Tales of arise owl locations: Unveilit at 38 Exciting Spots

tales of arise owl locations

The Tales of Arise owl locations are dispersed in 38 areas throughout the game. Each of them belongs to different species. If you are looking for all owl locations in the tales of Arise, you can search for them in practically all five worlds of Dahnan. For better navigation on owl areas, you will find featured mates, Rinwell’s companion, Hootle, for your constant aid in each step of your adventure.

It offers one of the various trinkets randomly distributed out that you have to collect before completing the main plot. Meanwhile, each game player has to capture and manage every variety of fish, with approximately 30 cookery recipes and 38 Dahna owls tracked down.

all owl locations tales of arise
all owl locations tales of arise

Search Your Favorite Owl Locations in the Tales of Arise

Once you arrive at the owl locations accessible to the player, they will indicate that unlocks with the familiar hooting sound of Pet owl, Hootle. Keep your vigilant eyes on the unnoticeable details surrounding your favorite owl. Because they closely adapt and resemble their environment or remain hidden in baskets, in plain sight, or rest in secret spots. It even appears in the general environs of hiding owls.

If you obtain lovely owls, it will reward you with unique party attire. Its incredible hooting owl always creates the guide on locating them until you get Rin well formal announcement. Soon after that, Rinwell’s pet Hootle will remind you of the owl locations once you enter their proximity. In other circumstances, if you walk out of its range, the Hootle sound abruptly disappears from your game screen.

owl locations tales of arise
owl locations tales of arise`

Where do you Keep your Newly Discovered Owl sin Tales of Arise?

While obtaining the owls in the Tales Of Arise Dahnan area, all of them gathered up in the king owl’s unique haven named Owl Forest. This strange site uncovers when you reach “Nevira Snowplains in Cyslodia.”

The King Owl will reward you for your obtained items, especially distinct owls from different areas. Meanwhile, Rinwell always informs us about awaiting rewards, so be well-prepared for the quest for owls scattered in the numerous forest proximities.

tales of arise all owl locations
tales of arise all owl locations

Locations of Owls in your Captivating Tales of Arise Adventure

Let’s discover them on our adventurous journey in the Tales of Arise.

  1. Red Calagia Owls Locations
  2. Blue Cyslodia Owls Locations
  3. YellowElde Menancia Owls Locations
  4. GreenMahag Saar Owls Locations
  5. Purple Ganath Haros Owls Locations
  6. Special Owls at the End-Game

Calagia (Red Owl)Locations in Tales of Arise

Let’s gauge the various locations where you can discover your Calagia Red owl on the trees, rooftops, ascending spots, tunnels, or hilly regions.

1.    Sandinus Ravine Location

You can find one of the owls at the end of the bridge in Sandinus Ravine. It will give you a Dog TailOutfit as an award.

2.    Crimson Crows’ headquarters, Ulzebek

A second owl seems positioned on the rooftop of Crimson Crows’ headquarters, Ulzebek. Your prize to acquire it will be “Rabbit Ears Outfit.”

3.    Iglia Wastes Hilly Regions

While escalation in the Iglia Wastes hilly regions, you will notice a climbing place in the southern part of the map center. The red-billed owl will be there among the summit woods. Spotted Cat Ears Outfit is its reward.

4.    KyrdGarrison Location

Another Red owl will be at the passing route round to the right shortly after entering KyrdGarrison from Mosgul. Cat Tail Outfit will be its reward

5.    Mosgul

You will discover the fifth Red Calagian owl on a stoneledge to the Doc south in Mosgul. Monocle attire is its reward.

6.    Trench of Flames nearby Gates of Fire Location

You will locate another owl in the Trench of Flames nearby Gates of Fire wayout in a ruined structure. Dog Ears Ensemble will be your gift eventually.

7.    Glanymede Castle – 3F

It is another destination where you will locate your most-wanted red owl on the third floor, strolling out with some chickens around. Rabbit Tail attire is your next reward.

8.    Trench of Flames

Crossing on the road of gates of fire surrounding, if you pass through a fast travel point to the north, you will locate an owl behind a metal fence. Left Bandage Outfit will be your reward.

9.    Lacerda Cliffs

The se are the final destination for grabbing your desirable Calagian red owl. It can be present in the vicinity of the Ulvhan Grotto passage. Your ultimate prize is the Frame Glasses Outfit.

Locate your Cyslodia (Blue Owl) in the Tales of Arise

If you are searching for your favorite Cyslodian Blue Owls, the following six spots can help grab your desired locations.

