Elden Ring Fan Makes Tangible-Life Stonesword Key

Stonesword key Elden ring
Stonesword key Elden ring

Device Availability: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Gamer creates a real-life version of the Stonesword Key, which allows access to restricted areas in Elden Ring. Unlike other role-playing games, Elden Ring offers a huge open world full of useful items that can help players navigate the Lands Between. The most commonly used items in Elden Ring are the Crafting Kit, Spirit Calling Bell, Whetstone Knife, and Memory Stone.

Elden Ring contains many “KEY” items such as Imbued Sword Key, Rusty Key, and Discarded Palace Key. The Stonesword Key is probably the most famous ELDEN RING KEY, used to break imp statue seals throughout the game’s world.

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In addition to finding them randomly, players can purchase them from select merchants. It is known that many Elden Ring fans are fascinated by game artifacts, and one of them has created a real-life model of the Stonesword Key.

Elden Ring Reddit Community

Stonesword key Elden ring
Stonesword key Elden ring

Reddit user bristle base deserves credit for creating a real-life replica of the Stonesword Key. The user showed off his brilliant Elden Ring creation in a series of photos posted on social media. As a result of the artist’s excellent attention to detail, the 3D-printed Stonesword Key looks nearly identical to the one seen in the game.

Elden Ring artifacts designed by Bristlebane are mainly gray with subtle green shading. In addition, the replica of the Stonesword Key is approximately the size of a hand.

Bristlebane’s work caught the attention of the Elden Ring Reddit community, who applauded them and asked about purchasing the Stonesword Key. The original poster later provided a purchase link, but it was for an unpainted variant that customers could paint. The Lands Between contains many Stonesword Keys, but players should know that each key can only be used once.

Players can purchase Stonesword Key from merchants like Patches or keep it as a keepsake when they begin the game.

There has been more than one instance of an Elden Ring player making a 3D-printed replica of an in-game item. Others have made action figures of bosses, such as the Crucible Knight and Godskin Duo, by 3D printing Elden Ring objects like Melania’s Helm.

Users can create 3D models with incredible accuracy and detail using 3D printing. The availability of this technology will likely result in the creation of more gaming artifacts in the future.