Tesla Model S: The Luxurious Sedan

Do you want to find out more about the Tesla Model S and which version you should buy? You have clicked on the right article, as we are going to discuss it in detail.

Overview of Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a luxurious sedan that costs around $95,000 for the most basic version. The first model S was delivered to customers in June 2012 and is still in production. This car features a battery-powered dual motor all-wheel drive layout. Meanwhile, the earlier models featured a rear motor and rear-wheel drive layout. However, later that year, this car was titled Car of the Year. Tesla claims that it is the most aerodynamic production car on earth.

Versions of Models S

The Tesla Model S has various versions that differ in the capacity of the battery, motor size, and equipment.

  • Model S Signature performance
  • 40/60/85/P85
  • 70D
  • 85D
  • P85D
  • P90D
  • P100D
  • Raven
  • Standard Range
  • Long Range
  • Long Range Plus
  • Palladium (Plaid)

Power Performance

The model S offers all-wheel drive dedicated to each of the front and rear axles, no matter which version you are driving. The Model S standard is a sprightly sports sedan with well-measured body gestures and direct steering. These settings let a driver select heavy or light steering effort. But neither of them allows more response from the road.

Unfortunately, the accessible yoke-style steering wheel is unwell combined and lessens the driving experience. A regular steering wheel is a cost option. The riding comfort is pretty good, the handling is astute, and it is confident and almost tranquil on the highway.

Interior and Comfort Level

With the hefty price range of the Model S, it is reasonable for buyers to expect a certain amount of luxury inside the car. The atmosphere inside the car is quite nice, but it is not nearly plush. The sloped roofline pelts a rear liftgate that unlocks a 26 cubic-foot bole. Passengers find it a bit restricted because of the sloping roofline. But only a passenger over six feet is comfortable with that.


The Tesla Model S battery includes thousands of battery cells that use lithium ions as charge carriers. Tesla’s battery life and capacity have changed many times since its debut, ranging from 60 to 100 KWh. The energy consumption of the battery totally depends on the speed, battery condition, climate control, and temperature. The battery may consume 15 to 25 percent more energy, depending on these situations. The driving range varies from model to model. The long-range model offers 405 miles on a single charge, and the Model S is not really far behind.

However, the Model S comes with different chargers and connectors. During the charging, the charge port beats green while the frequency of the beat reduces as the charge level becomes full. Once the charge is full, the light turns solid green.

Driving Assistance Features

Tesla Model S comes with Autopilot, an adaptive cruise control system. In addition to the Tesla autopilot package, automatic emergency braking, an automatic lane-changing system, and automatic parking features are also included. Well, this feature does not quite work, as it still requires driver attention and intervention.

The Best Tesla Model S You Should Buy

For most of the customers, the standard Model S offers a better value, though it is not quite as blazingly fast as the Plaid. The Model S zero to 60 of 3.1 seconds is a second slower than the Plaid, but it is still wild. Both of these Model S versions have pretty similar equipment, but the variance comes down to the cost, performance, and drive range.