10. White Silver Plains

Itis where you will find your owl at the top bridge on your way toMessica224.LeftEyepatchis then your reward.

11. Messica 224

Another owl is present at the Messica 224, hidden in the basket beside the oxen cartor firespot. Be vigilant on finding its exact whereabouts if you hear your continuous hooting sound while walking through Messica western route. Get your Wolf Ears in return as your reward.

12. Nevira Snowplain

The location is in the middle of the lake island while heading towards its north, Nevira Snowplain. Go towards the top of the map, where you will find your owl. You will have Wolf Tailas your reward.

13. Cysloden Alleyin the frozen city

It is an ultimate spot while getting on the small underground square. You can enter your owl location from Bregon’s hideout. You will have to keep your eyes on an inaccessible spot to look at the above rocks. There you will find an owl hanging out in the market plaza. Sunglasses will be the reward artifact that you will earn in your quest.

14. Rivelle Prison Tower 2F

is the desired location that you can get through in the southmost room of its second floor. You will discover an owl sitting on a bookcase with a treasure chest in a room. Devil Horns will be your reward.

15. Frozen Valley

As you get through the Cyslodia, the Frozen Valley is your owl location, where you will find it hanging out in a tree right before you cross over the wooden rope bridge before the Safar Cave entrance. HalfFrames is the reward for it.

Elde Menancia (Yellow Owl)Locations: Tales of Arise

Now head on to the six owl locations in the Tales of Arise where another Elde Menancia (Yellow Owls).

16. Overseer Hill

When you arrive in the greenish-sunny Menanica, search for Overseer Hill as your owl location. Turn south of the campfire during map navigation. The owl will be perched on a cliff over the map’s southern border. To reach your goal, descend to the gorge’s bottom and look up to the left wall at the pier. The prize for acquiring it is a Red Tropical Corsage.

17. Trasilda Highway

It is the exact location for getting through Trasilda Highway thatruns on the east of the bridge extending to theriver.You will find it in the hidden path amongst wheat farmfields near a man talking to two horses in theirstable. Devil Wings is the reward for acquiring your blue owl.

18. Tietal Plain

Carry on your journey towards Viscint while heading on the Tietal Plain. Then look for the southeast stretch of the zone available on the right-most section of the map. The owl will be on the stone arch. Giggle Glasses is the ultimate reward.

19. Viscint Market

Another owl is at your disposala midst the Viscint market. It takes on the route to carefully observe all the market stalls that climb the stairs. A bucket inside the stall will pave your way to grab your owl in a pot near the sizeable blue vase. Halo is the reward that you get in return.

20. Autelina Palace 1F

It is where you can easily find your hungry owl if you go through it via the kitchen.A Crown is a reward after acquiring it.

21. Talka Pond Road

It is another destination to get your Elde Menancia yellow owl. You can get into the Viscint that leads to the left while traveling through the western edge of the passage. In short, before entering the castle, you have to look around the stone wall structure to the west. You’ll discover another owl.Devil Tail Outfitis a prize for attaining your yellow owl.

Mahag Saar (Green Owls)

22. Niez Location

If you walk through the east of Niez, you will notice Mahag Saar owl sitting inside circular objects like baskets. Specifically, it is visible near the dried-up fountain with the statue. Once acquired, Red Rose Corsage isy our reward.

23. Aqfortle Hills

Returning from Niez, Aqfortle Hills, located northwest of the Adan Lake Exit, is another good spot for green owls. You may easily find a wrecked house on the map if you look for it. Your gift will be Retro Sunglasses Outfits.

24. Adan Lake

The large stone gate could be visible in front of Aqfortle Hills. There you find Adan lake. Travel up a hill after passing through the stone bridge. It goes to the path where owls’ hooting will drive you insane as you climb forward, then leap down in the exact opposite direction. You’ll get the Angry Glasses in exchange.

25. AdanRuins

Coming from the Aqfortle Hills, you have to go through AdanRuins again. While passing through the south, move to the left venture, and follow the stone ledge across two ladder icons. Once you grab it, AngelWings is your reward in return.

26. Mobile Fortress Gradia

Another location in the ship’s interior is Mobile Fortress Gradia. Itis the most incredible owl in the game. It can appear on a room desk that requires Rinwell map action to enter one of two rooms. If you miss out on such an owl, you will be unable to obtain it now. It is a rather simple passage that leads to the ship’s internal level. You can get your most desired owl inside the ship cabin, located at the top-left corner of the map. If you cannot interact with this owl before Almeidra’s downfall, don’t worry; you will see him again in the Thistlym near the wooden jetty.The ultimate reward for completing the quest is a Butterfly Wings Outfit.

