Sign to Add Playlist

Spotify replaced Heart Button

Recently Spotify publicized that it is merging the heart and Add to playlist icons into a single plus (+) button. This tab lets users save any song, playlist, album, podcast, audiobook, or episode to their library with just a single tap.

Moreover, to add a song to (Liked Songs), a user must tap the plus button on the right side of the (Now Playing View). As soon as tapping on it, the icon will transform into a green check mark to let the user know it has been saved to the (liked Songs) list.

Suppose a user wants to add the song to another playlist so they can tap the plus (+) icon again. A user can correspondingly choose the new button for podcast episodes to add them to the (Your Episodes) list. 

Currently, the new icons are rolling out globally on iOS and Android devices. It will be available to all Spotify users in the coming weeks. Some users already have this icon, as Spotify has been testing the transformation since last year.

While it’s a negligible change, some users may not use it because several popular applications generally use the heart icon. Including Spotify competitors like Apple Music and social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Twitter reformed its star-shaped like button to a heart button in 2015 because the heart is a more general symbol.

Though Spotify believes the new plus button will help users save time by allowing them to add numerous playlists simultaneously. Throughout the testing of the feature, Spotify alleged that after saving a favorite track, users were more probable to listen to it another time after it was saved.

In the last few months, Spotify has rolled out several ways to progress the user experience. Last week, the music streaming service launched a new AI feature. That gives users a curated music collection with AI-powered audio descriptions of their desired songs and artists.

Meanwhile, this feature is still in beta and accessible in the English language for paid subscribers only in the US and Canada.

In recent months, Spotify proclaimed that the Exclude from taste profiler feature lets a user specify playlists to exclude from personalized references. The company correspondingly launched a new summer home experience with distinct feeds for (Music) and (Podcasts & Shows).

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