SQL Server Error 824: What It Means and How to Fix It?

SQL Server Error 824
SQL Server Error 824

The SQL Servererror 824 means thatlogical consistency issue is detected on the page at the time of performing a read/write operation. It happens when the page has been read successfully from the disk but there are some issues with the page itself.This logical consistency error indicates damage due to corruption in the database,caused by a faulty I/O (input/output) subsystem component.Due to this error, the database files become inaccessible, prevent you from accessing the datastored in the files. So,it is extremely important to troubleshoot the SQL Server error 824 immediately to continue working on the SQL database.In this post, we will see how to fix this error.But before that, let’s understand the causes of this error.

Causes of SQL Database Error 824

The SQL Server 824 error usually indicates an issue in the I/O (input/output) subsystem. Here are some potential reasons for the occurrence of this error:

  • Insufficient storage space on the disk
  • Corrupted SQL database
  • Faulty hardware or driver that is in the path of I/O request
  • Corrupted or damagedfile system
  • Issue with the underlying storage system

How to Fix SQL Database Error 824?

Here are some methods you can try to fix the error 824 in SQL Server.

Method 1: Review the Suspect Pages Table

When the SQL Server Database Engine encounters the error 824 while reading a data page, it indicates a page is suspect. The suspect_pages table is used to maintain information relatedto suspect pages.Ithelps decide whether a restore is required or not. You can find the suspect_pages table in the MSDB database.You can review the suspect_pages table to see if other pages in the same or different database are encountering this error. 

Method 2: Use SQLIOSim Utility

Microsoft SQL Server provides a utility, named SQLIOSim,to check if theerror 824 can be reproduced outside of thenormal SQL Server I/O (input) requests. This utility is available in SQL Server2008 and later versions. You can utilize this utility to run reliability and integrity checks on the disk subsystems used by the SQL Server.

Method3: Check the Consistency of the Database

You can use the DBCC CHECKDB command to check the consistencyof the SQL Server database, stored in the same drive/volume as reported in the error message. If you find any type of inconsistencies, you can troubleshoot the database consistency errors reported by the command.

Method4:You may encounter the error 824 if the database doesn’t have the option PAGE_VERIFY CHECKSUM turned on.Check if the PAGE_VERIFY CHECKSUM database option is turned on. If not, enable that option immediately.The CHECKSUM option provides the best option to check the page consistency once it has been written to the disk. Use the below script to find thedatabase where the CHECKSUM option is not turned on.

Method5: Check Hardware and Configuration

You can check if the hardware devices and configuration are in accordance with the I/O requirements of SQL Server.Also, ensure that the device drivers and other software components of the devices in the I/O path are up-to-date. You can work with your hardware or software manufacturer to ensuresuch things.If you are running a virtual machine, always ensure that the virtualization drivers are updated. You can check with the virtualization vendor for more information.

Method6: Repair the Database

The SQL Server error 824 can also occur due to corruption in the database. You can use the DBCC CHECKDB commands to check and repair the database. However, these commandsinvolve data loss risks and require technical expertise for successful execution.So, the best option is to use a professional SQL database repairtool, like Stellar Repair for SQL. This tool can easily repair corrupted or damaged SQL Server database and restore all the datawithout any hassle.

Some of the advanced features of Stellar Repair for MS SQL include:

  • This tool can repair the database andrestorethe tables, indexes, triggers, keys, rules, constraints, and other objects to a new database.
  • Recovers deleted records from the SQL Server database.
  • Allows to save the repaired file in MDF, HTML, XML, and CSV formats.
  • Provides a preview of recoverable database objects before saving them.
  • Supports databases of allversions of Microsoft SQL Server, such as 2019,2016,2014,2012,2008,2005, and 2000.


The SQL Server error 824 is related to logical consistency issues and can render the database inaccessible. In this post, we have mentioned various methods to fix the SQL Server error 824. However, if corruption in the database is the cause of this error,it is recommended to use Stellar Repair for MS SQL.It can easily and quickly repair the corrupt database, thus helping you to resolve the error. You can free download the software to scan the corrupt database file and see its preview.