Ganath Haros (Purple Owls)

27. TuahSeashore

Another location where you have to transcend is “TuahSeashore.” You will find an exit where your owl alighted on a mushroom over to the right direction. If you turn around your camera a bit, you will be able to interact with him. Right Eyepatch is your reward.

28. Thistlym

It is a place to locate your next owl near a small beautiful village. It will lead you left entrance to Shinefall Woods. There, you’ll find a torch beneath that is your Purple Owl. Star Hair Clip Outfit is its reward.

29. Shinefall Woods

The next destination is to the north of Shinefall Woods, where you will ascend through a massive stone arch. To engage with your Ganath Haros purple owl, you’ll want to approach as close to the middle of the north trail as possible.Right bandage Outfit is its gift once you’ve acquired it.

30. Lavtu Marshlands

If you search for South-Western Lavtu Marshlands near the ladder icon, you will find the purple owl at the raised section on your destination. Swirly Glasses Outfits then will be the reward.

  1. Pelegion L2

It is the next spot where you will find your owl hanging out by the elevator to the
Pelegion L3.Once you defeat your 5th lord at the end ofDel Fharis Castle,you can quickly grab it. Hootle Doll Outfit is the reward for it.

32. DelFharis Castle

Your most waited bird rests on the chandelier at the central entrance plaza on DelFharis Castle. Look at the 4th floor of the Central Entrance Plaza. It is on the left side, possibly nearer to the green healing spot. Sad Glasses Outfit is the reward for acquiring it.

Special Owls Locations in the Tales of Arise

After you have gathered all 32 owls and reached the Rena, you will receive a notification for a unique owl appearance on Dahna. You have already discovered six owl spots in previously visited locations. It is time to interact with the owl king to generate the remaining six valuable owls. Owls in the list, your task should be to unlock the final dungeon. It will lead to the acquiring the special owls that open the new game options. You either head back to search for them or return to finishing up Sub-Quest.

The benefits of obtaining such an owl could be more than just an outfit. Unique artifacts make the final phases of the game much easier to finish, thanks to the new gameplay method and a much more accessible mode.

33. Iglia Waste Special Owl

You can notice the 1stunique owl in the central Iglia Wastes cliff. To reach there, you need to navigate through the Dohalim map action. Dohalim will grow some vines. You have to climb up, then get left to the rock formation and build the climbing ladder to reach there. Vivid Sphere Artifact is the reward that allows you to carry forward records into your New Game Plus.

34. Calaglian Glanymede Castle

Calaglian Glanymede Castle is the next spot to explore your second unique owl sitting on the Lord’s Chamber of Balseph throne. The reward should be Battle Maiden’s Shield to let you carry over your types of equipment into New GamePlus.

35. Riville Prison Tower

Cyslodia Riville Prison Tower is another location in the Hidden Chamber where you can find your third special owl. You must have unlocked it while completing Bregon’s missions following Cyslodian’s major event. If you haven’t already opened it, try completing two tasks from Bregon hideouts in Cysloden. When you defeat Zeugle in prison, he will grant you a set of secret room keys. You must first open the chamber in the prison tower’s eastern wall. In that hidden chamber, the owl will be visible. The secret compartment in the office of the prison will then get unsealed. The broken machine gun is the reward that lets you carry forward all game items and money into New GamePlus.

36. Autelina Palace Special Owl

Autelina Palace Guard Room is the 4th special owl spot that you can notice on the second floor. If you getback to Autelina palace again,the owl is hanging in the northeastern corner of the floor in the guard room. Ancient excavator is another exciting bonus that lets you carry over your game levels into New GamePlus.

37. Del Fharis Distinct Owl

Del Fhar is Castle is where you will find a unique owl resting on the Vholran throne in a Lord chamber. You can straight away travel through the route to the Lord’s Chamber. Trident is the prize that lets you carry over your skills into New Game Plus.

38. Endgame Uninhabited Island Special Owl

It is time to head on to the uninhabited island to get your special owl. You have to get your boat to get there. But before that, search for a letter in a bottle on the Tuah Seashore map. Once you have acknowledged the quest, get to the island in the ship already awaiting you at the Mahag Saar secret Wharf. You will notice your special owl on the upper level of the map after defeating a 58 zeugle boss.

Wrapping up the owl locations in Tales of Arise will hopefully help you explore the simple route in the thrilling voyage in the gameplay.

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