Temperature converting tool

Temperature converting tool
Temperature converting tool

The unit of measurement of temperature is a method of expressing the hot-cold properties of matter, environment, or in other words, thermal energy. In the world, various scales and formulas are used and applied in measuring and calculating temperature in different fields of physical science, technology, and medicine. Numerical temperature values expressed in different units are unidentical.

The online service of FoxConverter allows users to use the temperature conversion toolkit to exchange heat equivalence in popular scales flexibly. You can temporarily forget complicated formulas or conversion tables. With the help of this temperature converter, the thermophysical data you need can be processed within seconds. The following article will give you detailed instructions on how to use this online service effectively with minimal effort.

What temperature units can be converted with FoxConverter.com?

FoxConverter temperature conversion system is developed based on standardized temperature conversion formula. Therefore, the units related to the hot-cold nature of the research object in the most common thermometer systems are available. See the category below:

  • Centigrade temperature system (Celcius – °C): This is not an absolute scale but is the most commonly used and has been widely applied in the majority of disciplines. 
  • Kelvin (K) system (or absolute temperature):  It is a basic unit of measurement for temperature in the SI system but is mainly for scientists. The Kevin unit is not expressed in degrees.
  • Fahrenheit temperature unit (°F). This temperature scale is non-negative and does not require the use of decimal values. Currently, this system is still officially used in the US.
  • Rankine temperature scale (°R): This is the old measuring system applied in thermodynamic measurement.
  • Raéumur unit: This scale is no longer in use but can be used as a reference.
  • The triple point of water – a unique point when temperature combined with a certain pressure will create all 3 forms of water including vapor, liquid, and ice.

How to change temperature units correctly?

The steps to use this useful temperature conversion calculatorare as follows:

  • Select the scale of temperature for the to be converted value
  • Enter the temperature in the selected unit
  • Select the outcome temperature unit system
  • Press the Convert button
  • The equivalent value at the temperature scale you need is automatically returned almost instantly with absolute accuracy.

Benefits of using Temperature conversion tool on Foxconverter.com

Start working on your temperature unit transformation and enjoy many benefits of this temperature calculator including:

  • Simple operation
  • Fast results and 100% accuracy
  • Free of charge
  • Easy to use on any device.