Study Reveals How Fast AI Can Track Your Passwords

Study Reveals How Fast AI Can Track Your Passwords
Study Reveals How Fast AI Can Track Your Passwords

It has been revealed that your password is no longer safe, as AI: Artificial intelligence can easily track your passcode if you limit yourself to digits or numbers.

We can say that AI is everywhere, and it is spreading and powering on our devices one way or another; it is giving us answers to questions and is assisting people in writing their articles, essays, and whatnot. But, it can also be used for mean intents. A study shows that AI can be used for detecting passwords, and the results are quite dangerous.

A cybersecurity firm published research showing how powerful and fast AI is when it comes to tracking passwords. However, the researchers took a new AI-driven tool known as PassGAN (Password Generating Antagonistic Network) to show how one requests to be concerned about passwords.

The study also reveals that researchers using the PassGAN can manage to track around 51% of common passwords in less than a minute, 65% in less than an hour 71% in less than a day, and 81% in less than a month.

Luckily, you don’t have to be in despair, as the firm also shared a table displaying which passwords are the most difficult or will take the longest time to track. If you are using a 12-digit passcode that contains upper or lower case letters, it could be difficult for AI to track.

The firm also recommends that you keep passwords with at least 12 or more characters, and it would always be advised that you don’t just go for simple number passwords. Keep in mind that AI is going to be stronger, and there may be a chance there will be more tools that are even more powerful. So we suggest you keep your password as strong and secure as possible.